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Chapter 32.2

After this, Xu Luoyang got a real sense of why Qi Chang’an said that Director Chu’s filming was a typical stream of consciousness. Because the script was completely fake; basically, after filming began, the original script would be changed beyond recognition and even Xu Luoyang was often confused as to which scene he was actually filming. In short, Director Chu would describe the scene and let him figure out how to act it out himself.

But the good thing was that, as Qi Chang’an had mentioned, Director Chu was extremely patient and liked to polish and train his actors. Xu Luoyang himself could clearly feel that his acting skills had improved significantly.

After five days of bonding time, Xu Luoyang began to work hard day and night to catch up with his scenes, as the previous three ‘Zi Chu’ scenes had all been deleted and everything had to be filmed again, so he, a supporting actor, was even busier than the male and female leads.

But no matter how busy he was, he still followed the three-meal-a-day schedule, sending messages to Qi Chang’an to remind him to remember to eat, tell him good night in the evening, and then fall back on the bed to sleep when he was tired.

Twenty days into the set, Xu Luoyang lost four kilograms and his weight fell below the sixty mark. It was at this point that Director Chu was satisfied.

Xu Luoyang looked at himself in the mirror, and at the dragon robe that was even a little loose on his body and silently recited in his heart what Qi Chang’an had said – It was only right to give to the role.

But he really, really wanted to eat meat!

B city.

Qi Chang’an didn’t wake up until it was dark. At noon, his stomach had ached to the point of spasms and it wasn’t long before he fell unconscious. When he opened his eyes, he found that he had lost sight in his right eye again, and although he was used to it and knew that it was only temporary, a wave of panic still welled up inside.

Noticing someone next to him, he called out subconsciously, “Luoyang?”

“Young Master Qi, it’s me, Liang Qiu. ”

“It’s you.” Qi Chang’an lay flat on his back, his clothes already drenched from cold sweat. Sitting up with some difficulty, he instructed “Go and turn the shower on for me, I want to take a bath. ”

Liang Qiu responded then asked, “Would you like a little something to eat? I’ll order the kitchen to do it. “Just when he thought the offer would be rejected by Qi Chang’an, he heard a reply.

“Make scrambled egg with tomatoes,” Qi Chang’an paused for a moment, his tone softening a bit, “and ask for a tomato and egg soup. ”

Liang Qiu responded quickly, “Yes, I’ll ask the kitchen to do it.” With that, he walked out of the bedroom quickly.

Soon, his footsteps were out of earshot. Qi Chang’an was staying in a suite at the Brighton Hotel, with a large interior space and very little furniture, which made it seem empty. When it was quiet, even the sound of the central air conditioning could be heard faintly.

He closed his eyes and opened them again after a few seconds, holding his phone in his hand. Unlocking the screen, sure enough, Xu Luoyang had sent him a message.

“Chang’an, it’s so cold today, I’m guessing it might snow! But Director Chu said it was just right to shoot the scene in the snow to save money. Have you had dinner yet? Now that it’s getting colder, remember to eat your food hotter or you’ll get a stomach ache. I’m going to talk to the Director and screenwriter about the script later. Director Chu is very scary, QAQ”

Turning this message over and over a dozen times, Qi Chang’an, as if in a trance felt that Xu Luoyang was standing right next to him and hadn’t left yet.

It turns out that there is only one kind of loneliness in this world, and that is when you are not with me.

He missed him.

Qi Chang’an gauged the time, Xu Luoyang should still be discussing the script, so wouldn’t be able to answer his call. After thinking about it, he got up and went to take a shower and ate his dinner. Both were done and only fifty minutes had passed.

After a moment’s hesitation, Qi Changan clicked into Weibo and looked at all the selfies Xu Luoyang had posted again one by one and thinking that Director Chu should have released him by now, waited a few minutes before calling.

“Chang’an?” Xu Luoyang quickly picked up the phone, his voice tinged with laughter, “I just came out of the Director’s place and was about to call you, I didn’t expect that we would have the same thought! ”

“En,” Qi Chang’an closed his eyes, sketching his appearance in his mind, “Was it busy for you today?”

“It was okay. I’ve basically gotten used to the Director’s rhythm and style. Speaking of which, when I was out for a bite to eat today, I found a place that tasted particularly good and I was thinking as I ate that you would really like it. I’ve got the address written down, so if we come together one day to Gaoyu Film and Television City, I’ll take you there. ”

“Hmm. “Qi Chang’an’s face was still pale and bloodless, and the blood that had seeped out from his teeth biting into his lips had crusted into an extremely harsh colour, but listening to Xu Luoyang’s voice, his whole body relaxed slowly.

“Were you unwell today? Have you had dinner yet? ”

Qi Chang’an’s hand was still over his stomach, but his tone was as calm as it usually was, “No, and I’ve had dinner. One dish and one soup.”

“Mhmm, that’s good! “Xu Luoyang rambled on again about what had happened today like a running gag, followed by a small complaint that the fact that the whole crew had chicken legs for lunch, except for him, made him feel a penetrating sense of sadness and grief.

Qi Chang’an coaxed him, “Next time I’ll take you to eat as much as you want.”

Instantly feeling comforted in his heart that had been riddled with gaping wounds, Xu Luoyang said happily, “Chang’an Ge is the best!” Just as he finished saying this, he exclaimed in wonder, “Chang’an, it’s snowing here! ”

“It’s snowing? “Qi Chang’an subconsciously looked out the window and remembered that he was so far away from him that even the weather was different.

“Hmm, it’s snowing a little.” Xu Luoyang said cheerfully, “When it was forecasted that it would snow today in Luoyang city, many people @ me on Weibo. I’m going to build a snowman and send it to you when I’m done! ”

The two spoke for another half hour or so before hanging up.

After taking his medicine, Qi Chang’an drifted off to sleep again with a frown on his face, holding the plush toy Xu Luoyang had given him in his arms. It wasn’t known how long he slept when his phone suddenly let out a ding. Turning it on, Qi Chang’an saw that it was Xu Luoyang who had updated his Weibo account and even @ed him.

The latest post was a selfie of Xu Luoyang standing under a warm yellow streetlight. As he was afraid of the cold, he was wearing a plain white down jacket with a white loop of fur collar covering a small part of his face and looking at the camera with arched eyebrows.

“Xu Luoyang: It’s snowing in Luoyang. Chang’an, what about you? @Qi Chang’an.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

It’s snowing and suddenly, I miss him.

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