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Chapter 60.2

After passing the three levels, they stood in front of a huge door with five minutes to go until it was exactly one o’clock. At this moment, Director Wen’s voice sounded again in the room, “Congratulations to the three of you for breaking through the siege. Now, the final question will appear on the wall; whether you win or lose will be determined by this question.”

Jiang Liu sat down on the ground directly, the syllables of his words stretching as he complained, “Why is there still a question? I thought we could just open the door!”

Xu Luoyang also sat down, very unconvinced, “With Chang’an, I also thought we could just open the door!”

Just then, the big screen on the wall began to change and completely ignoring their protests, Director Wen continued, “The question is, please find the dog head with a different expression on the screen within three minutes.”

As soon as the words fell, the contents displayed on the big screen froze and Xu Luoyang was frightened by the screen that was full of yellow dog heads, his expression instantly turning dull. “Fine…. fine mental pollution! There must be thousands of these dog heads, right? The program team is too ruthless!”

Jiang Liu was also dazed, “I think these dog heads will definitely appear in my dreams tonight!”

However since they had reached the final level, there was no reason to give up. They split the big screen into three parts, with each person responsible for one part, almost getting beat by the time required to find the dog head with a different expression.

While waiting for the door to open, Xu Luoyang kept staring at Qi Chang’an, who asked him, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at you. You’re so handsome. My eyes were hurt just now so I need healing.”

At that moment, the door finally swung open and a rectangular metal box appeared in front of the three of them. Next, according to the clues provided in the box, the three of them ran to the sand sculpture world and found the third box from a sand sculpture castle.

At exactly three o’clock, the six people gathered again and holding the loudspeaker, Director Wen announced, “The second team, which includes Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang and Jiang Liu won. Now, the three of you need to choose a punishment for the first team.”

Xu Luoyang muttered in his heart. Sure enough, this program team had pitfalls everywhere. Choosing a punishment or whatever, if there was even one small mistake, it would be used as a black spot.

Looking at the several items that appeared on the table after the black cloth was taken away, Xu Luoyang pointed to the third one, “I choose drinking a glass of vegetable juice as a punishment.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t hesitate at all, “I’ll do whatever Luoyang says.”

Jiang Liu, who was standing next to them was shocked— he didn’t expect that they could sprinkle dog food with even something like this. He said quickly, “I’ll also do whatever Xu Ge says!”

Compared to the other slightly excessive punishments, although vegetable juice was difficult to drink, it still had a high nutritional value, otherwise one could fully imagine how they would be thrashed by Song Yao and the others’ fans after the program aired.

‘Top Secret Action’ followed the plan of recording the first episode first then broadcasting one episode at a time in order to see its effect first and then adjust the plan for the second recording accordingly. So five days later, on Friday, ‘Top Secret Action’ was scheduled to be aired at Rainbow TV’s prime time slot of 8 o’clock.

Prior to the broadcast, the program team required all guests who participated in the recording to help promote it on Weibo.

Xu Luoyang quickly forwarded the official message and in less than a minute, Qi Chang’an also shared it on his Weibo with the words, “Let’s watch together. // Xu Luoyang: I’ve already set my alarm clock and will watch it at 8 pm sharp.”

After finishing his work for the day, Xu Luoyang hurried home and made it in time just for the start of the broadcast. In the movie room, Qi Chang’an sat on the sofa then patted the space next to him, “Nao Nao, come here.”

Sitting down, Xu Luoyang reached for a strawberry and seeing that it was very sweet, took another one and fed it to Qi Chang’an.

The corners of Qi Chang’an’s lips rose, “Feed me?” His tone rose slightly at the end, a hint of teasing in his voice.

“You’re older than me yet you still want to be fed like a baby.” Even though Xu Luoyang said this, he still placed the strawberry between his teeth then fed it to Qi Chang’an. Naturally, the two of them kissed while sharing the strawberry in a sticky manner.

However after his hand reached into Qi Chang’an’s shirt and groped him a few times, he sat back down, gasping for breath as he said, “We’ll continue later, let’s watch the program first. This is the first time I’ve done a variety show with you.”

“En.” Placing his arm around Xu Luoyang’s shoulder, Qi Chang’an looked very relaxed.

The scene that was being broadcast was the one of Qi Chang’an’s entrance. Xu Luoyang scolded, “The program team really knows how to endure, only revealing the mystery guest now.”

At the same time, when the camera moved from bottom to top and finally focused on Qi Chang’an’s face, the barrage, which was originally stable suddenly exploded.

“—Ah ah ah ah, I can’t believe I’m seeing Mr. Qi on a variety show in my lifetime! My life is complete! I want to watch this scene a hundred times!”

“—The mystery guest is actually Mr. Qi! Screaming whilst holding my laptop! Too too too handsome! Mr. Qi, why are you so good-looking!”

“Rainbow TV, you win! Gu Cheng cp fans will arrive in three seconds!!”

After going through editing, the show now had a completely different atmosphere. Watching it carefully, Xu Luoyang realized that when Director Wen was speaking, Song Yao looked at him several times and although the look in his eyes wasn’t malicious, it was definitely unfriendly. It was obvious that the program team wanted to highlight the fact that the two didn’t get along.

Another example he found was when he heard that they were about to enter a haunted house and he subconsciously pulled Qi Chang’an’s sleeves. That, was given a close-up shot.

As expected, the barrage was full of ‘hahaha’s’ and also included sentences like ‘Ha ha ha, Luoyang got scared in a second!’ ‘Pulling sleeves is so coquettish!’ ‘Gu Cheng cp fans are satisfied.’ He covered his eyes, “I also want face ok!”

Qi Chang’an comforted him, “It’s very cute.”

Xu Luoyang still had a weeping expression on his face, completely not comforted at all. However he soon realized that the beginning was just the appetizer, as the interaction between him and Qi Chang’an was edited by the program team to the point where it was simply blinding.

For example, the scene where Qi Chang’an squatted down and carefully helped him zip up his coat was repeated then slowed down three times and when they were on the bamboo raft, where he sang ‘Chang’an, you sit in the front, Luoyang is behind you–‘, the program team added a frame of pink bubbles around them as well as slow-motion shots of their expressions and eyes.

When they arrived at the haunted house and he held Qi Chang’an’s hand as they walked in because he was afraid, the cameras captured everything and the most exaggerated thing was that when the ‘ghost’ in the sewer grabbed his ankle and he instinctively jumped into Qi Chang’an’s arms, the words ‘Chang’an Ge-ge’ flooded the screen, with the barrage covering up the entire scene.

Xu Luoyang murmured, “Only I can call him Chang’an Ge-ge!”

“En, only you can call me that.”

Towards the end, Xu Luoyang became completely calm as the program team was really going all out. Not only did they use various close-up shots and pink heart frames, they even gave them a special background music that played on a loop whenever they were together. After a while, he was even able to hum it.

Just then, Zheng Dong sent him a message with only two words: “Check Weibo.”

Taking his phone, Xu Luoyang logged into Weibo then confirmed once again that the program team was really well-funded and ready to stir up trouble. The related hot searches for ‘Top Secret Action’ occupied six out of the top ten while #Gu Cheng cp# was directly promoted to first place, followed by an ‘explosive news’ tag.

Tapping open a topic, he found that the broadcast hadn’t even ended yet but clips of him and Qi Chang’an interacting had already been captured and shared by various marketing accounts with an astonishing number of reposts. It didn’t even need a water army, as real fans had already flooded Weibo and various forums and online communities.

“—Countless fans for this CP. I finally understand what it means to eat diamond dog food and what it means to swallow it with tears and gritted teeth! It’s really too tasty! Palace level dog food smash, this is textbook level show of affection!”

“—When Luoyang first appeared, I secretly imagined him with Jiang Liu and even made a ‘Yangliu cp,’ but when Mr. Qi appeared, I was like, damn, the main couple is the main couple, they have an unbeatable aura. From now on, Gu Cheng cp is unstoppable and there’s no other ship in my eyes!”

“—I can’t believe my eyes! I seriously believe this was unscripted, because all of Luoyang’s little expressions and actions were totally instinctive! And Mr. Qi’s pampering gong energy is really top notch. What’s more I just realized Luoyang is very good at acting cute!”

“—Ah ah ah ah. Apart from ah ah ah ah, I don’t know what else to say!”

“—Very curious! Mr. Qi crouched down to touch Luoyang’s ankle and after that what exactly did he whisper in Luoyang’s ear that Luoyang instantly stopped being scared!”

Seeing this, Xu Luoyang turned to ask Qi Chang’an, “Am I really good at acting cute?”


“And you really can’t resist me at all? You’ll answer any question I ask?”


Putting his phone down, Xu Luoyang sat on Qi Chang’an’s lap and wrapping his arms around his neck, his tone was serious and his voice very low as he asked, “Then can you tell me what your true demon form is?”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I’ve been curious for a long long long time!!!

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