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Chapter 52.2

At that moment, Xu Luoyang moved in his arms, then came to his ear, saying in a whisper like tone, “I want to tell Chang’an, don’t think nonsense, don’t push yourself, you’re really good and fine already.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t say anything more. He just held the person in his arms more tightly.

When Qi Chang’an awoke the next morning, he was the only one in the house. Sitting up from his bed, he saw a post-it note stuck to his bedside with a messy handwriting on it: “My dear Mr. Qi, have breakfast! Take your medicine! I’m going to be late ah ah ah!”

With the note in his hand, Qi Chang’an went to the kitchen and found breakfast on the stove top– eggs fried in the shape of a heart and a bowl of stomach-friendly millet congee that only needed to be heated and eaten next to a glass of water and a medicine bottle.

Standing still in place, Qi Chang’an squeezed the sticky note in his hand– I never thought that life in this world was that good, but because of you, I hope there is an afterlife.

On another side, while the director was setting up the equipment, Xu Luoyang walked up to stand next to Zheng Dong as if nothing had happened, holding a glass of water and not saying anything.

Zheng Dong gave him a little attention, “What trouble have you created?”

Ey? He could even tell this? Xu Luoyang touched his face, wondering if he had the words ‘I’ve created trouble’ written all over his face.

Seeing Zheng Dong looking at him, Xu Luoyang cleared his throat, looked around, then lowered his voice and spoke a little fast, “Zheng Ge, is there any news about me being filmed last night?”

As soon as Zheng Dong heard this, he narrowed his eyes, “Didn’t you go to dinner with Shan Shan yesterday?” Then remembering the phone call he had received from Qi Chang’an last night, he reacted quickly, “Qi Chang’an is back?”

“En, he’s back.” As he said this, Xu Luoyang’s smile brightened.

His heart jumping, Zheng Dong pulled him to the side, “Speak clearly, what might have been filmed?”

Xu Luoyang looked up at the sky then sank his breath into his dantian, “Kissing.”


Perhaps because his mental preparation had been solid from the start, Zheng Dong found that he had no inner turmoil, “What was the situation? Tell me.”

“The time was before dawn, the place was a private restaurant and it was just Qi Chang’an and I. I had…… a little wine and Chang’an came to pick me up. He and I hadn’t seen each other for days and so in the open parking lot, I just pulled him…… and hmm.” As he said this, Xu Luoyang himself felt that sure enough, drinking really wasn’t good!

Noticing that the pressure around Zheng Dong was getting low, Xu Luoyang added hastily, “But at that time, Chang’an pulled me to a corner, placed us in the dark and covered our faces with his jacket, covering the upper half of our bodies. From the angle he was standing, he basically blocked me out completely, so if someone had really been filming next to him, they would have only been able to get a shot of his back.”

Zheng Dong breathed a sigh of relief then glared at Xu Luoyang, “His sense of precaution is much better than yours. You’re lucky, otherwise you’d have been waiting to make the hot search today!”

Xu Luoyang rubbed his nose. He knew he was wrong and so accepted the criticism with an open mind, but after a while he couldn’t help himself, “I also think Chang’an is very powerful!”


Feeling that he would explode with anger if they continued talking, Zheng Dong ended the conversation quickly, “Be careful next time, otherwise if you get caught on camera, the initiative will be out of our hands. There’s another thing, we’re leaving for the London show on the third and there will be a photoshoot at the airport. Mu Lan has already put together four outfits, so after we finish here, choose one yourself.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Okay.” After saying this, he looked at Zheng Dong.

“Alright, alright, the director is calling you, go!”

After making sure Zheng Dong wasn’t really angry, Xu Luoyang relaxed, “I’m off then!”

On the morning of April 3rd, Xu Luoyang finished his photo shoot before boarding the plane. He had been invited by a luxury brand to go to a spring/summer show and to shoot a magazine cover there. It was estimated that the trip would last five days.

Before leaving, Xu Luoyang wrote an entire A4 memo to Qi Chang’an, but still felt uneasy, so he could only reassure himself that he could still call and video call, so there would be no problem.

Just then, he stopped next to his seat and looking at the person sitting in the adjacent seat, he didn’t dare blink, fearing that if he did, the person in front of him would be gone.

The first class cabin had a 1-2-1 layout, with two seats connected and a partition in the middle, but this had now been lowered. Xu Luoyang’s lips slowly broke into a smile and after making sure that there was no one around, he asked, “May I ask what your name is?”

“My surname is Qi, I’m Qi Chang’an.”

“My name is Xu Luoyang. Don’t you think our names match?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t.”

“Then, can you give me your hand for a moment?”

Putting the newspaper in his hand down, Qi Chang’an cooperated by handing it over and then felt Xu Luoyang write three words in his palm with his fingertips, after which he looked up and smiled at him, his eyebrows clear.

The expression on Qi Chang’an’s face didn’t change, “What did you write?”

Xu Luoyang wrote again carefully and when he was done, he found that Qi Chang’an still looked puzzled, so he patiently wrote a third time, one stroke at a time, very slowly.

After writing the last stroke, he looked at Qi Chang’an expectantly, but after a few seconds of delay, Xu Luoyang suddenly reacted with a look of disbelief, “I can’t believe you’ve tricked me again!”

Holding Xu Luoyang’s hand with his other hand, he applied a little force then pulled him over. Biting the tip of the finger Xu Luoyang had just used to write, Qi Chang’an laughed lowly, “Be good, I love you too.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

So angry! Why do I fall for it every time!

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