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Chapter 90.2

Editor: Jodi

The next morning, Xu Luoyang, who hadn’t slept very deeply all night woke up, and the first thing he did was to check the time and found that it was exactly six o’clock. Turning over, he tried not to wake Qi Chang’an who was a light sleeper up, pulled his phone under the covers, then opened Weibo to post an update.

“Xu Luoyang: Good morning, is everyone awake? If you are, I’ll unleash my big move right away. If not, I’ll come back and ask again in an hour!”

No matter what time it was, there would always be fans who were scrolling through Weibo, hence in less than a minute, a long string of comments appeared.

“——Hahaha, I’m up! Are you about to stir things up? So so curious about what the big move is. Is it that the concert ticket pre-sale is starting? Or the new album pre-sale? Is ‘Divergent Road’ about to win its fifth award?”

“——I’m up! Quietly tagging the programmers, what are you sleeping for! Hurry up and get up! I keep on having this uneasy feeling, like, um, Luoyang is about to do something big!”

“——After scaring me awake this early in the morning, what teaser are you doing! Do you want me to praise you for being considerate? Ah ah ah ah ah, what exactly are you going to do? Just spit it out! My heart is hanging by a thread!”

Xu Luoyang, filled with a hidden sense of excitement and the thrill of doing something big, turned off his phone, rolled over carefully, snuggled into Qi Chang’an’s arms, then closed his eyes again, however it was impossible for him to fall asleep — his heart was beating too fast!

Really really excited!

An hour passed this way, then at seven o’clock sharp, he slipped back under the covers again sneakily, grabbed his phone, then logged in to Weibo again.

Then choosing to upload the promotional posters for the concert as well as the new album, he clicked send directly without adding any text.

Then after taking several deep breaths to calm his heart that was about to pop out, used his thumb to apply a bit of pressure to refresh the feed. In just that short time, the comments had already almost reached a hundred thousand.

“——Ah ah ah ah, I don’t even know what to say anymore ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

“——Sitting up and screaming from under the covers! My Luoyang’s concert is called ‘Chang’an’, the final stop is ‘Chang’an’! The new album is called ‘Chang’an’, and the lead song is also ‘Chang’an’! Am I still not awake? I’m going to look at the promotional poster again!”

“——Ao ao ao, this is the strongest heart signal in the solar system! The heart-shaped route map on the concert poster! So unrestrained! My swimming pool-sized bowl can’t even hold all this dog food!!”

“——I’m stunned, what was all that dog food I ate from Gu Cheng compared to this!! Luoyang, how much do you like the number ‘seven’? No, no, exactly how much do you love that person that you would go to such lengths!! I’m about to have a heart attack, ah ah ah ah!”

“——Is this going public? Is it, is it? I’m going crazy! Where’s the blood bag! Where’s the insulin support! Ah ah ah!”

Xu Luoyang was scrolling happily through comments when he noticed that Qi Chang’an seemed to be awake, and with extremely swift movements, shoved his phone under his pillow, then he felt Qi Chang’an’s lips press a kiss to the back of his neck, “Nao Nao?”

Qi Chang’an’s voice when he had just woken up was what Xu Luoyang found most appealing– husky and extremely provocative.

The kisses moved from the back of his neck to his earlobe, and unable to resist, he let out a sound, “Chang’an Ge-ge, good morning.”

“Good morning.” Qi Chang’an, his voice still husky, asked close to Xu Luoyang’s ear, “You woke up so early today?”

The tickling sensation on his earlobe made Xu Luoyang unable to resist, and he was teased to the point where his waist softened. However before he could talk, he felt a grip there and his voice trembled, “Chang’an, what are you doing?”

Qi Chang’an tongued his sensitive ear gently, “Making you feel good.”

It was an hour before Xu Luoyang came out of the bathroom, a clean robe wrapped around him, the belt tied loosely, revealing obvious faint red hickeys on his skin.

Climbing back into bed and slipping back under the covers, he saw that Qi Chang’an was already sitting up against the pillows, reading a book. Moving closer, he snuggled into his arms, “What are you reading?” He took a closer look at the text on the book, “Latin?”

“En.” Qi Chang’an adjusted to hold him well, moved the book to a position where they could both read it, then turned his head and asked, “Waking up so early today, are you not feeling well?”

As soon as this issue was mentioned, Xu Luoyang’s heartbeat accelerated again. However he was too shy to say what he had actually done, so after thinking about it for a bit, he grabbed his phone from the bedside and handed it to him, “Log in to Weibo to take a look?”

Hurry up and look, hurry up and look, I’ve done something on Weibo!

Qi Chang’an took the phone, tapped open Weibo, then found that he couldn’t see anything because the system had crashed.

“Huh? It’s crashed? That doesn’t make sense! I clearly gave a heads up!” Rolling over, Xu Luoyang knelt on the bed, grabbed his own phone to try, then found the same issue. It had really crashed!

So angry!

After being stunned for three seconds, he jumped on Qi Chang’an, “I didn’t even go public, why did it crash!”

Qi Chang’an patted his back soothingly, his voice laced with a smile, “Nao Nao, what did you post?”

“It’s nothing, just two ordinary posters.” When the words came out, he felt a bit guilty. He pulled up the two promotional posters from his album then showed them to Qi Chang’an, “Just….. just these two.”

Qi Chang’an looked at the screen and saw that the first image was a promotional poster for the concert. The background was simple. It was of straight lines that connected dots representing the seven hosting cities, which formed a standard heart shape, and right in the middle of the heart shape, next to one of the dots, were two small characters, ‘Chang’an’.

And on the left side of the poster, was a full-body picture of Xu Luoyang holding a microphone, and below it was a line of text with a strong design sense, ‘Xu Luoyang’s Concert Tour’. However what surprised him most was that in the place where the concert’s name should be, were two characters — Chang’an.

His pupils contracted slightly as a thought flashed through his mind. He quickly flipped to the next image, and sure enough, the poster for the new album featured a frontal picture of Xu Luoyang with his eyes closed, in black and white, strikingly impactful, and at the bottom right corner, where the album name was, the name ‘Chang’an’ had been written. On the left side, in the list of song titles, the first and leading song were also titled ‘Chang’an’.

All of them were his name.

Xu Luoyang’s ears burned a little, his voice slightly soft, however each word he said was solemn, “Every song in the new album, was written by me. I am the lyricist, the composer, the arranger, and also the producer.”

When he said up until this point, he smiled, his eyes as he looked a Qi Chang’an one of extreme focus, “I want to dedicate this album to you. I want to hold a concert for you. I want to use the microphone you gave me to sing this song called ‘Chang’an’ at every concert, so it goes all the way, from Luoyang to Chang’an, into your heart.”

As soon as he finished saying this, he was hugged tightly by Qi Chang’an, the force Qi Chang’an used so great that their bodies were pressed together without even the slightest gap between them.

Xu Luoyang relaxed and leaned against him, his heart filled with many words he wanted to say, as well as many emotions he wanted to express. However in the end, the only thing that came out were five monotonous words, “Chang’an, I love you.”

Qi Chang’an’s breath held a faint sob, however he didn’t say anything and just kissed his lips carefully, his eyes holding only him.


Xu Nao Nao’s Little emotions:

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