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Chapter 35.2

Xia Nan had never encountered such a director before so was a bit confused, but his several years of acting experience allowed him to adjust to the situation quickly and he managed to muddle through the few lines he couldn’t quite remember.

When they heard Chu Wei’s voice, both of them stopped and waited for the Director’s comments.

Chu Wei had never known what it meant to show mercy, and he didn’t scold, he just spoke in a flat tone, “Your temperament is not bad when you’re acting, but your lines are not good at all. I’ll give you two days, if you still can’t remember your lines, then you can pack up and leave.”

Xu Luoyang who was standing next to him looked at the carpet ornaments, thinking that the Director’s words were simply an arrow to the heart, and then he remembered the first time he had joined the crew. Director Chu had told him to be a little thinner. Compared to this time, his words back then were simply spring-like warmth.

So when it was time for lunch and Xia Nan came to him with the script to ask about a scene, recalling that he had only been in the crew for a few days when he had to stay up all night to read the script and memorize his lines, Xu Luoyang decided to be helpful and didn’t refuse.

Sitting on the chair next to him, Xia Nan saw that Xu Luoyang was sending messages at a very fast pace so he asked tentatively, “Are you talking to Qi Chang’an?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Yes, how did you know?”

The inside of Xia Nan’s mouth tasted a little bitter, but his tone was still normal, “I’ve been seeing you and him in the news together a lot lately, so I just guessed.” Finding that Xu Luoyang wasn’t angry, he spoke again in a lighter tone, “Previously the two of you were working together on Director Zhang’s drama, so I thought it was because of the hype created by the crew. I didn’t expect that you guys are also so close in real life.”

Hearing Xia Nan’s words, Xu Luoyang felt inexplicably uncomfortable, “Our relationship is quite good.” Then not wanting to say more, he simply pointed to the script, “Let’s hurry up with the scene, we have forty minutes to go before we start work again.”

Over the next three days, as Chu Wei watched on with cold eyes, Xia Nan seized almost every break to go to Xu Luoyang, and was very attentive, bringing breakfast, bringing drinks, handing scripts and such detailed routines, as well as work routines like asking for pointers, asking to pair up, and asking to discuss roles.

Chu Wei had always been extremely good at reading people and had a good idea of what he was doing, so he gave Qi Chang’an a call.

Qi Chang’an answered quickly, “Director Chu? Is something wrong with Luoyang?”

“Nothing is wrong.” Chu Wei looked at Xia Nan, who had taken the script and gone to see Xu Luoyang for another scene and said slowly, “A friendly reminder, if you don’t come over, your little sweet cake will be snatched away.”

The first scene of the afternoon rehearsal was when Emperor Zi Chu himself took a long-handled sword and chpped off the head of one of his generals right in front of Prince Xian of Yingchuan, who was hll bent on negotiating peace, as well as Zi Xian was so frightened that his face turned pale.

Director Chu specifically requested that this wielding of the sword be both vicious and beautiful but not too bloody, and that the accompanying facial expressions should display a sense of awe-inspiring beauty.

So, Xu Luoyang was NG’ed by director Chu more than thirty times for this one action.

After finally meeting the requirements, Director Chu allowed the staff to rest in place for ten minutes. Xu Luoyang, draped in more than twenty pounds of armor, walked to the nearest rest area, his whole body about to fall apart.

Taking his thermos out of his bag, he checked it out of habit first – Xu Luoyang had always been very careful about the food he wanted to eat and the water he wanted to drink. After all, there were many people on set so it was easy to get caught in someone else’s trick. Usually he would let Lu Di carry it for him, but Lu Di had a cold today, so Xu Luoyang sent him back to the dressing room to rest.

After making sure that his thermos was okay, Xu Luoyang reached out to unscrew the lid, but after having wielded the long-handled sword too many times, his hands were shaking. He tried to unscrew the lid several times but wasn’t able to.

Xia Nan happened to come over with the script and, noticing this, asked quickly, “Should I open it for you?”

Subconsciously putting the thermos back on the plastic stool, Xu Luoyang laughed, “No, I just can’t open it, which means I’m not lucky with it today. Perhaps god wants me to drink less water and run to the washroom less often.”

He was wearing ancient costume and armor, the tediousness of going to the washroom every time would break him.

Just then, the thermos on the stool was suddenly picked up, followed by a somewhat worried voice, “Are your hands weak?”

Xu Luoyang blinked, then not daring to turn around, whispered to himself, “Am I hallucinating?” Otherwise how else could he have heard Qi Chang’an’s voice?

The voice said again, with a hint of helplessness and laughter in it, “You’re not hallucinating, turn around.”

Hearing this, Xu Luoyang looked back carefully and saw Qi Chang’an standing behind him, his hair carefully groomed, wearing a custom-made long cashmere coat with a scarf tied casually that made him look tall and leggy, holding a thermos in his hand and wearing a handmade mechanical watch with sapphires on his exposed wrist.

“Chang’an!” Xu Luoyang was too heavy with his battle armor on to pop up, but his eyebrows were tinged with smiles, obviously very happy, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to help you unscrew the lid.” Qi Chang’an handed him the unscrewed thermos, “Here.”

Completely forgetting that he had just said he wouldn’t drink water, Xu Luoyang took the lid naturally and drank most of it in one gulp.

At that moment, some hotel staff who had followed Qi Chang’an over were pushing trolleys and handing out hot drinks to the staff one by one.

When Xu Luoyang saw this, he instantly felt that the plain water was tasteless. He tugged at Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, “What did you bring over?”

“Hot cocoa, hot coffee and hot milk tea.” Reading Xu Luoyang’s expression, Qi Chang’an laughed, “You want to drink some too?”

“I want to drink some.” Xu Luoyang nodded, looking at Qi Chang’an with eager eyes, “I want to drink hot cocoa.”

“Who was it on New Year’s Eve who declared that in order to maintain his current weight, he would refuse all foods high in calories and fat?” Even though he said this, Qi Chang’an went to get him a cup of hot cocoa, inserting the straw carefully before handing it to him, urging, “It’s a little hot, be careful.”

When Xu Luoyang took a small sip and squinted contentedly, Qi Chang’an looked at Xia Nan, who had been standing next to him and his tone resumed its usual coldness, “Hello, I’m Qi Chang’an. “

Glancing at Xu Luoyang, who was standing next to Qi Chang’an and concentrating on his hot drink, Xia Nan forced a smile, “Hello, I’m Xia Nan.”

“Nice meeting you. Thank you for taking care of Luoyang these past few days, what would Mr. Xia like to drink? I’ll have someone bring it over.”

Xu Luoyang, completely oblivious to the change in the air nodded in agreement as he bit into his straw, “That’s right, the hot drinks Chang’an brought over are particularly good. Xia Nan, would you like to try one?”

Xia Nan was a little unable to smile, “Thank you, I’ll have a coffee then.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I’m so happy I’m spinning in circles ~


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