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Chapter 41.2

Inside the rectangular case, there were two microphones, one large and one small, both made of silver metal, the silver sand on them shimmering slightly in the light, like a galaxy of stars, extremely beautiful. A small piece of light-colored wood was embedded in the middle of the microphones, with the seal script ‘Luoyang’ engraved on them.

The handwriting was very familiar, exactly the same as that on the wooden chopsticks.

Staring at the microphones in the case, Lu Di was unable to speak clearly, “The… the legendary Sennheiser microphones!” Looking at Zheng Dong, he asked weakly, “Zheng Ge, how much do these cost?”

Zheng Dong glanced at the manual for the equipment next to him and estimated, “A single one should go upwards of 700,000, and a full set added up, the price must not be less than 2 million.”

It was now Lu Di knew, what was meant by ‘poverty limits the imagination’.

Xu Luoyang held the microphones in his hand carefully. They were somewhat heavy, but felt very good in his hand. Turning one from side to side, he found that it surprisingly fitted the shape of his hand and his usual microphone grip perfectly, and that it had been designed so that his thumb could touch the word ‘Luoyang.’

Rubbing his fingertips slowly over the obviously sunken handwriting, it was as if there was a continuous ‘puff puff’ blooming of flowers in his heart. Dialing Qi Chang’an’s number on his phone, he didn’t say anything when he got through, he just laughed.

“Have you received your present?” Qi Chang’an’s voice also took on a distinctly smiling tone.

“En, I’ve received it. ” Xu Luoyang couldn’t hide the joy in his voice, “I like it very much. I especially, super like it! I’m going to use it for every song from now on.”

“Okay.” Qi Chang’an’s voice was soft, “I had wanted to give it to you as a gift for the Spring Festival, but the production took too long and I wasn’t able to make it.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!” Straining his toes, Xu Luoyang unconsciously drew circles on the floor with it, the tips of his fingers stroking the writing inch by inch again as he asked softly, “So…. did you carve my name on it with your own hands?”

“En, I did. “

Hearing the expected answer, Xu Luoyang’s brain stopped working, and not knowing what to say, he just stood there and giggled foolishly. Next to him, Zheng Dong who was looking at this scene was filled with helplessness– how come he was looking more and more stupid?

After hanging up the phone, Xu Luoyang took nine pictures in a row from all angles, quickly posted, then thought about something and typed carefully, “Qi Chang’an, in the future, I’ll use it for every song I sing.”

Because of the new equipment that had come in, there was another flurry of movements, the place chaotic. As the tuner looked at the box of microphones and matching equipment, his hands shook with excitement, “I’ve lived long enough to see this!”

Stroking his bushy beard, he said to Xu Luoyang, “Usually with this kind of top custom order, it’s made to suit your tonal characteristics and your usual singing techniques, and when you use it, you’ll find it a particularly good fit. I’ll have to take the equipment in to be tuned up. It’ll take about two hours, then you’ll get familiar with it and you’ll be able to sing with it straight away tonight without any problems for sure!”

Nodding, Xu Luoyang followed the tuner with the two microphones in his arms, almost bouncing as he walked.

Meanwhile, underneath Xu Luoyang’s Weibo, a bunch of fans were stunned.

“–After a passing check on the custom price of one Sennheiser top custom order, the zeros at the back have made my eyes dizzy!”

“–The top line: spend money like its water for microphones; the bottom line: I have no secret love, I’m a dog; the banner: Gu Cheng cp, I like this candy!”

“–Mr. Qi is really devious. He has made it so that every time Luoyang sings a song, he will miss him!!”

“–I’ll, I’ll, I’ll knee first to show respect!”

“–Xu Luoyang, it’s time to tell you an ancient classic quiz! Q: Someone spent millions to buy me microphones, what should I do? Answer: repay him with your body!”

But in the time that followed, Xu Luoyang didn’t even have time to go through the comments, because after he familiarized himself with one of the new microphones, he was pulled by Mu Lan and Tian Ya Ya to change his make-up and clothes for styling, and then it was 6pm.

Holding the microphone and taking a deep breath, Xu Luoyang walked onto the stage through a lift then subconsciously looked first to the very middle of the first row, which was still empty.

His fingers thumbing over the word ‘Luoyang’ subconsciously, he settled down and greeted his fans with a smile, “Thank you all for coming to this meet and greet. I’m very, very happy today. ” With that, his eyes curved as he smiled and pointed to the microphone he was holding, asking, “Isn’t it very beautiful?”

A chorus of woo’s came from the stage, and when they saw Xu Luoyang’s smile on the big screen, the woo’s immediately turned into screams.

“Anyway, I think it’s very beautiful, and I’m singing with this microphone for the first time tonight, so brace yourselves, I might fly sky-high.” Straightening his jacket, Xu Luoyang spoke as he sat casually on the velvet sofa in the center of the stage, his long, crossed legs drawing a lot of attention.

The first half hour of the meeting was spent chatting with fans, answering questions and playing games. Xu Luoyang had great control over the stage, his words humorous and engaging, never boring.

When the words ‘please sing’ were displayed on the big screen, Xu Luoyang laughed, “This fast and an hour has already passed, is it time for the singing session?”

A neat answer came from the stage– “Yes”. Xu Luoyang nodded, “Okay then, let’s sing, let’s sing!”

With that, he raised his left hand, undid the buttons of his short black jacket one by one and tossed it to the side casually, leaving only a light-colored knitted shirt, before saying, “The first song to be sung today, is ‘twilight’.”

Just as he spoke, the whole stage went dark and then, a light hit his body. Perhaps because of the shift in light and shadow, his face appeared to be devoid of a smile and his expression looked a little cold. His eye make-up was thick, with a hint of wantonness at the ends of his lashes.

As soon as the close-up of his face appeared on the big screen, the screams from below the stage could almost pierce one’s eardrums. Holding the microphone, Xu Luoyang sang and danced, his loose collar sliding down with his movements, revealing his shoulders and obvious muscular lines.

Just at that moment, Xu Luoyang suddenly noticed that someone was sitting in the empty seat in the very middle of the first row.

Qi Chang’an.

Heart beating violently, Xu Luoyang gripped the microphone in his hand, his brain going blank for half a second, even forgetting the lyrics. After he came to, he looked hurriedly at the teleprompter.

At this point, the audience noticed from the big screen that Xu Luoyang was smiling more, and that his eyes looked like they had stars hidden in them.

The emotions in his heart like rain falling into a celadon tank, constantly overflowing, Xu Luoyang sat cross-legged on the stage, took a sip of mineral water from a bottle with a straw in it, wiped the sweat on his forehead with a towel again then turn towards the stage, “Should we sing together?”


“En, we’ll sing the middle part of the song we just sang, you guys sing ‘my love – my love’ and I’ll sing the last two lines, is that okay?”

Having said that, he stood up, took a deep breath and said, “Band Master, let’s go!”

The drums started to pound and the whole venue lit up as the glow sticks became a sea, the stage lit brightly. Xu Luoyang ran on stage to the rhythm of the music and when the fans sang ‘my love, he followed up with the next line, “I look forward to every day, to opening my eyes, to seeing you sleeping beside me.”

This line, he repeated over and over and over again, twenty times, and the heat of the chorus kept climbing! When it was over, Xu Luoyang lay down on the stage, covered in sweat, breathing heavily as he held the microphone in one hand, the back of his other hand over his eyes, a smile on his lips.

Can you hear my heart?

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

You’re here.

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