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Chapter 28.2

There were already many people sitting inside the venue. Xu Luoyang smiled and greeted all the way, stopping every now and then to exchange a few pleasantries with a few seniors. Whenever this happened, Qi Chang’an would stand next to him and patiently wait for Xu Luoyang to finish talking before continuing on their way.

Just like this, from the door to the seat, the two walked for almost twenty minutes. Finding Qi Chang’an sitting down beside him, Xu Luoyang was surprised, then smiled happily, “What a coincidence! Our seats are actually next to each other!”

“Hmm, it’s indeed quite a coincidence.”

Xu Luoyang happily put his hand into the pocket of his coat then took out two fruit candies. Giving one to Qi Chang’an, he said somewhat proudly, “I took advantage of Xiao Lan’s inattention, to quietly put them in my pocket!”

Putting the fruit candies into his pocket, Qi Chang’an said, “Hand out, do you want me to show you a magic trick?”

“Yes!” Excited, Xu Luoyang cooperated by closing his eyes and within a few seconds, felt some itchiness in his palm, causing him to unable to help but guess what it was. When he opened his eyes as instructed by Qi Chang’an, he saw a handful of chocolate on his palm, his favorite chocolate brand.

Xu Luoyang froze for a moment.

And meeting Xu Luoyang’s brilliant starry eyes, Qi Chang’an looked at the big screen in the middle of the stage in a moment of rare discomfort, “Didn’t you not eat anything?”

“Mmm!” Xu Luoyang closed his five fingers, unable to stop smiling, “I’ll save them up and eat them slowly!”

Because Xu Luoyang already knew he was a runner-up, he was relaxed throughout. He applauded seriously, watched the performance carefully and wrote on Qi Chang’an’s hand from time to time – guess who the winner is. If Qi Chang’an guessed correctly, he would look smug, and if he guessed wrong, he would lower his head in dismay, his expressions very rich. However anytime the camera would sweep over, he would sit up straight again and give his standard smile, switching states particularly quickly and naturally.

Halfway through the show, Qi Chang’an went on stage to present the Best Supporting Actor award and unable to hold back, Xu Luoyang took a picture with his phone of Qi Chang’an reading out the list of winners and thinking to himself that he had taken a particularly good shot as it looked good in all 360 degrees, he sent out a Weibo post, “Xu Luoyang: Get to know the award-winning guest presenter ~ [picture]”.

When Qi Chang’an, who had just arrived backstage turned on his phone and saw this Weibo post from Xu Luoyang, he clicked to repost it. Qi Chang’an: Okay. // Xu Luoyang: Get to know the award-winning guest presenter ~ [picture]”.

After the awards ceremony, the two of them fled the reception together. Lu Di had mapped out the route beforehand so he took Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang into the elevator, heading straight to the car park.

As the elevator descended slowly, Qi Chang’an suddenly spoke, “Do you trust me?”

Even though he didn’t know why Qi Chang’an suddenly asked this question, Xu Luoyang still nodded immediately, ” I do.”

Qi Chang’an’s eyes were gentle as he reached out to tousle his styled hair, “Mhmm, our Luoyang will win the movie award.”

Reaching up to fix his hair, Xu Luoyang found that his ears were hot again.

But the good feeling only lasted until the door of the elevator opened.

Looking at Shi Yuanhao, who was walking far away, Xu Luoyang frowned and decided to pretend he didn’t see him.

But Shi Yuanhao was clearly here to pick a fight.

“You didn’t win the Best Actor Award, so you’re running away with your tail between your legs? Song Yao should be giving interviews to the media right now. Xu Luoyang, you’re feeling bad, right?”

Xu Luoyang was disappointed, but he didn’t care much about the award so not prepared to respond to such obvious provocation, Xu Luoyang took Qi Chang’an’s wrist and walked on and fearing that Lu Di would be impulsive, winked at him.

But Shi Yuanhao, who had waited so long for him, was unwilling to let him go so easily. He opened his mouth again, his tone cynical and full of malice: “Director Xu Qunqing’s only son couldn’t even win the Best Actor award. If your old man were alive, he’d definitely feel ashamed!”

Xu Luoyang’s footsteps stopped.

He took a deep breath and turned around, half without his usual smile, but his voice was still calm, “Shi Yuanhao, can you be a little more sophisticated? Your agent doesn’t know that you’ve come to me, does he?”

With that, he looked around and raised his chin, “Did you ask a reporter to hide in the shadows to provoke me, so that when I can’t resist beating you up, you’ll take pictures of me and then buy a script and a navy to kill me?”

Qi Chang’an, whose wrist Xu Luoyang was clutching knew that Xu Luoyang was already angry just by listening to the tone of his voice.

Having had his trick exposed, Shi Yuanhao became enraged and opened his mouth to curse at him, “So what? Your father is dead, so what shouldn’t I say? I think he deserved to die of cancer! I don’t know how many actresses Xu Qunqing slept with in his capacity as a director back then, maybe 50 if not 100? Maybe your mother died because of your father! You—“

Xu Luoyang didn’t want to worry about whether there were reporters hiding in the shadows, because he had to admit that Shi Yuanhao was really good at finding pain points.

Clenching his fist, he walked towards Shi Yuanhao and he clearly saw the smirk on Shi Yuanhao’s face and he could also hear Lu Di’s voice saying hurriedly, “Xu Ge, Shi Yuanhao has found five reporters to come here, so let’s hold back for now. We’ll put find a time to place a sack over his head at night and at that time see how we deal with him!”

Xu Luoyang knew that if this scene was filmed and spread out, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself. Everyone would only see him beating someone up and it would definitely become a stain. Even if Zheng Dong tried his best afterwards, he wouldn’t be able to clear up the matter completely.

He had thought through the consequences very clearly, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to slander his parents.

Just then, his fist was caught by Qi Chang’an’s hand and as he looked over, Qi Chang’an shook his head gently at him.

Xu Luoyang’s eyes turned sore, suddenly very aggrieved in his heart– are you going to stop me too?

“Be good, wait for me.”

Then, barely seeing how Qi Changan had struck, Xu Luoyang looked up and saw that Shi Yuanhao had fallen to the ground and was spitting out a mouthful of blood. Three of his teeth had been knocked out and he was screaming with his hands over his nose, probably because his nasal bone must have been broken.

Without a trace of harshness, Qi Chang’an wiped his hands with a tissue, then took Xu Luoyang, who was still in a daze, into his arms, rubbed his chin against the top of his head and said softly, “I’ve helped you vent your anger, my Nao Nao don’t feel sad.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:


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