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Chapter 77.1

It wasn’t until he sat in his artist car that Xu Luoyang laughed out loud. “I’m done, I’m done. Holding back laughter is really the worst!”

Taking a sip of water from the thermos Zheng Dong had handed over, his brows furrowed as he sighed, “Ai, seeing Director Du’s face that was obviously black as if it had been smeared with carbon but still wanting to maintain a smile, why am I so happy? It seems I might have the potential to be a bad guy!”

Zheng Dong looked at him disdainfully, “Overestimating yourself isn’t a good habit.”


Seeing Xu Luoyang’s unconvinced expression, Zheng Dong was in a good mood and so didn’t bother arguing with him. “Although the effect is limited, making Du Ruan Lan angry for a couple of days is enough. Act well in Director Meng’s film and aim for an end of the year slap in the face.”

Zheng Dong’s pet peeve was seeing his own artists being bullied. To put it simply, he was extremely protective. This time, Xu Luoyang was used by Du Ruan Lan as a pawn but Guo Wei didn’t even raise his pay. What’s more he and his team were all too skilled at releasing statements to trample on Xu Luoyang!

If it weren’t for Xu Luoyang securing a collaboration with Meng Huazhang this time, hence slapping them back effectively, who knows how long Guo Wei would have dragged this out.

However, he thought to himself, he definitely couldn’t let Xu Luoyang deviate. His focus should still be on singing and acting seriously, so he corrected him quickly, “Du Ruan Lan has status in the entertainment circle, so we can’t really offend him too much. We still need to pay attention to our limits.”

Xu Luoyang interjected, “But I feel like we’ve already offended him since the moment we exposed the news about our dinner and character discussion, right?”.

“That’s also true.” Zheng Dong waved his hand, not caring too much, “Anyway, after this, even if he comes to you with a contract for a movie, we’ll just reject him directly. Who knows if he’ll try to lead us on again? Let’s not talk about this. It’s now 12:10, and there’s an interview at 3:30, where you’ll be discussing your collaboration with Meng Huazhang, so it’s up to you— do you want to go get something to eat, or catch some sleep in the car?”

Having landed at 6:00 in the morning, Xu Luoyang had been busy with work without even going home, so he was already yawning endlessly.

However without even thinking about it, he answered, “Neither, I want to go home.”

“Aren’t you worried about being too tired?” Zheng Dong calculated for him, “It takes 40 minutes to get to your place from here. In other words, by the time you step in through the door, it’ll be 1:00. You have an interview at 3:30, and we have to leave no later than 2:30. That’s just an hour and a half of rest. Don’t you think all this running around will wear you out?”

After taking another sip of tea to refresh himself, Xu Luoyang held the thermos and said in response, “Zheng Ge, can you ask Di Zi to get me some lunch later? I’ll eat in the car. I didn’t tell Chang’an that I would be coming home for lunch, so he must not be waiting for me.”

With that, he smiled at Zheng Dong again, “I’m really not tired. I just want to go home and check on Chang’an. If he’s alone at home, what if he doesn’t eat properly? I need to supervise him!”


Zheng Dong rubbed his cheek, feeling like his teeth was about to be corroded by all the sweetness. They had obviously gotten off the plane together and all in all, it had only been five or six hours since they last saw each other.

Understanding Zheng Dong’s expression, Xu Luoyang continued to smile as he hugged his thermos, saying quietly, “Once I finish my tasks here, I’ll have to join the filming crew again.”

Hearing this, Zheng Dong realized that he wanted to take advantage of every moment to spend time with Qi Chang’an, because once he joined the filming crew, the two wouldn’t be able to see each other for a long time. Thinking that it wasn’t easy for them, he patted Xu Luoyang’s shoulder without saying a word.

When they arrived back at Tianhe Bay, Xu Luoyang put on his sunglasses, got out of the car and in no time at all, was out of sight. Pinching the space between his eyebrows, Zheng Dong suddenly understood the meaning of ‘children that got married were liked spilt water that couldn’t be retrieved’. This thought had barely surfaced when it startled him— I actually have this kind of fatherly worry?

Meanwhile, Xu Luoyang entered the house and found that it was quiet, with no sound at all, so he walked all the way into the bedroom, where he found Qi Chang’an already asleep, with several documents on the bedside table, one of them even with a bookmark.

Having lived with Qi Chang’an for so long, he knew that because of Qi Chang’an’s poor health, he slept very lightly at night, was easily awakened, and had trouble falling asleep during the daytime.

So sitting quietly on the carpet beside the bed, he stared at Qi Chang’an’s face for a while and although he really wanted to talk and chat with him, he couldn’t bear to wake him up.

So after thinking about it for a moment, he simply took off all he was wearing on the outside and crawled into the bed gently, planning to snuggle up to Qi Chang’an and sleep for a while.

After lying down, Xu Luoyang discovered immediately that the bed was cold despite Qi Chang’an having been asleep for quite a while, so making sure that Qi Chang’an wasn’t awakened, he stretched his feet carefully to touch Qi Chang’an’s feet, then snuggled into his embrace, ready to serve as a large human heater.

And as he hadn’t slept for almost twenty-four hours, the moment he relaxed, especially because he was next to Qi Chang’an, he fell asleep quickly.

Xu Luoyang’s biological clock was very accurate, because with the afternoon work still in mind, he didn’t dare sleep too deeply. However as soon as he woke up, he met Qi Chang’an’s eyes.

Stunned, he opened his mouth to ask softly, “Did I wake you up?”

“No.” Reaching out, Qi Chang’an smoothed the wisps of hair on his forehead, his voice was very gentle, “When did you come back?”

”One o’clock, I ate lunch in the car, and when I got home, I saw you were sleeping , so I became sleepy as well.” His voice as he spoke to Qi Chang’an was softer than usual, with a hint of sleepiness still in it, “I have work in the afternoon. Fortunately, I didn’t oversleep.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t say anything like ‘he shouldn’t rush back next time’. Instead, he lowered his head and kissed him gently, and knowing that Xu Luoyang was pressed for time, pulled away after about half a minute.

But grabbing onto his collar, Xu Luoyang asked, “I need to leave at 2:20, get up at 2:15. What time is it now?”

Qi Chang’an gave the exact time, “You have nine minutes left.”

“That’s enough.”

“What’s enough?”

“Enough to still kiss you for five hundred and forty seconds!” After saying this, Xu Luoyang pulled Qi Chang’an towards him with a slight tug, then took the initiative to press his lips to his, saying vaguely, “Demon ge-ge, share a bit of your strength with me okay….”

Hearing this, Qi Chang’an captured his lips directly, then kissed him deeply again.

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