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Chapter 37.1

The night was so quiet that he could hear the slight sound of the air conditioning unit working in his ears. Qi Chang’an looked at the sleeping Xu Luoyang as if he had been frozen in place, unable to move his eyes even half an inch — It was only at times like this would he dare to be so reckless.

Half-kneeling on the carpet beside the bed, Qi Chang’an’s right hand carefully grasped Xu Luoyang’s fingers, exerting slight pressure to reveal the palm of his hand with clear lines. The crack in it had already healed, leaving only a few light white marks.

Xu Luoyang’s hands were beautifully shaped, but the skin on them wasn’t delicate, and could even be described as a little rough, with many new calluses, all from the past month of shooting arrows and wielding swords and pulling reins.

Qi Chang’an’s left hand, resting on his thigh, was clenched into a fist, the veins becoming visible from the force of it, and finally, unable to resist, he lowered his head almost reverently, his lips touching the skin of Xu Luoyang’s hand, not even daring to breathe at that moment.

Then, in an extremely quick movement, Qi Chang’an let go of Xu Luoyang’s hand and dropped down to the carpet, breathing heavily, the sharp pain caused by his teeth clenching his lips before the raging valley of indebtedness in his heart was compulsively suppressed —

He wanted to kiss not only the palms of his hands, but also his arms, his shoulders, his neck, his earlobes, his lips, every inch of his body. He even wanted to confine him to his side, day and night, and not leave his side even half a step.

He couldn’t.

Qi Chang’an remembered how, at New Year’s Eve, Xu Luoyang looked at him with hopeful eyes and said that his first wish was for him to be healthy and less sick, and his second wish was for a good script to be written and for his acting skills to improve.

A smile slowly emerged, and all the greedy, possessive valley of hopes in Qi Chang’an’s eyes faded to nothing. Reaching out to tuck Xu Luoyang in, he whispered, “Good night, my Nao Nao,”

Xu Luoyang awoke suddenly just after 2 a.m. He opened his eyes with difficulty to find the reading lamp still on, and from his angle he could see the side of Qi Chang’an’s face.

Still not quite conscious, Xu Luoyang’s hand slowly reached out from under the covers and grabbed Qi Chang’an’s arm, “Chang’an? “

“En? “Qi Chang’an’s didn’t move his arm, he allowed him grab it and put down the script he was holding and asked him softly, “I’m here, what’s wrong?”

“It’s not dawn yet, is it?”

Glancing at the time, Qi Chang’an shook his head, “It’s exactly two o’clock, still early for dawn.”

Xu Luoyang relaxed, his eyes closing again as he explained in a daze, “You’re leaving at dawn.” With that, he subconsciously rubbed against him, then rested his head on Qi Chang’an’s arm.

Hearing these words, Qi Chang’an’s expression softened as he whispered to soothe him, “Go to sleep, we’ll have breakfast together tomorrow.”

It was unknown if he heard the words clearly, but Xu Luoyang let out an ‘mmm’ and fell back to sleep.

Qi Chang’an was a light sleeper and woke up when he felt movement around him. He reached out to turn on the reading light and saw that Xu Luoyang was still clutching his arm gently, his eyes closed but frowning slightly, as if he wasn’t feeling well. And to Qi Chang’an’s surprise, he clearly felt that something was poking him in the thigh.

It was unknown what Xu Luoyang was dreaming about, because he instinctively rubbed lightly against it, and unable to relieve the uncomfortable feeling, he couldn’t help but make a very soft humming sound, and the few simple words that came out were slurred. The temperature under the covers was so hot that Xu Luoyang’s skin was soon covered in a fine layer of sweat, and the smell of the same shower gel on both of them was catalyzed and made sweet and inviting.

Qi Chang’an mustered all his strength to not turn sideways and reach out to touch the man lying beside him. He kept telling himself no.

And Xu Luoyang woke up in a daze for only a few seconds before his three senses shattered into crumbs and his whole body stiffened to the point of being a stone sculpture. He listened with alarm to the sound of Qi Chang’an’s calm breathing coming from the darkness — he wasn’t awake, thank goodness!

The next thing he knew, he was moving almost a centimetre a minute, finally getting himself to the edge of the bed to make sure Qi Chang’an was still asleep. Xu Luoyang got out of bed with his bare feet on the carpet and went into the toilet in a sprint, closing the door behind him in a flash.

Gasping for breath, Xu Luoyang raised his hand and hit his head. Xu Luoyang actually had some trouble remembering exactly what he had been dreaming about. It seemed like there had been a very good-looking person who was kissing his hand, and then it seemed to turn into something juvenile? But he was sure that the hands in his dream were particularly gentle and soft, and he was too sore and limp to move his whole body. And then his trousers became so wet and sticky that he could hardly keep from waking up.

Because he was so feeling so guilty, Xu Luoyang didn’t even dare to turn on the light, so he stood alone in the dark bathroom, barefoot, and washed his underwear. The floor was cold, so he thought better of it and wisely put one foot on the floor, switching his left and right foot every ten seconds to be perfectly fair.

Scrubbing and shuffling, Xu Luoyang also brainstormed that if he was now picking up beans, he would be the male version of Cinderella. If he was spitting bubbles, he would be the male version of a mermaid, male …… crap! Xu Luoyang almost jumped up on the spot – the guy in his dream, it was a man!

After being late for so many years, Xu Luoyang was in a somewhat delicate mood now that he had finally established his sexuality, but as he tried his best to recall the scene in his dream, he suddenly became vaguely aware that the man in his dream seemed to be ……Qi Chang’an?

Is this a case of me having …… not-so-pure thoughts about big monsters?

The bathroom door was like a boundary, keeping Xu Luoyang from going out. His head was a little dazed and his thoughts were so jumbled that he couldn’t make sense of them. He didn’t know how long it had been, but suddenly he heard a knock on the door, followed by Qi Chang’an’s voice, “Luoyang, are you in there?”

The voice that came from him was a little raspy, especially when it called his name, as if it carried a small hook, causing the temperature in his ears to go up miserably. Xu Luoyang was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He took a half step back, “Don’t come in!” After saying that, he hurriedly explained, “I …… I’ll be out in a minute!”

After a few seconds of silence, Qi Chang’an sounded a little helpless, “I won’t come in, but Luoyang are you not feeling well?”

“No!” Xu Luoyang hurriedly replied, his voice shaking a little, “No really!”

Qi Chang’an was worried that Xu Luoyang might catch a cold, but couldn’t say anything — he had been awake from the beginning to the end, so he could only say, “Then I’ll go to bed first.”

Xu Luoyang’s mood was so complicated as he lay back in bed that he simply pulled the covers over his face with both hands, closed his eyes tightly again, and spoke in a low, muffled voice, “Good night.” Showing a powerful illustration of what it meant to be ‘ashamed to face someone’.

Chang’an thought he was embarrassed by what had happened before so he said good night softly too.

Xu Luoyang lost a lot of sleep.

The next morning, when Lu Di saw Xu Luoyang pushing his way into the dressing room, he dropped the bun in his hand, “Xu Ge, did you get punched twice? The make-up artist will definitely lose her hair in worry!” He looked behind Xu Luoyang and said, “Where is Mr. Qi? Has he gone back already?”

Sitting breathlessly in his chair, Xu Luoyang stared at the light bulb circling the makeup mirror, “Chang’an has gone to see Director Chu.” After thinking about it, he inclined his head to ask Lu Di again, “Do you think …… I have a good relationship with Chang’an?”

Lu Di took a sip of soy milk and nodded, “It’s good, it’s rare to see you and Mr. Qi like this in the circle. Speaking of which, I was talking to Director Chu’s assistant earlier and he was saying the same thing, he originally thought you and Mr. Qi were on good terms as a promotional tool for the film, but he didn’t expect that your relationship is really good, making him believe in showbiz friendship again.”

When he heard the word ‘friendship’, Xu Luoyang raised his hand and tapped his forehead, his eyes dazed – that’s what it’s like when he treats me like a good friend and I’m a mosaic to him.

Lu Di also noticed that Xu Luoyang wasn’t in the right mood and asked cautiously, “Xu Ge, did you guys have a fight?”

“No.” It’s more serious than a fight.

“Then it’s because Mr. Qi is leaving today, that’s why you’re sad?”

“No.” Not right…… it seems he was a bit sad?

Lu Di looked at Xu Luoyang with a sad look and slapped his thigh, “Then Xu Ge you must be hungry!”

“…… “

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