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Chapter 76.2

The next day, the two of them didn’t get up until almost noon. Xu Luoyang, yawning, went to the kitchen and fried a few eggs to fill his stomach. His robe was loosely worn, and when he reached for the utensils, the sleeve slid down his arm, revealing several hickeys on the inside of his arm.

After arranging the food and utensils, he picked up two plates and walked to the table and as he moved, his neckline gaped open, revealing his collarbone and chest that were almost covered in faint marks, making it obvious that these areas had really been hit the hardest.

After having lunch together leisurely, then pulling Qi Chang’an down with him onto the sofa, the two of them watched movies all afternoon. By the time they left for the airport the next day in the afternoon, it was obvious that Xu Luoyang was in very good spirits.

Zheng Dong spoke to him in a low voice, “I thought you would be listless today.”

Xu Luoyang hadn’t yet reacted, “Why?”


“…..” For a moment, Xu Luoyang’s expression was a little unnatural. After diverting his gaze, he thought about it seriously— indeed, he might have overindulged in the past few days, and his spirits being this good might also be because of…. extraordinary talent?

After a ten hour long-haul flight, the plane landed at the airport in B City. Neither Xu Luoyang nor Qi Chang’an took the special passageway, especially Xu Luoyang, because the news that he would be collaborating with Meng Huazhang on a new film had spread all over, consistently grabbing headlines. However he had been abroad all this while, so this time, he had to make a public appearance in front of the media.

The airport terminal was packed with fans waiting to pick him up, as well as media reporters armed with their long and short cameras. As soon as Xu Luoyang appeared at the exit, the screams of the fans rang out. Then when another figure appeared behind him, there was a few seconds of silence among the fans before they exploded completely.

The media reporters had already rushed up, their microphones aimed at Xu Luoyang as a variety of questions were thrown at him.

“It’s said that you met Director Meng Huazhang Stu’s banquet and quickly earned his admiration. Is that true?”

“What are your thoughts after gaining the opportunity to act in Director Meng’s new film?”

“Director Du Ruan Lan’s hot search is still on the hot search list. Luoyang, what are your thoughts on this?”

The voices in Xu Luoyang’s ears were mostly asking about Meng Huazhang’s film and issues related to Du Ruan Lan. With eight security personnel clearing the way around them, he and Qi Chang’an walked forward in silence, one in front of the other when suddenly, he heard a voice ask, “The pictures from the fashion show earlier showed you and Mr. Qi watching the show together and sitting next to each other. Now, you’re even returning to the country together. Have you been with Mr. Qi these past few days?”

Stopping in his tracks, he removed the sunglasses from his nose and said to the reporter who had asked this question, “Yes, we’ve been together all the time.”

And with that, he put his sunglasses back on and continued to follow Qi Chang’an out.

I’ll brush off my clothes and go, hiding my achievements and fame!

Less than three hours later, ‘we’ve been together all the time’ was pushed onto the hot search list by fans, even suppressing the hot search ‘Xu Luoyang returns to the country’ that Zheng Dong had paid for.

Rubbing his temples, Zheng Dong could only comfort himself with the words, they are all hot searches, there isn’t much difference. The key is to maintain a good mindset!

Xu Luoyang who was in front of a makeup mirror with his hair being styled tapped open the hot search topic on his phone happily and immediately saw the animated picture of him coming out of the arrival gate.

“—He was all alone when he left, but on his return, they appeared one after another. It really is a large scale dog food, tsk tsk tsk!”

“—I’m going crazy, going crazy! It’s fine that they sat together at the fashion show, and it’s also fine that they returned on the plane together, but look at the fancy way Xu Luoyang is showing off. Oh, we really didn’t want to know that you two have been together for the past few days!!”

“—I ship this sugar, I ship this sugar, I ship this sugar everyday! I’m addicted to Gu Cheng that I can’t pull myself out! Sweet to the point that I’m dizzy!”

Having efficiently finished the photoshoot, a cheerful Xu Luoyang walked out of the studio and was about to send Qi Chang’an a message when his sleeve was suddenly tugged hard by Lu Di who was walking next to him.

“Di Zi, your strength is too great, right? The shirt is almost—” Halfway through his sentence, Xu Luoyang fell silent. Straightening his sleeve, he put on the smile he would normally show in front of cameras and took a few steps forward, “Director Du, long time no see!”

Du Ruan Lan’s face darkened the moment he saw Xu Luoyang.

“Why are you here?”

Xu Luoyang responded with a standard smile on his face, “I’m shooting for a magazine cover. After finishing up my work here in the country, I will be joining the cast for filming.”

Looking at Xu Luoyang’s smile which he felt was glaring, Du Ruan Lan replied curtly, “Congratulations.”

Xu Luoyang still had that modest smile on his face, “I should be the one thanking Director Du for giving me this opportunity.”

Zheng Dong, who was standing on the side almost laughed out loud when he heard this. He realized Xu Luoyang had really been influenced by Qi Chang’an; he had become more adept at using indirect jabs. This thank you was probably saying, ‘Thank you Director Du, for not using me as the male lead. If it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to work with Meng Huazhang.’

Sure enough, Du Ruan Lan’s face turned even darker.

Throughout the interaction, Xu Luoyang maintained a humble smile and after saying, “I won’t take up any more of Director Du’s time.” sincerely, he added mischievously, “I look forward to the opportunity to work with Director Du next time.”

As everyone around was watching, Du Ruan Lan had to reply even with a dark expression, “I’m looking forward to it too.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Happy Birthday Qi Qi! Wishing you a lifetime of Chang’an~

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