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Chapter 74.2

In the end, the two still squeezed and rubbed together to finish the bath. Xu Luoyang sat on a low stool made of tree stump by the window, enjoying Qi Chang’an’s hair drying service while looking at the scenery outside the window.

“Chang’an, when are we leaving?”

“We can leave this afternoon or tomorrow morning.”

Xu Luoyang calculated with his fingers, “It basically takes four hours by car. If we leave tomorrow morning, we won’t reach the hotel until noon.” Faced with the cruel reality, he sighed, “It seems we’ll have to set off this afternoon.”

After running his fingers through his hair to make sure it was nearly dry, Qi Chang’an placed the towel on the back of the chair next to him and asked him, “Do you like it here?”

“En, I really like it!” Xu Luoyang looked up at him, “The feeling of being cut off from the world, with just the two of us, is really great. And in many stories, powerful characters are usually hidden in the forest!”

“Then whenever you want to come, we will.”

“Okay!” Xu Luoyang was overjoyed then asked, “Chang’an, did you buy this place?”

“En, I bought it in your name. There will be someone to maintain it regularly.” Holding a cup to Xu Luoyang’s lips, he gave him water then continued, “We will go down in a while to sort out lunch.”

After they descended from the tree, Xu Luoyang watched as Qi Chang’an took a steel crossbow from the trunk of the car, its metallic edge gleaming under the sunlight. He instantly became excited, “Chang’an, are we going hunting?”

“Mhmm.” Then seeing Xu Luoyang’s eyes glued to the crossbow, he asked him, “Do you want to try it?”


Xu Luoyang held the steel crossbow in his hands. It was heavy, but he had been exercising regularly, so he could hold it for a short period of time. Qi Chang’an stood behind him, in a position similar to hugging him then lifted his hand to adjust the height of his arm.

“Right, like this, aim at your target point….”

Feeling Qi Chang’an’s breath sprinkle on his ear, crispy and ticklish, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but half tease him, “Chang’an, you stand further away. Being too close will affect my performance.”

Not teasing him, Qi Chang’an took half a step back cooperatively.

However even without Qi Chang’an’s influence, Xu Luoyang’s first arrow was very off target. He had aimed for the middle of the tree trunk, but the arrow only grazed the surface of the tree bark, the splinters it brought up very conspicuous under the sunlight.

Running over quickly, he found that there was only a faint trace on the tree trunk, which was very frustrating.

So next, when Qi Chang’an took the lead with the steel crossbow, he trailed behind him, observing and studying carefully. However very soon, he was only observing, because he had completely lost interest in studying—

D*mn, the way my boyfriend holds a crossbow and aims at a prey is very handsome!

Their lunch was barbecued pheasant. And unable to find suitable barbecue skewers, Qi Chang’an used the arrows from the steel crossbow to skewer the pheasant, brushing on the seasoning meticulously.

Xu Luoyang was squatting by his side, waiting. Since he didn’t need to help, he was bored and so picking up a few beautiful feathers from the pheasant, he tied them into a bundle with the stems of the wild grass then handed it to Qi Chang’an, “Mr. Qi, this bouquet of flowers is for you!”

Qi Chang’an looked at him with a smile, “Pheasant feather flowers? A new variety?”

“Mm, a new variety discovered today!”

“En, thank you Nao Nao.” Reaching out to take the uniquely shaped pheasant feather flowers, Qi Chang’an shook the roast meat in his hand, “Go wash your hands, it’s almost time to eat.”

However when he got the roast pheasant, Xu Luoyang noticed a problem, “Why didn’t you sprinkle chili powder? Without chili, it really lacks a lot of fun!”

However after meeting Qi Chang’an’s gaze, Xu Luoyang remembered belatedly— it seems he had somewhat overused it at a certain place?

Really sad!

The next day at noon, Xu Luoyang met Meng Huazhang’s assistant in the hotel’s café. After getting the script, he walked back to the hotel room quickly, “Chang’an, I now understand why Meng Huazhang considered me!”

Qi Chang’an was reading a financial report, a pair of radiation-resistant flat glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. Standing at the door, Xu Luoyang was suddenly at a loss for words as he looked at the man sitting in the high backed chair. He mumbled, “Why did you put on glasses?”

“You’re not used to it right? I’m not used to it either.” And saying this, Qi Chang’an reached out to take them off.

“Don’t take them off!” Then realizing his reaction seemed a bit too intense, he looked away somewhat embarrassedly, but he quickly looked at him again, “You look very handsome, don’t take them off.”

Looking carefully at Xu Luoyang’s expression, Qi Chang’an realized that putting on the glasses seemed had achieved a certain special effect. Sliding his chair back a little, he opened his arms to Xu Luoyang.

Xu Luoyang walked over obediently, sitting down on his lap. He explained, “This kind of thin gold-rimmed glasses, when you put them on, give a very deja vu feeling of a scholarly rascal.” He tried hard to think of describing adjectives, “Extremely handsome, very attractive, and particularly seductive.”

After he finished saying this, he added emphatically, “You’re not allowed to wear these glasses in front of others!”

“Okay, I won’t.” Qi Chang’an agreed. His hand massaged Xu Luoyang’s waist a couple of times in a natural manner. Then he leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Then, do you want me to do you tonight while wearing these glasses?”


Visualizing the scene in his mind, Xu Luoyang’s somewhat sore waist almost went soft. But biting down on the collar of Qi Chang’an’s shirt, he gritted his teeth. Finally, he gave a muffled response, “Want!”

Knowing when to stop, Qi Chang’an held him tightly as he asked, “Didn’t you say earlier that you now know why Meng Huazhang gave you the script?”

“Yes! I just took a look at the character’s profile. The protagonist of the movie is a physicist from C Country who grew up in London with his parents. So, it requires the actor to be of C Country descent and to have a pure London accent to avoid any sense of discordance.”

“Do you like this character?”

“After reading the character’s profile, I kind of like it. It’s basically about the protagonist who, in his forties, is given the opportunity to go back in time and change something three times. The first time, he chooses to go back to when he just started university. The second time, he chooses to go back to when he was thirty. The third time, he goes back to the day before he was given this opportunity, telling himself not to go back to the past.”

Looking at Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang said seriously, “I believe I can definitely play this role well.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Very….. very comfortable! [Covering eyes.jpg]

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