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Chapter 38.2

“Di Zi, you’re that powerful? But this is too old to be a reference point, change it for another one,” Xu Luoyang thought about it, “Tell me about your most recent one.”

“Recent one… “Lu Di’s wheat colored skin turned a little red, “Xu Ge, when you were filming ‘The Search for a Man’, I quite liked the assistant of the first female lead. She was a very cute girl, three years younger than me and liked to wear blue dresses.”

With a sense of purpose, Xu Luoyang sat up again and asked him eagerly, “What was the feeling like?” After asking, he added, “I’m asking because I want to experience this kind of emotion. I have to read a love poem during the interview, so I have to brew my emotions first.”

Lu Di was very cooperative, “I didn’t really feel anything special. I just wanted to bring her breakfast when I bought mine, I always wanted to talk to her, and before I closed my eyes and went to sleep at night, I couldn’t help thinking about her. There were a lot of people on set, but I could always find out where she was quickly. Oh yes, every time I saw her, my heart would race and I would blush.”

“It turns out it’s like this.” Xu Luoyang propped his hand on his chin and carefully compared each situation, thinking that he seemed to fit the bill. Subconsciously placing his hand on the spot where his heart was beating, he recalled for a moment that his heart had also raced whenever he faced Qi Chang’an, and it seems it had happened more than once?

Do I like him?

Xu Luoyang answered himself in his heart– yes, and without realizing it, the love had accumulated thick and heavy, like the falling leaves on the mountain, layer after layer.

Like the marshmallows he used to eat, his heart slowly became soft and Xu Luoyang said to himself, “I might have to go practice immortality for this to work….”

“Practice immortality?” Lu Di was bewildered.

“Yes!” Xu Luoyang smiled brightly, “Practicing immortality is the only way to live longer. Maybe one of those high masters will see that I have a rare physique and take me on as a disciple!”

Humans only lived for a few decades, but demons could live for hundreds or thousands of years, right?

Lu Di didn’t understand Xu Luoyang’s brain circuit, “Xu Ge, as long as you’re happy.”

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, when asked if he had any age requirement for his future love partner, Xu Luoyang replied seriously, “As long as we like each other, it’s fine if the other person is thousands of years older than me.”

As long as it was Qi Chang’an, it didn’t matter if he was 10,000 years old, but was that…. old-young love? Old cow eating young grass?

The editor thought he was using a hyperbole and went on to ask the next question, “If you had to say one thing to your future love interest, what would you say?”

This time Xu Luoyang was silent for about ten seconds before he spoke to the camera in a gentle tone, “You have to eat well, don’t get sick, wait for me to come to you and I will treat you very, very well from now on.” After saying that, without control, his ears became hot straight away.

After all the questions were asked, the editor of ‘Sound’ laughed and said, “It will soon be the 60th anniversary of Mr. Qu Linjiang’s death. Can you please recite a poem by Mr. Linjiang to be released as a highlight of this interview?”

This was what Xu Luoyang had promised the editor-in-chief at lunchtime, so he nodded, “Of course.”

The last line of the poem read, Your name is a poem I wrote halfway through, so let me spend a lifetime, filling in the follow-up.

After reading this line, Qi Chang’an’s name suddenly popped into Xu Luoyang’s head. Stunned for a few seconds, his fingers squeezed the thin paper and he lowered his head slightly to hide his expression.

It was already two o’clock in the morning when he returned home from work. Xu Luoyang switched on the light, slipped his feet into his slippers and went straight to the study. He rummaged through a large pile of old books: ‘Liao Zhai Zhiyi’, ‘Sou Shen Ji’, ‘Huai Nan Zi’, ‘Bao Pu Zi’, etc., causing all kinds of books to be stacked up to half a person’s height.

He first picked out ‘Liao Zhai Zhiyi’, sat down on the carpet and began to read it, but after two stories he couldn’t read any more…

It was all about a siren taking the initiative to seduce a scholar, who then quickly fell in love with the siren, with a very high success rate. But his situation wasn’t quite the same as the one written in the story. His version, he was thinking, should be of a scholar who went to the capital to write his exams met an outstandingly handsome male demon, got charmed, and then set out to seduce the male demon?

Closing the book, Xu Luoyang was suddenly very worried, feeling that the success rate was so low!

Putting the book aside, he flipped through the book ‘Bao Pu Zi’, which talked about how to make elixirs. But after reading the theory of the Golden Elixir, Xu Luoyang was confused once again – eating an elixir made of gold?

An hour later, the books all strewed beside him, Xu Luoyang lay on the ground, suddenly feeling that his future was very uncertain– how could falling in love be so difficult!

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Interracial relationships are really hard qaq

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