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Chapter 13.2

There was a silence at the table, but they didn’t expect that the first to speak would be Shi Yuanhao, “So what if we did? It’s a fair fight!” He had been holding his anger since he came in and after he finished, he looked at Xu Luoyang with a bit of malice and contempt, “Don’t be such a sore loser.”

When Xu Luoyang, who had been eating his food seriously heard this, he suddenly felt a toothache for Wu Bi- was this Shi Yuanhao stupid? It was obvious that Qi Chang’an had brought him here to look for trouble, and that Mr. Wang and Mr. He had already made their attitudes clear. Even Wu Bi didn’t dare mention the role, but Shi Yuanhao had torn the surface with a single word.

Wu Bi felt fire blazing in his heart, but his expression still remained the same. He had just been thinking about how he should reply and he didn’t stop Shi Yuanhao in time, and he ended up stirring up trouble.

As expected, Wang Linxian’s face sank immediately, completely losing his friendly smile, “The role of ‘Qin Chao’ has always belonged to Mr Xu from the beginning to the end. So please be careful with your words.”

Shi Yuanhao’s face went white, but he still wanted to continue but was pulled back by Wu Bi, then went back through Wang Linxian’s words and read something from their attitude towards them.

But it clearly wasn’t like that before! When they had dinner together two days ago, they swore that it was just a role, and with Wu Bi’s longstanding friendship with them, it wouldn’t be a problem and that they would be able to cause hype over the casting change and give the film publicity a boost.

Just the thought of stepping on Xu Luoyang’s toes had made Shi Yuanhao’s heart flutter with pleasure. But now, his agent was stepping on his feet under the table, making him not dare him to say another word.

Wu Bi poured a glass of wine and stood up bowing towards Xu Luoyang and said, “I hope Mr. Xu will forgive me for my previous thoughtlessness and offenses.” After saying that, he drank the full glass of white wine in one gulp.

Xu Luoyang didn’t say anything.

Qi Chang’an tapped his fingers on the wooden table top, and suddenly asked, “What thoughtlessness?”

Wu Bi’s hand at his side tightened, knowing that Qi Chang’an was really going to help Xu Luoyang out.

“I went through various ways, trying to snatch the role of Qin Chao into my hands.”

Liang Qiu was beside him and hearing him finish, personally raised the bottle of white wine and refilled his glass.

“Hmm.” The tapping of his fingers hadn’t stopped when Qi Chang’an said in a soft voice, “What else?” He raised his eyes to look at Wu Bi, his face was expressionless, but his aura was extremely impressive.

“Noticing Xu Luo…. Mr. Xu’s fame, I found someone to pretend to be Mr. Xu, and took pictures, and planned Xu Luoyang and Yun Shu’s dating incident, and through this method, wanted to make Yun Shu popular.”

When he met Qi Chang’an’s sharp eyes, a layer of cold sweat broke out behind Wu Bi’s back, and when the cold air in the room blew, the coldness soaked right into his heart. He couldn’t help but continue, “I….. also took fake racy photos, ready to find the right opportunity to release them.”

“And then destroy Luoyang?” Qi Chang’an’s voice was like frozen icicles, with a piercing coldness to it. He leaned back into his chair, “The reason?”

Wu Bi was silent.

“Heh,” Qi Chang’an laughed coldly, but didn’t ask any more questions, “Liang Qiu, go ahead.”

“Yes.” Liang Qiu nodded in response, “Yun Shu had only made her debut a short time ago, and joined director Xu Qunqing’s crew to play the female lead.”

Hearing his father’s name, Xu Luoyang stopped his chopsticks in surprise.

“Shortly after joining the group, Yun Shu confessed to director Xu Qunqing, expressing her willingness to maintain a relationship with him even though he was married, but was rejected by director Xu outright.” Liang Qiu flipped another page and continued, “About five years ago, Yun Shu terminated her contract with Youli Entertainment and joined Haiyang Media, and signed with Wu Bi. At that time, Yun Shu and Wu Bi were in a secret relationship.”

The story behind it was surprisingly good! Xu Luoyang dropped the soup spoon he was holding into the bowl, instantly making up a big drama in his head.

Yun Shu had only just debuted and wanted to ride on the coattails of a famous director, so she offered herself as a mistress. However, his father, Xu Qunqing, loved his wife like his life depended on it, and he was even jealous of his own son, so it was impossible for him to make such a mistake.

When Yun Shu won the film empress award, she felt that Youli Entertainment and Zheng Dong were limiting her development, so she worked with Wu Bi. She knew that Wu Bi liked her, so she simply agreed to be with him, but only in a secret relationship, not to be made public.

Yun Shu then relied on Wu Bi’s network of contacts and managed to rise to the top, marrying into a wealthy family. But when the family went bankrupt and the marriage broke up, she came back to Wu Bi, who was still in love with her, and did his best to help her become a star again.

Thinking about this, Xu Luoyang finally understood where Yun Shu and Wu Bi’s hostility towards him came from.

Looking at the wonderful expression on Wu Bi’s face, Xu Luoyang didn’t get angry, he just wanted to order a watermelon and be a qualified melon eater.

Wu Bi continued to be silent.

Qi Chang’an handed his unused spoon to Xu Luoyang and said Wu Bi, “I don’t care what your purpose or reason is, but you shouldn’t use your tactics on Luoyang.”

Wu Bi’s face went white, knowing that the other party had found out clearly what had happened back then, and would definitely not just let it go.

After saying that sentence, Qi Chang’an inclined his head to look at Xu Luoyang, “Have you eaten enough?” The tone of his voice instantly softened by an octave.

Xu Luoyang nodded his head, “I’m full.”

“Hmm, let’s go then.”

When they came out of the Spire, it was already dark and it was definitely too late to go back to Qinli Town, so Xu Luoyang asked, “Where are you staying for the night?”

Qi Chang’an thought for a moment, “I don’t have a place to stay in B City, so I’ll ask Liang Qiu to book a hotel for me.”

Liang Qiu, who had been listening, took a few steps away from the hotel and thought that young master Qi’s acting skills were really good– he had already booked a hotel. The Brighton hotel was owned by the Qi family and the penthouse was kept for Qi Chang’an all year round, but never stayed there most if the time.

But Xu Luoyang didn’t know this. He only knew that he didn’t feel comfortable with Qi Chang’an going to a hotel alone, worried that Qi Chang’an would faint in the middle of the night, just like last time.

So he was torn for five seconds before he made his decision and seriously asked Qi Chang’an, “Do you want to come to my house and take a look at the cactus I’ve kept for five months?”

Qi Chang’an smiled, “Sure.”

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