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Chapter 40.2

“Good morning Mr. Qi!”

Qi Chang’an noticed right away that Xu Luoyang’s bathrobe was loosely tied, the collar was wide open and his skin was blindingly white. His throat became a little dry, his voice having a raspy tone that came with the morning, “Good morning, you’ve only just had a shower?”

“En,” Xu Luoyang muttered, towel in hand as he wiped his hair haphazardly twice, “the shower was very comfortable, but it’s so tiring to wipe my hair. I’ll just wait for the water to evaporate naturally.”

“I’ll blow-dry your hair next time.” Qi Chang’an’s eyes darkened as he glanced at the half-red spot peeking out from the edge of Xu Luoyang’s collar but without reminding him to put his clothes back on, he asked, “Busy day today?”

“It’s okay. I’m doing a photo shoot in the morning, recording a show in the afternoon and tomorrow I’m going to stand for a brand I’m endorsing, so it’s going to be a big crowd. After that, I’m going to see a venue.” Leaning back casually on the sofa, Xu Luoyang explained, “I’m having a fan meeting later on, which I’ve done before. It’s kind of like a very small solo concert, so I have to check a lot of the details myself.” He counted on his fingers, “The end credits for ‘Divergent Road’ are about to be recorded, so there’s a lot of mess to be organized.”

It had been a completely different experience since he found out what he wanted to do, and having a video call with Qi Chang’an again, Xu Luoyang was surprised to find out that as a man with abs, he couldn’t help but want to be pampered!

D*mn, so this was how love made one’s IQ drop? It felt good though!

Also perceiving that Xu Luoyang’s tone seemed much softer than usual, Qi Chang’an couldn’t help but say more, “If your schedule is so full, don’t stay up all night to see the premiere. It’s just as well to make time for it later.”

“No, no, I have to be the first to see my Chang’an Ge’s movie; I have to write a 5,000 word review!” Enjoying the conversation, Xu Luoyang relaxed on the sofa and looked at Qi Chang’an’s pale lips, reached out and poked the screen with his finger, “How long until you’re back?”

I miss you so much.

“Soon. According to the contract, there are about ten more promotional events left.” Qi Chang’an pulled up his schedule and counted carefully, “Today is the fourteenth, so eight more days until I get back.”

“Eight days? The 22nd? That’s exactly the day I’m having the fan meeting!” Xu Luoyang asked cautiously, “Do you want to attend?”

He then went on to sell himself, “I’ll be doing some jokes, singing, dancing and playing the piano, and my fans say I’m very handsome when I sing and dance at the same time! Do you want to come and see?”

“It should be early morning when I get back to B City.”

“It turns out it’s like this, but that’s okay, I’ll save you a seat in the middle of the first row!” Xu Luoyang was happy again and lying flat on the sofa, suddenly called out, “Chang’an.”


“Nothing, I’m just calling you.”

Hearing these words, Qi Chang’an’s lips rose in a slight smile. Xu Luoyang was dumbfounded for a second as he stared at the smile and subconsciously rolled over, but because he wasn’t paying attention, rolled straight off the sofa.

“Luoyang, are you okay?”

Hearing Qi Chang’an’s anxious voice, Xu Luoyang sat up from the carpet and covering his nose, the words ‘I’m crazy because of your smile’ popped into his head.

At eleven forty in the morning, Xu Luoyang turned his complexion wheatish, put on a moustache, put on a pair of sunglasses, took a guide stick and stepped majestically into the cinema.

Lu Di was waiting at the entrance of the cinema and when he saw Xu Luoyang coming, he went over to him but before he could say anything, he heard Xu Luoyang say, “Good pupil, master has calculated that you must have purchased the tickets. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s watch the movie!”

Lu Di: “……” This characterization was somehow very interesting!

‘Absolute Pursuit 1’ was a typical commercial blockbuster where the protagonist and his righteous sidekick smashed a villain’s plot. The plot wasn’t complicated, but the script, the soundtrack, the actors and the rest were all top notch, which was why the first movie swept the box office worldwide. Now that the second movie had been released, the early morning viewings were all full, which meant that the first movie had built up a lot of popularity. As for the subsequent attendance however, it would depend on the standard of the second movie itself.

When Qi Chang’an’s character, codenamed ‘The King’, appeared, Xu Luoyang sat up in his seat and clutched his guide stick, more excited than he was to see his own movie.

On the big screen, ‘The King’ was dressed in a dark silver cloak, the hood falling in shadow and hiding his expression, leaving only his light-colored lips visible. As he turned, the huge Rosicrucian crest on his cloak was revealed, the corners of his robe tumbling, his powerful aura unforgettable.

“Aaaahhhh Mr. Qi is so handsome!” was heard faintly from the side. “Just for this turn, I’m definitely going to give it a second watch!” Xu Luoyang was so proud that he wanted to say– “People, what you’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg!”

Qi Chang’an played the villain codenamed ‘The King’ who was perverse and elusive with a cold expression of extreme madness and destructiveness and a nightmare that the protagonist couldn’t escape from. In the whole movie he was evil all the way through and the movie didn’t even try to clear his name at the end.

Xu Luoyang didn’t even blink when he saw ‘The King’ with his hood off, standing on a rocky platform, his eyes that were always silent as an ice field lit by burning torches as he proclaimed his faith to his followers and stated proudly that they were allowed to kiss his toes in turn. –The Qi Chang’an on screen was a stranger, but his aura penetrated the screen and enveloped him, causing his heart rate to go out of whack again.

And, Qi Chang’an’s Latin lines were so good!

The plot was brilliant and well-knit, hence two hours passed by quickly. When the lights in the screening room came back on, Xu Luoyang stood up with his cane, his persona not destroyed at all. It wasn’t until Xu Luoyang got back in the car that he took his sunglasses off, “Di Zi, was it good?”

“Very good!” Lu Di drove the car out of the car park before saying, “Mr. Qi’s acting is very good. I’m not very good with words, but I can say it was very good, even better than your acting.”

“Of course!” Looking at the empty street in the early hours of the morning, Xu Luoyang stroked his fake moustache, “I’m going back to write my review!”

Xu Luoyang did what he said he would do, because within two hours of getting home, he had typed out 5,000 words and after writing it, posted it directly to Weibo. But by the time he came up with the topic ‘Absolute Pursuit 2 Qi Chang’an’, he realized that the sunspots had already come out to play.

Looking at the highly tweeted line ‘The power of money is so great, even Qi Chang’an has lowered himself to make a bad commercial film?’, unable to resist, Xu Luoyang immediately reopened the document to write another 3,000-word review, mainly about ‘an actor’s right to choose the role he or she wants to play’ and ‘an actor’s right to break out of their comfort zone to take on complex roles and succeed should be encouraged and recognized’.

When the second review was released, Xu Luoyang’s fans were a bit confused. It was only an hour later that a third article was posted. The full article was only 2,000 words long and focused on the behavior and motivations of sunspots and their regular comments from the perspective of mass psychology.

After reading all three articles, Xu Luoyang’s fans reacted.

“–Charging forward angrily to defend the cp? Full haste, Qi Chang’an. An expert who has hidden his merit and fame!”

“—I’m lifting the first glass for respect! Continuously sending out ten thousand words to attack the sunspots, this qi field is definitely exploding. But Luoyang, do you know how you’ve topped your Chang’an today?”

“–Ahhhhhhhh my teenage heart! I have to make an international call to Gu Cheng even though I stayed up all night and my vitality isn’t good!!!”

But Xu Luoyang didn’t see any of the comments that followed, because by the time he finished his third post it was almost eight o’clock and his artist’s van was already parked downstairs.

Hearing the car door open, Zheng Dong looked up and noticed that Xu Luoyang had bags under his eyes, dark circles under his eyes, enlarged pores and was sluggish. He was so angry that he didn’t even want to say anything and just threw a blanket at him, “Get some sleep!”

Xu Luoyang caught the blanket, closed his eyes and fell asleep in three seconds.

The artist van merged into the traffic and because it was rush hour, the road was a bit congested. Holding his tablet, Zheng Dong looked through the three articles posted by Xu Luoyang– 10,000 words in one night, was this the power of love?

After taking a look at Xu Luoyang, who was curled up in the back row and sleeping heavily, Zheng Dong resigned himself to contacting his publicity assistant, Xue Ying, and asked her to take advantage of the fact that the buzz hadn’t yet picked up to bring the trend towards ‘stainless steel bromance in the entertainment industry’.

Just after he finished giving his orders, the alarm of Xu Luoyang’s phone rang in the car and when he turned around, he saw a hand reaching out from the light-colored velvet blanket, pick up the phone with precise accuracy, and then Xu Luoyang opened his eyes with difficulty and spoke into the phone,

“Chang’an, didn’t you have an upset stomach earlier? Remember to take your medicine half an hour beforehand and don’t drink ice water. And don’t forget to eat dinner when you’re busy, otherwise you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

Making sure the voice message had been sent, Xu Luoyang turned the phone off, rubbed his face against the fleece blanket and fell back to sleep.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Qi Qi is the jewel of the earth! If you’re not convinced come and fight!

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