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Chapter 38.1

The most direct evidence that Xu Luoyang’s popularity hadn’t faded out yet was the fact that he hadn’t even had time to go back home. Shoving his suitcase into the artist’s car, he sat down in the middle seat, quickly adjusted himself and then said in a tone filled with vitality, “Let’s make the mission more intense. Zheng Ge, what are we going to do next?”

Zheng Dong flipped through his schedule, “Costume fittings are in two hours, that’s 6.30pm, and we’ll finish at 8.30pm. After this Tian Ya Ya will do a facial for you.” As he said this, he looked up to take a closer look at Xu Luoyang and sighed somewhat disgustedly, “Luoyang, you have to carry back your burden as an idol. We are at least following the route of both face and strength.”

Silently putting the nougat in his hand down, Xu Luoyang nodded with a look of approval, “Zheng Ge, you’re right!” After saying this, he deliberately and thoughtfully turned his back to make sure Zheng Dong couldn’t see it before putting the candy in his mouth.


Zheng Dong decided to accept Xu Luoyang’s kindness, and carrying out the concept of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, continued, “Tomorrow morning and afternoon is scheduled for the magazine photo shoot; the photographer isn’t good-tempered, so you should be careful. Then you’ll have lunch with the editor-in-chief in the afternoon, remember to thank her for her help last time. After the photo shoot, there will be an interview, which is expected to be over by 1am. A list of questions will be sent to you immediately, so take time to read them.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ve got it all memorized.” After going over the schedule again in his mind, Xu Luoyang bit the straw in his juice and whispered, “I thought… I would be able to go back to see my little cactus after getting off the plane…..” It would have been nice if he could get some sleep as well.

“Student Xu, having such a thought shows that you haven’t realized the seriousness of the matter.” Taking a sip of his black coffee, Zheng Dong straightened it out for him, “‘Divergent Road’ took almost five months and Director Chu’s film took more than a month, so half a year wavered away. During this period you barely took any big or small announcements, your exposure was at a record low and if it wasn’t for a few hot searches, you would have really gone cold.”

Xu Luoyang blinked, “Time really flies. Chang’an and I have known each other for six months!”


Qi Chang’an, who was being missed by Xu Luoyang had already returned to the hotel — after meeting with the creators of ‘Absolute Pursuit’ and confirming the next promotional activities that required his presence, he had left the follow up to Liang Qiu.

After taking a shower, Qi Chang’an sat on his bed in his silk robe typing out messages on his mobile phone. He wanted to ask Xu Luoyang if he was home now, if he’d had dinner, if he was tired from the flight. But then anytime he typed out a message, he would delete it word by word— it was already early in the morning in California. If Xu Luoyang knew he was still up, he would be worried again.

But just as he was about to put his phone down, he received a message from Xu Luoyang, “I’m saying good morning in advance! I just suddenly realized that I’ve known you for six months. I’m so happy!”

I’m happy too.

His expression softening, all the restlessness in Qi Chang’an’s heart was instantly cleared away by these words. He tapped into Weibo and found that the opening advertisement had been changed to a perfume endorsed by Xu Luoyang. The advert was only a few seconds long and showed Xu Luoyang wearing a black tuxedo with heavy eye make-up, looking a little cold and evil, very different from his usual style.

After just one viewing, Qi Chang’an recognized the words Xu Luoyang was mouthing towards the camera. It was– ‘My heart is pleased to have you’.

Qi Chang’an’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and as if possessed, he kept tapping on and off, and clicking on the ad again and again until his phone sent a warning that the battery had run low before he realized that he had watched the ad over and over again.

The next day, Xu Luoyang spent his time changing and posing and by the time the photographer was done, he was slumped onto the velvet sofa used as a prop. Staring at the ceiling, he grunted, “Once again, I feel like a broken rag doll!”

Handing him a glass of water, Lu Di reassured him, “Xu Ge, hang in there. Just muddle through the interview and then you can go back to sleep!” After such a busy day, he also couldn’t help but yawn.

Sitting up from the sofa with one hand propped up, Xu Luoyang suddenly asked, “What do you think Chang’an is doing now?”

“Mr. Qi?” Lu Di didn’t know why Xu Luoyang asked this question, however he tried to think about it but wasn’t quite sure, “I think he’s working. It’s eleven in the middle of the night on our side, so it should be morning on Mr. Qi’s side.”

“Morning…” Xu Luoyang poked at the cushions on the sofa as he said in a worried tone, “Di Zi, do you think he’ll be used to the breakfast over there? Chang’an is a picky eater, but out here, if he comes across something he can’t eat or doesn’t like, he doesn’t bother asking someone to change it; he just doesn’t eat it at all, but this way he wouldn’t get full!”

Before Lu Di could give a response, he heard Xu Luoyang continue, “He’s also afraid of the cold, but I’ve seen the weather forecast and it’s warmer in California than in B City.”

As he said this, Xu Luoyang fell silent and slumped back onto the sofa. Looking at the small chandelier that was swaying slightly in the wind, a little astringency bubbled up in his heart, the same taste as the tea Qi Chang’an was drinking– there was someone who was clearly separated from him by an entire Pacific Ocean, yet he couldn’t help but worry about whether he was warm and well-fed.

Changing his position to lie on his side, Xu Luoyang asked Lu Di again, “Have you ever liked anyone?”

Lu Di was already used to Xu Luoyang’s style of quickly switching topics, so he tried to remember seriously, “When I was in kindergarten, I liked a little girl in the class next door who liked to cry; she had a very special crying voice, and I could hear it every time.”

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