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Chapter 13.1

“Xu Luoyang? What are you doing here?”

Hearing Shi Yuanhao ask in a surprised tone, Xu Luoyang continued to drink his tea slowly with his cup in his hand without pausing, thinking with a deep and inscrutable expression – I’m not going to lie, I’d like to know the answer to this question too.

But when he saw that Mr. Wang and Mr. He assembled a table of mahjong after Wu Bi and Shi Yuanhao arrived, he understood. In a flash, it was as if a warm current was rushing through his limbs, and Xu Luoyang couldn’t hold back, so he moved his fingers under the table and quietly poked at the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand. The result was that after two light pokes, his fingers were caught once again.

When he met Qi Chang’an’s eyes, Xu Luoyang slowly withdrew his left hand – I know, I know, I won’t make trouble.

He put down the cup of tea in his hand, before looking at the two new people who had come in and answered the previous question seriously, “I’m here to eat.”

Liang Qiu turned his head to stifle a smile, before quickly picking up the conversation again, “Yes, young master Qi arranged for a meal here mainly because, several of the signature dishes at the Spire are more in line with Mr. Xu’s tastes.”

“Hmm.” Xu Luoyang continued to drink his tea in a high-minded manner, matching the performance, while thinking in his mind– then why hasn’t the food been served yet? I’m really hungry!

Knowing that Shi Yuanhao still wanted to talk, Wu Bi winked at him, shut up, the situation isn’t right. He glanced at the man sitting next to Xu Luoyang who hadn’t given any reaction since they came in, and remembered what Liang Qiu had said. His heart rose in panic.

After greeting him, Wu Bi smiled at Wang Linxian and He Weifeng and asked, “Mr. Wang, Mr. He, who is this?” The tone of voice carried just the right amount of suspicion.

Of course he recognised Qi Chang’an, but seeing that Wang Linxian and He Weifeng were obviously being careful and very scrupulous, and that the meal was even organised by Qi Chang’an, he knew that something must have gone wrong in the middle, and that there was some information he had missed.

Since it was clear what Qi Chang’an was up to, Wang Linxian of course had to go along with it, so he stood up and introduced both sides, “This is young master Qi,” he didn’t say much, and transitioned directly to Xu Luoyang, “You should be more familiar with this person. He is very popular and is now starring in Director Zhang’s new movie. He has a great future!”

Shi Yuanhao was someone who had a short fuse, so as soon as he heard Wang Linxian’s words, he asked, “Didn’t we agree that…” They had come here on Wang Lin Xian’s invitation, thinking that the other party had something to discuss about the role of the film, but looking at this situation, the role they had in hand was about to be taken away!

Wu Bi interrupted him quickly and looked at Xu Luoyang with a sincere expression, “Our Yuanhao has always regarded Mr. Xu as his senior and role model, and wanted to work with him and learn from him, but we never found the opportunity, it’s really regrettable.”

Xu Luoyang sighed in awe at Wu Bi’s skill of telling lies with his eyes open, however he also continued to pretend, “I see, but I don’t regret it.”

Seeing Shi Yuanhao immediately glaring at him with fire in his eyes, Xu Luoyang raised his chin provocatively, then shifted his position and moved a little closer to Qi Chang’an – I am now a person who is covered by my big brother, am I afraid of you!

Qi Chang’an laughed indulgently and poured a new cup of tea for Xu Luoyang.

Wu Bi looked at Qi Chang’an as if he didn’t even notice, his smile becoming more sincere, his tone was solemn, “It’s really an honor for me, Wu Bi, to meet young master Qi today.” With that, he extended his hand.

He wasn’t sure if it was the same Qi family he knew, but it was always better to be cautious.

Qi Chang’an withdrew his smile and gave a cold nod, not even looking at Wu Bi’s hand.

Liang Qiu, who was next to him, took a couple of seconds to step forward, shook Wu Bi’s somewhat stiff hand in a friendly manner and explained apologetically, “Young master Qi has a passion for cleanliness, so I’m really sorry.”

Wu Bi expressed his understanding, still smiling, but his face didn’t look much better.

Liang Qiu was a very resourceful person, because after they took their seats, the atmosphere didn’t seem dull at all. It didn’t take long for the food to be served, and Xu Luoyang was just lifting his chopsticks when he saw Qi Chang’an put the buddha’s jumps over the wall 1lit. Buddha jumps over the wall, is a name for a famous Fujian dish that has a combination of 18 main ingredients and more than 10 kinds of auxiliary ingredients. in front of him.

It was really Chang’an who knew! Xu Luoyang smiled brightly at him and then really started to concentrate on his meal, not caring about the trials and tribulations going on at the table.

Every now and then, Qi Chang’an would laddle an additional bowl of soup or move Xu Luoyang’s favourite dishes over, but ate very little himself.

He Weifeng, who was keeping an eye on the situation, naturally turned the conversation to Qi Chang’an, “Is the food here not to your liking?”

Qi Chang’an gave him a look, “Luoyang likes to eat.” The implication was, ‘If Xu Luoyang likes to eat, it’s fine, I don’t care.’

Not expecting to get this answer, He Weifeng froze, but quickly smiled again and said, “Young master Qi and Mr. Xu have a good relationship.”

“Hmm, yes.” Qi Chang’an put down the chopsticks he was holding to serve Xu Luoyang’s food and suddenly launched at Wu Bi, “I heard that you’ve already snatched the role of ‘Qin Chao’?”

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