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Chapter 69.2

When Zheng Dong rushed over, Xu Luoyang was already lying in a single ward eating fruit. He originally felt that his injury wasn’t that serious and so didn’t need to occupy a bed, but Qi Chang’an insisted, so he didn’t resist.

He knew In his heart that he had really frightened Qi Chang’an this time, so doing this would make him feel a bit more at ease.

“Zheng Ge.” Xu Luoyang had just called out when he realized that Zheng Dong was in an extremely irate state, “If I don’t blacken this d*mn program group, then I’m not surnamed Zheng!”

Xu Luoyang kept quiet.

“I saw the video of the scene. If you hadn’t been right under the large pipe at that time, that huge piece of iron falling from above your head would have seriously injured or killed you! Can that d*mn program group bear the responsibility? Now that they see you’re not seriously injured, they want to hurry up and dissociate themselves from it, as if you held the iron plate and hit your own leg!”

Feeling Qi Chang’an’s grip on his hand tighten at the word ‘killed’, Xu Luoyang laughed quickly, “Zheng Ge, don’t be angry. If you become too angry, you’ll lose your hair! Besides, I’m always lucky, didn’t I just narrowly escape this time?”

Zheng Dong was still angry, not even sitting down, his voice extremely cold, “There’s another thing. You and Song Yao split up right? From the position and angle he stood on the second floor, he could clearly see the iron plate hanging opposite. If he didn’t have a dark heart, he would have warned you.”

Xu Luoyang didn’t speak.

“Who can’t see his intentions? If something happens to you, be it a minor or serious injury, you would immediately withdraw from the competition for the role of Ding Xuan and he would benefit greatly just by standing there!” Zheng Dong sneered, “But now nobody needs to think about it, the person for the role has already decided.”

From his tone, Xu Luoyang knew it definitely wasn’t him, and as he was eating a cherry, almost bit his tongue as he asked hurriedly, “Who is it?”

“It’s that Guo Wei who was previously confirmed, but then started acting out.”

Xu Luoyang understood immediately, “So, we were unknowingly part of Du Ruan Lan’s act? So Du Ruan Lan never actually wanted to replace the male lead, he just didn’t want to increase the pay, so he simply released the news and after Song Yao and I both ran to compete, Guo Wei got nervous and fearing that such a good role would really be taken away, contacted Du Ruan Lan again?”

“Pretty much. Du Ruan Lan played his cards well. Just an hour ago, Guo Wei signed the contract. His pay didn’t increase by a cent and he was very polite throughout.”

“This kind of maneuver is still quite annoying!” Xu Luoyang ruffled his hair, “My heart is tired! I quite liked the character Ding Xuan.”

Zheng Dong stood up, trying to control his tone for fear of agitating the patient, “If the old doesn’t go, the new won’t come. I’ll keep an eye out for you and if there’s a good role or script, I’ll call you.” Looking at the bandage on Xu Luoyang’s leg, he felt a little distressed, “Take good care of yourself. I’ve pushed away all the random notices for these few days.”

“Thank you, Zheng Ge.” Xu Luoyang pondered, “Director Wen is slow in doing things and speaking, but his PR level….” He wanted to remind Zheng Dong that after such an incident, Director Wen and the TV station would definitely try their best to absolve the program group of responsibility and that no matter what, they would push the cause of the accident to ‘accidental’ or to the issue that Xu Luoyang personally didn’t pay attention to his surroundings.

“Him? I’ll show him today what PR is!” His anger stirred up again, Zheng Dong said, “When I watched the video of the scene, I made a copy. If he really dares to not apologize to you, I’ll take him on!” After saying this, he stormed out the door.

Xu Luoyang thought about it and feeling a little uneasy, took his phone out and logged into Weibo and sure enough, the news of his hospitalization was all over the place, and the official account of ‘Top Secret Action’ had posted a new message. The message was written in a very artistic manner, expressing concern for Xu Luoyang throughout, but the cause of the accident wasn’t mentioned at all.

Then they went on to buy a water army to say that certain artists in outdoor reality shows would do anything for popularity and attention. It was very clear who they were insinuating at.

After reading it carefully, Xu Luoyang didn’t feel much. He guessed that Zheng Dong would retaliate in less than half an hour, so turning off his phone, he reached out to pull Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, “Chang’an, I want to go home.”

An hour later, Xu Luoyang got his wish.

Sitting on the sofa, Xu Luoyang lay directly on Qi Chang’an’s thighs, his eyes narrowed in comfort, “Our own home is still the best. I couldn’t even kiss you in the hospital.”

Lowering his head to touch his lips to his, Qi Chang’an also relaxed a lot, “What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t really want to eat anything.” Xu Luoyang shook his head, “Just being next to you like this, I can gain a lot of strength.” As he said this, he poked Qi Chang’an’s waist, “Right, right, my phone! I want to check the news!”

Not long had passed before the topic #XuLuoyang Injured# went straight to the top of the hot search. Xu Luoyang felt that this hot search must have been paid for by Zheng Dong, but the discussion it generated was very heated.

Different from the message released by the program group, Zheng Dong had also edited the live video footage, so there was no need for a water army to lead the conversation, as the fans were already furious.

“—My hand is still shaking from watching it! What if Luoyang hadn’t gone to pick up the pen! What if there wasn’t a large pipe right there! What if the iron plate had hit Luoyang’s head directly! Who will compensate for my Xu Luoyang?”

“—I watched it three times! The pipe blocked all four sides, so even if he wanted to run, he couldn’t! So before recording, the program group didn’t remove safety hazards? Such an obvious hazard, are they blind? Should we crowdfund to buy the entire program group magnifying glasses!”

“—My heart aches for my Luoyang, woo, I want to cry tt! Heartache for Mr. Qi, he must have been scared out of his wits at that time!”

“—What’s with the program group’s spokesperson? You’re worried and concerned but have you apologized? Don’t you feel guilty? Have you paid for the medical bills? Your script was written so well! Full of emotion! Have you apologized? Just because he didn’t die or suffer serious injuries, does that mean Luoyang deserves this? #PleaseApologize#”

After determining the general public sentiment, Xu Luoyang put his phone down and snuggled against Qi Chang’an to watch TV. After watching for a while, he suddenly heard his voice from the TV and was a bit surprised, “I’m speaking?” After looking carefully, he found that it was really him on the screen, “The Idiom Festival?”

“En, they happen to be broadcasting this episode today.”

Xu Luoyang scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed, “It’s so strange to see myself on TV!” He had recorded this show about half a month ago. When the program group had invited him to participate, he had been a bit puzzled, not knowing why they chose him.

He later found out that each episode, the show would select five idioms and invite celebrities to participate and through performance, they would show the story behind the idiom. The show was very popular.

After he went, Xu Luoyang drew ‘each word is worth a thousand pieces of gold’. He had to act as one of Lu Buwei’s disciples who participated in the compilation of ‘the Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals’, from his youth all the way to old age.

After glancing at his ancient costume appearance on the TV, Xu Luoyang turned his head, reached out to touch Qi Chang’an’s chin and laughed, “It’s still Chang’an Ge-ge who looks better!”

Then, he saw Qi Chang’an tap the screen of his phone a few times, then immediately, a notification sounded from his own phone, showing that he had received a transfer of nine thousand yuan.

Shocked, Xu Luoyang spoke again tentatively, “I love you.”

The notification sound rang again. He had received two thousand yuan.


This was a real life version of ‘each word is worth a thousand pieces of gold’!

Excited, Xu Luoyang continued happily, “I love you very much.”

He received four thousand yuan.

“I really, really, love you very very much!”

However he didn’t receive the expected eleven thousand. Instead, his lips were taken in a kiss by Qi Chang’an, who leaned over him, “I also, love you very very much.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I feel like I’ve been tricked again!? So angry—forget it, I can’t even get angry anymore…..

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