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Chapter 36.2

“Hello, Director Chu!” Xu Luoyang, with a smile on his face and clearly in a good mood greeted and drew a cane from the several bunches of ice-cold candies Qi Chang’an was holding and handed it to Chu Wei.

Taking the candy cane, Chu Wei asked naturally, “Chang’an is leaving tomorrow, right? This hotel is full and there are no rooms available, so I planned to ask at the hotel next door if they had any available.”

Qi Chang’an stood by and didn’t say anything.

Pulling another iced candy cane and handing it over, Xu Luoyang answered with a smile, “Thank you Director Chu, but there’s no need to ask, Chang’an will just stay with me tonight.” With that, he looked at Qi Chang’an again, “Right?”

Xu Luoyang thought in his heart that this time Liang Qiu didn’t come with him, what would he do if Qi Chang’an stayed far away and got sick in the middle of the night? So it was safer to stay with him.

“En,” Qi Chang’an nodded then, “I’ll stay with Luoyang. Thank you, Director Chu.”

Chu Wei was about to go out for a late dinner, but realizing that there was nothing more for him to do, he said quickly, “Okay, you guys make your own arrangements then.”

The two of them went to the reception desk to collect the luggage and went back to the room together. After closing the door, Xu Luoyang took the clean pillows out of the cupboard and put them on the bed. Looking at the two pillows side by side, he smiled instantly.

Qi Chang’an couldn’t help but smile when he saw his arched brows.

Xu Luoyang entered the bathroom after Qi Chang’an exited the shower. As he was drying his hair, he noticed a stack of sheets of paper on the table, a thick pile of handwritten script analysis by Xu Luoyang, including scenes, characters’ emotions, psychology, and even an understanding of the main supporting characters he was acting with. It was clearly well-organized and the pages were numbered in order. The script that sat next to it was even worn around the edges.

Qi Chang’an’s heart suddenly softened, Xu Luoyang was working really hard. At that moment, there was a knock on the door and Qi Chang’an walked over to open it.

“Mr. Xia?” Qi Chang’an wasn’t surprised.

The smile on Xia Nan’s face all but disappeared when he saw that it was Qi Chang’an who opened the door.

“How come it’s you?” He glanced inside but kept his smile, “Where’s Luoyang?”

“He’s in the shower.” Qi Chang’an’s expression remained the same, his tone still gentle, “What can I do for you?”

Xia Nan didn’t speak.

He met Xu Luoyang on a variety show and they had spent most of the month together because of the set-up of the show. After the variety show ended, he made up his mind and pursued Xu Luoyang for two whole years, but at the end of the day, he wasn’t even sure if he really liked Xu Luoyang, or if he just wasn’t resigned to the fact that he couldn’t win his heart?

Convinced that Xu Luoyang wouldn’t fall in love anytime soon, he gave up for the time being and was ready to think things through. It wasn’t until some time ago that the name of another person – Qi Chang’an – was increasingly brought up in various news and messages about Xu Luoyang that he suddenly had a sense of crisis.

He originally thought that Xu Luoyang wasn’t responding to his advances because he was on the rise in his career and wasn’t ready to be in a relationship.

But it turned out that he was wrong.

“You and Luoyang ……”

At that moment, Xu Luoyang’s voice came faintly, “Chang’an, take my towel for me!”

Not the polite “Can you get me a towel?” Instead, it was “take my towel for me!” The intimacy was unfailing, even justified.

“Mr. Xia, would you like to come in and wait?”

Xia Nan shook his head, “No, I just wanted to ask if Luoyang’s hand was better.” His lips twitched, but he said nothing else before turning to leave.

Closing the door behind him, Qi Chang’an took the bath towel from the side of the bed and took it into the bathroom. Turning to look at the two pillows laid out next to each other on the bed, he stood still and smiled to himself.

He had clearly decided to stand by his side as a friend, clearly tried to restrain his possessiveness, but then he had rushed over when he got to know that someone was approaching him, even fearing that if he was a second late, Xu Luoyang would be snatched away.

With a slight sound, the bathroom door opened and white steam escaped. Xu Luoyang was wearing a pajamas, his skin slightly red from the heat.

“I thought I just heard someone knocking?”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “Hmm, it was Xia Nan. He said he wanted to ask if your hand was better.”

Xu Luoyang sighed in relief after hearing this, “I thought he was coming to see me again about the script.”

“Does he come to you often?”

“Yeah, the first day he came here, he got hit hard by Director Chu because he didn’t remember his lines very well, so he would come to me whenever he can, working very hard.” Xu Luoyang wiped his hair with the towel, “But we’re all in the same crew and we’ve known each other before, so I help if I can, moreover he’ll be able to film faster if he is able to memorize his lines.”

As he said this, Xu Luoyang smiled, “But he probably feels bad, because he always brings me food when he comes, however I’m on a weight control diet, so it all goes to Di Zi!”

Qi Chang’an didn’t continue the conversation, but said instead, “Aren’t your hands weak? Let me help you blow-dry your hair.”

“Actually, my hand is already better.” But even though he said this, Xu Luoyang moved a chair over very quickly and sat down in front of Qi Chang’an with an expectant look on his face.

Turning on the hair dryer, Qi Chang’an’s fingers gently and carefully smoothed out Xu Luoyang’s hair, and the only sound in the room was the buzzing of the hair dryer.

With the day’s work, Xu Luoyang was both mentally and physically overwhelmed, and the pressure from the hand on his scalp was so comforting that he slumped back in his chair and fell asleep.

Done blow drying Xu Luoyang’s hair, Qi Chang’an placed the hairdryer on the table casually then bent down and carried him to the bed. In a daze, Xu Luoyang turned on his side, subconsciously remembering to leave half of the bed for Qi Chang’an to sleep.

Qi Chang’an stood at the edge of the bed and looking at the peace clasp around Xu Luoyang’s neck that was exposed with his movements, suddenly didn’t know what to do.

He was his nemesis, even when he did nothing, he so easily made his sanity and control collapse.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I’m so happy, especially happy!

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