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Chapter 6.2

Twelve o’clock at midnight.

Xu Luoyang yawned, on a video call with his agent, Zheng Dong who was still working overtime with the PR team, half-heartedly confronting Yun Shu’s team and vowing to keep Xu Luoyang’s innocence intact.

After observing the scene remotely for half an hour, Xu Luoyang said good night to the staff and hung up the video to go to sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, he suddenly heard a “bang.” He sat up sharply from his bed, sleep eluding him. The sound seemed to have come from… next door?

He got out of bed, slipped on his plastic slippers, and went to Qi Chang’an’s bedroom door, but there was no light coming out of the door.

There was no movement.

After imagining all kinds of scenarios, Xu Luoyang patted his heart and gathered his courage, “Qi Chang’an? Are you… are you okay?”

He knocked on the door for the fourth time, and after thirty seconds, raised his voice again, “I’m coming in!”

The door was unlocked, and with his hand on the cold handle, Xu Luoyang opened the door cautiously.

The light from the living room shone through, and he saw a puddle of water and a broken ceramic cup. With a start, Xu Luoyang restrained himself from entering the doorway and called out hesitantly, “Qi Chang’an?”

No one answered, but he could faintly hear the sound of rapid breathing.

Could it be that Qi Chang’an had turned into his original form and could not speak for the time being? Or had he swallowed the essence of the moon and gone mad in his cultivation?

Uneasy, Xu Luoyang simply reached out and turned on the light, but then he was so scared that he almost jumped up.

Qi Chang’an, wearing a white shirt, was curled up on the floor, with his fingers twitching as if he was having spasms. The sound he had heard earlier must have been a glass of water falling to the floor and breaking, and on the bedside table there was an empty medicine bottle and two white pills.

As soon as his hand touched his arm, it felt like it was burning through charcoal, very hot.

Why was he burning so badly? Xu Luoyang checked his forehead, “Qi Chang’an? Are you awake? Can you hear my voice?”

Qi Chang’an’s usually pale face was abnormally red, his breathing was rapid, and his thick eyelashes followed his breathing. He seemed to be in great distress, his brow remained furrowed, and there was cold sweat on his forehead.

There was no thermometer at home, so Xu Luoyang could only feel it, guessing that the fever must have reached forty degrees, and subconsciously stood up, “No, we have to go to the hospital–“


Almost thinking he was hallucinating, Xu Luoyang carefully bent down and moved closer, “What did you just say? You spoke just now, didn’t you?”

After waiting for a while, and getting no response, Xu Luoyang tentatively said the key word, “Let’s go to the hospital?”

“No… hospital.”

Not to the hospital.

Xu Luoyang slapped his head, instantly coming to a realization, yes! How could a demon be sent to the hospital? What if his identity was revealed and he was locked up in the lab and skinned? They couldn’t go there!

Determined to keep Qi Chang’an’s secret, Xu Luoyang slowly calmed down. He first looked at the pill bottle and pills on the bedside table and found that they were different from the ones he had taken before.

The number on the bottle had changed from “01” to “04”. It seemed that Qi Chang’an was not feeling well and was about to take some medicine, but he had passed out and knocked the ceramic cup over.

After pouring a new cup of warm water, Xu Luoyang lifted him up and leaned on him, “Here, here, take your medicine.” His left and right hand moved in perfect coordination. One hand coaxed Qi Chang’an into opening his mouth in a daze and the other hand quickly put two pills in, then he whispered in Qi Chang’an’s ear very patiently, “Yes, open your mouth, drink the water, swallow it last, be careful, don’t choke.”

When he finished giving the medicine and laid him flat on the bed, Xu Luoyang was at a loss – uh, what should he do if a demon had a fever? In the end, he decided to try everything, so he went out to bring in another basin of warm water and put a soaked towel on Qi Chang’an’s forehead.

Half an hour later, Xu Luoyang, who was staring intently at the towel, suddenly noticed that Qi Chang’an’s eyes had opened. He hurriedly went over to him and called out his name twice, but didn’t get a response.

He was about to sit back down on the stool when he heard Qi Chang’an’s voice.

“… Mum.”


Xu Luoyang almost fell to the ground. He reached out and changed the towel again, a little helpless, “I’m not your mother, I’m a man, man.”

He had previously struggled with whether Qi Chang’an became a demon through cultivation, or whether he was born a demon, but now, since he had a mother, it was likely that he was a pure-blooded demon of the second generation.

As for his weak constitution… Could it be that he was a mix of human and demon?

After a while, Xu Luoyang’s mood dropped, his heart sank, and he said to himself in a low voice, “I miss my mother too.”

Don’t know if it was the light, but Xu Luoyang saw the cobalt blue circle in Qi Chang’an’s right eye again, but he was already very calm. He added some hot water into the basin and continued to squeeze the towel.

When he heard Qi Chang’an cry out for his mother again, Xu Luoyang was a little saddened, “Where is your mother? I’ll call her, so you can hear her voice, okay?”

“Mum? Mum is dead…”

Xu Luoyang’s hand stopped squeezing the towel. Staring at the water shaking in the basin, he remembered the daytime scene, Qi Chang’an’s sudden collapse of emotions, and his eyes that were filled with despair for a while before continuing the movement of his hand.

After putting down the towel in his hand and hesitating for a few seconds, Xu Luoyang sat on the stool and loosely held Qi Chang’an’s hot hand, “So we both don’t have a mother.” He looked at Qi Chang’an’s dry lips, the abnormal redness of it and sighed quietly, “For the sake of sharing the same fate, I’ll play the role of your mother, what else can I do it!”

Saying this, he gathered up his courage and his hand patted Qi Chang’an gently, trying to soften his voice, “Sleep little Chang’an, mummy is here!”

However, what he didn’t expect was that he would wake up Qi Chang’an with a single pat!

Looking at his hand, Xu Luoyang was stunned and thought to himself “D*mn, what kind of magic is this?”

“Luoyang?” Qi Chang’an’s voice was hoarse, his mind still seemed unclear, “You just said… Who’s here?”

Xu Luoyang put on a brave expression, desperate to survive, “Brother Chang’an, you’re finally awake!”

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