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Chapter 25.2

“Yes!” Xu Luoyang’s eyes brightened, positively happy, “I’ll treat you, and then you’ll treat me again, so we can eat twice in a row!”

“Alright, then it’s a date.”

After the first few days of bonding, the whole crew started to work at high speed.

When Director Zhang announced with his megaphone that they would be stopping early today and gathering at the Grand Hotel at 5:30, the crew cheered and the lighting crew shouted, “We love you, Director Zhang!”

Director Zhang pretended not to have heard and cleared his throat, “What’s our slogan again?”

The lighting crew was the loudest and replied in a second, “The investors are coming over for dinner, so it’s better to take advantage of it!” The atmosphere was lightened by laughter.

In the past ten days, the pace had been very fast and Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang, as the first male leads had been shooting from 8am to 6pm, working overtime when there were night scenes. The crew’s schedules wasn’t so regular, the set was hectic, and the assistant director was working on a secondary scene, so they often had to juggle both.

So when the large group of people arrived at the Grand Hotel, they were like hungry wolves on the prowl, very aggressive.

Within minutes of sitting down, Wang Linxian, He Weifeng and a middle-aged man wearing glasses came over together.

Director Zhang was very familiar with this kind of occasion so he got up to greet them, “Mr. Wang, Mr. He, Mr. Zhao, long time no see!

After exchanging pleasantries, they were introduced by Mr. Zhang and came over to shake hands with the two men. Wang Linxian and He Weifeng shook hands with Xu Luoyang and nodded to Qi Chang’an, probably remembering what happened at the Spire Club last time. Zhao Xianze was a bit dismayed, but seeing this, didn’t offer his hand.

Qi Chang’an came to the gathering mainly because of Xu Luoyang, so he only nodded coldly to the three people as a greeting.

Director Zhang and the producer looked at each other then pretended they didn’t notice anything unusual.

The private room was large, with a large round table for ten people, and the assistant director, scriptwriter and producer were also seated. As soon as they moved their chopsticks, without needing a sign from Director Zhang, Xu Luoyang stood up and his first words were, “My partner’s stomach is not good, so I’ll take his share.” After saying this, he drank a glass full of white wine.

Next, Xu Luoyang toasted them one after another, each time with a full glass of spicy white wine pouring down his throat and a smile on his face that didn’t change. When he finally drank with Director Zhang, Director Zhang asked in a whisper, “Can you hold on? Zheng Dong couldn’t come, so he asked me to help watch you.”

Xu Luoyang winked, drank another glass full of white wine and showed his empty glass.

When he had first started out, many of his endorsements and roles were negotiated at drinking establishments. Now that he had a few notable works and his popularity had grown, it wasn’t as difficult as it was at first, but there were rules that they all knew and since he was in this circle, he had to compromise.

After a round, Xu Luoyang’s face was slightly red, but his eyes were still clear. He sat back down and noticing Qi Chang’an looking at him worriedly, couldn’t help but smile with pursed lips.

After thinking about it, he gestured with his fingers under the table, indicating that he wasn’t drunk.

Qi Chang’an was relieved. He would not interfere with Xu Luoyang’s way of handling things without permission, or take it for granted and let Xu Luoyang use his status as a member of the Qi family to avoid drinking.

Besides, it was clear that Xu Luoyang knew how to survive better in this circle.

After finishing all the dishes that Qi Chang’an had put in his bowl, Xu Luoyang listened to Director Zhang making conversation with distracted attention, occasionally responding to it.

He studied the dishes on the table carefully then leaned over to talk to Qi Chang’an, “You don’t like any of these dishes, so should we go find something good to eat when this is over?”

“En, okay.” Just listening to Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an found himself looking forward to it.

Next, the assistant director and the producer stood up for a round of toasts, so Xu Luoyang couldn’t sit still. He followed suit with his glass of wine.

At half past six, Wang Linxian and the other two left early, while Director Zhang and the producer went to see them off, and the assistant director took Cheng Jing to the rest of the private rooms to bond with the staff. Before leaving, Director Zhang also found a chance to tell Qi Chang’an that if Xu Luoyang felt uncomfortable after drinking, they should go home and rest first. Tomorrow was the crew’s rest day, so they were free to arrange their own time.

Only Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang were left in the private room.


After a few seconds, Xu Luoyang sat in a daze and didn’t respond, so Qi Chang’an knew that Xu Luoyang was drunk. He got up, went to the door and asked the waiter to bring a pot of refreshing tea.

When he closed the door to the private room and turned around, he saw Xu Luoyang making a phone call with his mobile phone. The next second, his phone vibrated.

Pressing the answer button, he stood at the door without moving, his eyes fixed on Xu Luoyang. At this moment, Xu Luoyang had his head leaned back against the leather chair, his eyes misty, voice coming from the other end of the phone slurred and he looked a bit aggrieved as he said, “Chang’an Ge, I’m dizzy…”

“Hmm, do you feel uncomfortable?” Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang steadily, his voice restrained.

“I don’t feel well, I want to throw up… I’m drunk!”

Then Qi Chang’an saw Xu Luoyang raise his hand to rub his forehead, a double echo sounding in his ears as he was close to him. “Can you come and pick me up? I’m dizzy… if you don’t come, I can only…” he muttered, “I can only what again? Oh yes, I’ll just have to sleep in the park!” Saying this, he laughed to himself happily.

Qi Chang’an still had his mobile phone in his hand and not hanging up, walked around the big round table, leaned down in front of Xu Luoyang and said in a gentle voice, “Luoyang, I’ve come to pick you up.”

Xu Luoyang reacted sluggishly. He looked up, then looked at Qi Chang’an slowly and suddenly asked in surprise, “Did you fly here? Not right, flying over from the hotel isn’t that fast.” After thinking about it hard, he changed his words, ”You came to pick me up by teleportation!” Finishing, he nodded, sure of himself.

“Mhmm, I teleported over.” Qi Chang’an was about to reach out to help him when Xu Luoyang suddenly stood up, swayed on his feet and lunged at him.

Just as he reached out to catch him, Qi Chang’an felt Xu Luoyang come up to his ear and whisper loudly, “Qi Qi, you’re exceptionally good-looking!”

“Qi Qi?”

“Yes, Qi Qi!” Xu Luoyang’s eyebrows arched, his smile very bright, “You’re so handsome, only just a little bit worse than me!” And as he said this, he held up his hand, showing with a gesture how much ‘a little’ was — half the size of a fingernail.

Qi Chang’an said helplessly, “Yes, you are much more handsome.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:


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