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Chapter 37.2

Xu Luoyang thought about it for a few seconds, then suddenly felt that it made sense. A bite could solve a thousand sorrows, so he lowered his voice, “Share a meat-filled bun with me, and keep it a secret!”

Qi Chang’an had an afternoon flight, so after lunch, Xu Luoyang took a few hours off work to drive him to the airport.

“I have two more days before I’m done filming.” Xu Luoyang, with his hand on the steering wheel, took advantage of the red light and inclined his head to look at Qi Chang’an, “I should be going back to B City first after the filming, what about you?”

Xu Luoyang didn’t know if it was because of that dream last night, but as he looked at Qi Chang’an, he felt as if the person in front of him looked better than before.

“I have to fly to California tomorrow afternoon.”

Xu Luoyang quickly responded, sounding a little excited, “Is it that [Jedi Pursuit] film you’re starring in that’s coming out?” As he spoke, he mused in his mind that, as long as nothing went wrong, the box office of Jedi would definitely explode again, because, while Qi Chang’an’s role in it was minor, as a purely commercial blockbuster, it would be enough to brush up on audience awareness.

“En, post-production is finished and it’s already in the promotion phase, so I have to go over for a meeting.” Qi Chang’an paused at this point, suddenly realizing that this would stagger the two men’s schedules exactly.

Xu Luoyang thought of it too, and although he felt a little lost in his heart, he soon smiled again, “When the film comes out, I’ll definitely go see the premiere and write you a five thousand word review!”

Infected by his laughter, Qi Chang’an laughed along with him, “Okay.”

After sending Qi Chang’an away, Xu Luoyang was busy again, and every night when he returned to the hotel he basically fell asleep, so tired that he didn’t have much time to think about what he really thought of Qi Chang’an. In the past two days, he had noticed that Xia Nan was always looking at him as if he wanted to say something, but Xu Luoyang’s energy had been sapped by Chu Wei, so he simply ignored it.

The last scene went well.

The enemy army had surrounded the capital, the courtiers had rebelled and fled, and the palace chamberlains and maids had fled with their belongings, leaving the vast palace empty overnight.

Zi Chu walked step by step into the Yu Shu Palace with his long, coiled dragon sword in his hand. Imperial consort Cheng was dressed in a gorgeous brocade dress, the peonies embroidered on the material being extremely ornate. She was dyeing her nails with kohl and didn’t look up when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps, “Can Your Majesty wait a moment?”

“Yes.” Zi Chu stood still and waited patiently.

The round lid of the porcelain was closed and placed next to it before Imperial consort Cheng looked at Zi Chu. She was already in her thirties, but her skin was like snow and her voice was still loving and affectionate, “Is His Majesty afraid?”

“I am not afraid.” Zi Chu walked steadily towards Imperial Consort Cheng, the tip of his sword striking the ground with an ear-splitting ‘bang’. He stood in front of Imperial Consort Cheng and sat down on the ground, resting his head on his lap with a calm expression.

Rubbing Zi Chu’s temple gently with fingers tinged with bright red kohl, Imperial Consort Cheng asked him, “Is Your Majesty really not afraid?”

Zi Chu replied in the same way, “I am not afraid, are you?”

“I’m afraid.” Imperial consort Cheng laughed, a smile that was somewhat poignant and frank, “But even if one is afraid, one can’t avoid death, right?”


Zi Chu’s long sword was already stained with blood when he walked out of the Jade Palace again. He made his way through the inner court, the Palace of Council and finally stood on the palace tower.

The enemy army had surrounded the city walls and gradually fell silent when they saw Zi Chu, dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe, standing on top of the city tower with his sword in hand. A man in silver armor rode up to the front of the line and looked up at Zi Chu without speaking.

The king’s defeat was a foregone conclusion.

Zi Chu straightened the dragon robe he was wearing and asked, “Can you spare the people of the city?”

The man on the horse replied, “Yes.”

Zi Chu nodded, “That will be fine.” He raised his hand and brushed it over the ancient stone wall of the citadel, then closed his eyes and leapt down in a single bound.

He died for his nation.

Jumping down from the citadel, Xu Luoyang lay on a spring cushion and looked up at the city wall. He was still alive, but Zi Chu in the drama was dead.

“Don’t get sentimental, get up if you’re done filming, the venue is expensive.” Chu Wei stood up from behind the monitor and spoke towards Xu Luoyang, “Pack your things and you can go.”

“Huh?” Xu Luoyang got off the spring cushion, still a bit confused, “So I should just leave? Don’t we have to have a break-up dinner or something?”

Director Chu looked aloof, “Waste of time.”

“…… “

The Life Producer had already booked the tickets and drove Xu Luoyang and Lu Di to the airport, saying “Have a safe trip” before rushing back to Gaoyu Film and Television City.

Lu Di took his suitcase and only after half a day did he come up with the adjective, “It’s a strange picture!”

“It’s quite strange.” Xu Luoyang squeezed the hat he was wearing, “Actually, I was quite happy on Director Chu’s crew. I only had to think about how to act well every day because there wasn’t that much human interaction and rivalry.” He said, patting Lu Di’s shoulder, “Let’s go, let’s go back to B City for some good food!”

With the strings in his heart completely loosened, Xu Luoyang slept through the flight and was still sleepy-eyed until he got off the plane and met Zheng Dong.

Zheng Dong asked Lu Di, “He slept all the way?”

Lu Di nodded, “In the last two days, Xu Ge slept for only three or four hours a day in order to catch up with the drama.”

With an ‘En’, Zheng Dong fished a folder out of his bag and handed it to Xu Luoyang, “Tell me how you feel after reading this.”

Xu Luoyang’s hands shook as he finished the thin pages, waking up with a start as he wailed, “Why is the next six months full of schedules?

Zheng Dong replied, “Because you haven’t expired yet.”

“……” Makes sense.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I had a dream ……qaq

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