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Chapter 53.2

After all this, Xu Luoyang realized that the idea he had had of catching up on food with Chang’an was a sham and the little idea of slacking off was also a sham, because things were no different from back home. He was still as busy as ever!

And he also had to act as a temporary translator because he had gone to university here and English was his second language. After three days of magazine interviews, visits to designers, brand managers and fittings, Xu Luoyang was completely overwhelmed. It wasn’t until he sat in the show that he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

After taking his seat and posing once again, Xu Luoyang began to empty himself skillfully, taking the opportunity to ease his nerves that had been tense.

But as he watched idly, he suddenly realized that the outfit being shown on the catwalk would definitely look great on Qi Chang’an! That one looked good too, and that tie looked good too! So at the back, Xu Luoyang watched the show with great attention as he concentrated on choosing clothes for Qi Chang’an.

When the show was over, Zheng Dong was shocked to learn that Xu Luoyang had spent over two million in the blink of an eye.

“Two million one hundred and eighty thousand, three pieces of clothes, are you illustrating with strength what it means to spend money like water?” Zheng Dong was tempted to shake Xu Luoyang’s shoulder and ask him, ‘how come you don’t bother to wear such expensive high fashion clothes yourself?’

Xu Luoyang had a very good reason: “They will look great on Chang’an!” Moreover he thought that they were a little cheaper in match to Qi Chang’an. But considering that saying this might increase Zheng Dong’s anger value, he chose to keep his mouth shut.


Looking at the distinct smile in Xu Luoyang’s eyes, Zheng Dong felt that this was the real diamond dog food!

The next afternoon, Zheng Dong took his team back to their home country first while Xu Luoyang stayed behind. In the hotel room booked by the brand, he unpacked his bags while talking to Qi Chang’an in a relaxed manner.

“I still find it incredibly hard to believe that Zheng Ge actually agreed to giving me a three-day break! But Chang’an, where are we going later? Can you really not tell me in advance?”

Finding that Qi Chang’an was still secretive under his eye attack, Xu Luoyang let out a long sigh, his clothes not tidied up as he said with a look of loss on his face, “Love is so fleeting, so soon and you already don’t love me!”

Solid line skills were on display.

Amused by his expression and tone of voice, Qi Chang’an swept Xu Luoyang over to him, lowered his head and kissed the corner of his lips, compromising, “I’m taking you to the place I lived for ten years.”

Xu Luoyang’s eyes widened slightly– a demon’s lair?

Two hours later, the car pulled up in front of a small manor house.

Xu Luoyang opened the car door and stepped carefully onto the ground– the red and purple wildflowers in full bloom were in a row beneath his feet, stretching with the grass to the foot of a hill not far away. There were no people around, birdsongs were clear, butterflies loomed and a small, shallow stream could be seen running in the distance.

The sky was a blue so clear that it was as if it had been washed and Qi Chang’an’s white shirt looked like it was glowing in the sunlight. With his sleeves loosely pulled up at the elbows, he opened the carved gilt iron door and asked Xu Luoyang with a smile, “Aren’t you coming over?”

Xu Luoyang snapped back to his senses then and followed quickly.

Right through the gate was a straight road lined with brick and stone, neatly manicured lawns, a carved and cast marble fountain gurgling with water and a few lush, century-old trees. The gardens were lush and green walled with delphiniums and lupines everywhere. Not far away, green vines were already crawling up the brick-red facade of the three-storey building, revealing only a few white windows.

Seeing Qi Chang’an take out a strangely shaped key and unlock the door of the small building, Xu Luoyang was a little curious, “Doesn’t anyone live here?” Did the manor rely on demon power to keep the lawn tidy and the branches and leaves pruned?

“There are people living here who look after the house and these plants, but they left yesterday because I was coming over to stay for the next two days.”

Nodding, Xu Luoyang followed Qi Chang’an inside to find that it had been decorated in a very retro way. Huge wool carpets, floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful reliefs on the stone walls and ornate silverware. Everything looked like it had travelled back in time.

Qi Chang’an switched on the bracket light and led Xu Luoyang upstairs while saying, “I went to boarding school in middle school and every time I had a holiday, I would come and stay here by myself. Then university was the same and I basically spent all my holidays here.”

Thinking of the wilderness outside, Xu Luoyang asked him, “Didn’t you feel the place was very empty living here by yourself? Weren’t you scared when there was a thunderstorm?”

Qi Chang’an reached out and twisted the doorknob to open the bedroom door, a hint of nostalgia in his eyes, his speech slowing down subconsciously, “I wasn’t scared. Back then, I only felt safe when I was alone.”

Having just escaped from his hospital bed, he had instinctively been on guard against everyone around him, his nerves constantly on edge, making every second of his life back then a difficult one.

And it was during stormy nights, when the whole house felt like it was cut off from the world by the storm, that he would indulge himself and relax a little to sleep.


At the sound of Xu Luoyang’s voice, Qi Chang’an turned sideways and smiled almost instinctively, “This here is my bedroom. Is it alright if we stay here together at night?”

Xu Luoyang smiled and nodded, “Yes!”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

There was a moment before, I didn’t know why, but I knew you were sad.

My Qi Qi, I’m here.

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  1. So his childhood was basically spent as an experimental subject and he finally gained freedom when he entered middle school.

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