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Chapter 29.2

“The news will be out soon and the media knows about the hotel the organisers have booked for us and will surround us at dawn tomorrow, so we have to find another place to stay.” Turning the steering wheel onto the road, Xu Luoyang asked Qi Chang’an, “Is there anywhere you want to go?”

He himself could stay anywhere, but Qi Chang’an was a bit of a neat freak, so he had to choose the place they would stay carefully.

“I have a place to stay in Fengcheng.”

“Eh?” Stopping at the red light, Xu Luoyang looked over with surprise in his eyes.

Qi Chang’an explained, “The Brighton Hotel here always reserves a penthouse suite for me. I went there once a year or two ago.”

Or rather, every Brighton hotel had reserved a room on the top floor for Qi Chang’an.

The Brighton Hotel Group was owned by the Qi family and many people knew about it, but Xu Luoyang happened to be one of those who didn’t. He pondered for a moment then nodded, thinking that even rabbits had three burrows, so demons must have more than one place to live, and it was normal to have a place to stay in Fengcheng, but he was a little nervous, “Then are we…. going to stay there tonight?”

“En, there are three rooms in the suite. It’s spacious and no one will know where we are.”

Imagining a crowd of media reporters arriving at the hotel booked by the organisers tomorrow, only to see nothing, Xu Luoyang smiled, “Ok, then we’ll stay there!”

It was indeed as Qi Chang’an said. The penthouse suite was spacious and cleanly decorated, with a view of the city lights, through the floor-to-ceiling windows. There was also an original Latin book, sitting on the desk, with a brass bookmark clipped to the page, showing part of the sharp corner.

Xu Luoyang followed behind Qi Chang’an, looking straight ahead, with a little excitement and apprehension. He had entered a demon’s private territory!

The thought of this made his heart race again, but he guessed that it was the same as when he was held in the parking lot, because Qi Chang’an’s demonic power had leaked out and affected his heart rate.

“You stay here at night, I’ll stay next door to you, is that okay? If you need anything, just call me.”

Hearing Qi Chang’an ask him, Xu Luoyang hurriedly retracted his scattered thoughts, “Mhmm, it’s okay!”

It was almost one in the morning and both of them were a bit tired, so they said good night to each other and went to their respective rooms.

The bedroom lights had been turned off, but Qi Chang’an lay on the bed without feeling sleepy.

Leaving the parking lot until now, Xu Luoyang had completely returned to his usual self, as if not at all upset by Shi Yuanhao’s words, nor worried about how things would develop.

But the more this was the case, the more Qi Chang’an was worried, because no matter how it looked on the surface, Xu Luoyang was actually a very sensitive person.

As the night wore on, Qi Chang’an rested his eyes with his eyes closed, mentally anticipating the progress of things with Zheng Dong and Liang Qiu when he suddenly heard very light footsteps. He sat up uncertainly and listened carefully to the slight movement.

Eleven seconds later, Xu Luoyang’s voice came in through the door, very low: “Chang’an, are you asleep?” There was almost only the sound of breathing, and one had to listen carefully to hear it.

Qi Chang’an took five deep breaths in a row to slightly control his beating heart then staring at the bedroom door, raised his voice: “I’m still awake, the door is unlocked.”

Not a moment later, the bedroom door was opened from the outside and by the light of the corridor, he saw at a glance, Xu Luoyang wearing a hotel-style dark robe, holding a white pillow in his arms, standing at the door, seemingly with some hesitation.

Qi Chang’an’s voice was slightly hoarse, “Luoyang, you can’t sleep?”

“Hmm.” Xu Luoyang took two steps inside. The room was unlit and a bit dark, and only a few outlines could be vaguely seen. He stepped on the carpet and asked hesitantly, “Chang’an, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Xu Luoyang wasn’t sure if he would say yes and was about to explaining the benefits of sleeping together when he heard Qi Chang’an say: “Yes.”

“Ah?” Xu Luoyang was unable to react for a moment. He had agreed?

‘Snap’, Qi Chang’an turned on the night light and sitting up in the bed, lifted the corner of the quilt covering his body. In the dim light, Xu Luoyang couldn’t see his eyes, but his voice was restrained and gentle, “Come up.”

Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but smile, “En, good!”

Setting up the pillows first, Xu Luoyang got into the quilt nimbly but soon found that inside was still cold with little heat.

As if he was reading his mind, Qi Chang’an opened his mouth, “Sorry, it’s cold inside, isn’t it? I’ve been lying down for almost two hours now, but there’s still no warmth.”

Xu Luoyang shook his head, “It’s okay, I can heat up your quilt!”

“En.” Reaching out to turn off the night light, Qi Chang’an also lay back down on the bed, subconsciously not daring to move. Unexpectedly, just after lying down, Xu Luoyang’s feet came over and pressed against the back of his feet as he murmured, “Your feet are really still so cold, I’ll warm them up for you, they’ll be warm soon.”

The searing heat ran all the way up the back of his foot and Qi Chang’an could clearly feel himself reacting, his trousers tightening up a little. But he couldn’t let go of his feet, couldn’t let go of his warmth.

Xu Luoyang didn’t notice anything unusual. His foot was still pressed against the back of Qi Chang’an’s foot, but his body moved and changed to a side-lying position, facing Qi Chang’an. He hesitated for another moment before speaking, “Can I talk to you?”

“Yes, what do you want to talk about?” Whatever you want to say, I’ll listen.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

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