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Chapter 48.2

Xu Luoyang reached for Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, “I’ve told you all about my mental history, what are you doing being all quiet? Let’s exchange secrets!”

“I had someone check Dai Xueqing’s private accounts, which revealed many secrets and details.”

Sure enough, it’s a high-end operation! Xu Luoyang nodded repeatedly, “And then what?”

“We also looked into the affairs of the Jiang family.” Qi Chang’an omitted the process and details and went straight to the findings, “The old man of the Jiang family, Jiang Fu, had been a philanderer all his life and had two sons and a daughter with his wife who was born into an illustrious family, in addition to his two illegitimate sons that he took back, so Dai Xueqing ranked fourth.

When Jiang Fu was still alive, Dai Xueqing held back and defected to his elder brother Jiang Shuyun and by Jiang Shuyun’s hand, married his sister far away and by the way, made his second brother disabled.”

Xu Luoyang was stunned, “Sure enough, all art comes from life! Isn’t this the infighting drama of a wealthy and powerful family?”

“Mhmm. As soon as Jiang Fu died, Dai Xueqing broke up with Jiang Shuyun, seized power and took charge of the Huali Group, which should have been when the power got to his head. He had worked hard and held on for so long and he was probably eager to prove to your parents that he wasn’t wrong in choosing to return to the Jiang family and in using so many tricks.”

However, Xu Qunqing and Lin Zhiyi passed away one after the other.

Xu Luoyang continued along his line of thought, “It’s like not having the chance to flaunt your wealth after becoming wealthy and maybe regretting it slightly? But he definitely wouldn’t admit that it was his fault and he felt that before my parents died, they were both worried about me, yet they had been indifferent to him for so many years, leaving him alone and suffering so much in the Jiang family, so he blackened even more?”

Xu Luoyang found it really too difficult trying to understand Dai Xueqing’s brain circuit.

“It’s possible,” Qi Chang’an nodded then went on, “but Dai Xueqing’s position wasn’t secure and within two years of taking the throne, Jiang Shuyun’s son, Jiang Lingxi, the eldest grandson of the Jiang family, snatched the position back and sent Dai Xueqing straight to South America to manage a subsidiary on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Xu Luoyang understood, “So you are planning to send the private accounts of Dai Xueqing to Jiang Lingxi and use Jiang Lingxi’s hands to deal with Dai Xueqing?”

But he denied that conclusion quickly, “No, that’s too slow. You’ll probably only reveal to Dai Xueqing that you have his private accounts and can hand them over to Jiang Lingxi at any time and Dai Xueqing has only just returned, which means his position is definitely unstable, so he won’t sacrifice a little for a lot, so he will compromise for the time being. After all, if he’s not careful, he could be driven back to South America again.”

“Nao Nao is very clever.” Qi Chang’an looked down and kissed the end of his eyes, “That’s just it. How he came back from South America step by step is shown in the private accounts so inevitably, he wouldn’t want this to go to Jiang Lingxi.”

“Then….. is there a follow-up?”

Qi Chang’an understood what he meant, “I’ve made a dinner appointment with Jiang Lingxi.”

Xu Luoyang got smug again, “I knew it. Piitting people to the end, sending buddha to the west. What the ancient said very much makes sense!”

“En,” Qi Chang’an’s tone was extremely serious, his eyes gentle, “Whatever the reason, Dai Xueqing has pushed you to the brink and all of this, I will help you get it back one by one.”

Xu Luoyang’s heart felt like it was melting and ignoring his sore eyes, he smiled brightly, “Mr. Qi, can I jump over and give you a kiss?”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “Of course.” And with that, he opened his arms.

Xu Luoyang let out a cheerful cry then jumped right into them, kissing him several times in succession before resting his forehead against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder and whispering, “Chang’an, thank you.”

In the past two years, Xu Luoyang had become so popular that he had naturally gotten in the way of many people. Furthermore, Zheng Dong had a wide network of contacts and strong skills and his artists were also competitive, so the success rate of acquiring resources was extremely high. So when it became clear that Xu Luoyang was going to be defeated, in addition to the water armies that Wang Yuxing had bought at the beginning, many companies and teams also brought their water armies to the scene, attempting to further muddy the waters.

Better still, even if there was evidence in the end, there would be no way for Xu Luoyang to clear his name.

After all, the circle was only so big and there were only so many resources, so it never hurt to have one less strong competitor.

Therefore even though two to three days had passed since the incident broke out on the 22nd, the wave was still not coming down as the topic ‘Xu Luoyang’s expulsion’ had been hanging around in the third place of the hot search and building upon building on forums concerning this topic was full of red flags, a spectacular tearing apart.

“–Have the nowadays brain-dead fans given up on the correct views just because of bad artists?”

“–Saying that there’s no real evidence. The film school directly expelled Xu back then. Is this not real evidence? Really disgusting, your conscience have been stepped on!”

“–Instructing a thug to go to a girl’s place to r*e her when she was already depressed. This operation is really smooth. I have lived for more than 20 years, but this is the first time that I’m seeing such a bad person. Such a person should be sht! Trash!”

“–I’m a fan and I’m not going to turn into an anti-fan. No matter what the internet says, I believe it’s a smear! Anyone who knows a little bit about Xu Luoyang would not believe he would do something like this! And a certain idol’s fans can stop running over here. Your master cut off our Luoyang’s endorsement back in the day and then he just grabbed it back based on his own merits, so you can stop firing up the heat and selling out to make your presence felt.”

“–Non-fan, non anti-fan, pure passerby, friendly post link!!! [link]”

A few minutes later, there were so many messages that the page turned straight over.

“–Did I read it right? The Huali Group exec himself came out to…. to apologize? This man’s wiki [link]. After eating melons for two days, I have to slow down!!!”

“–The text is too long, which class representative will summarize it?”

“–The class rep is here! The former president of Huali has come forward to clarify that the expulsion of Xu Luoyang from the film school was the result of pressure from all sides on his part. And the so-called evidence was also forged by him, including the previously revealed diagnosis of depression, the identity of the victim and her condition, all of which were false. The motive was because of a personal vendetta against Xu Luoyang’s parents. In other words, from the beginning to the end, Xu Luoyang was wrongly accused!”

“–Crying with anger! Just a flippant apology and that’s the end of it? Our Luoyang was only seventeen years old! His parents had just died! I don’t even want to think about how he managed to get through it! Having his scars reopened and poked all over again, my heart aches for him!”

“Like what should he do? Xu is a starlet and he’s the president of Huali Group. If you’re not content go and bite him!”

Within an hour of [Today’s news]’s clarifying article, ‘my heart aches for Xu Luoyang’ was the number one trending topic, followed by ‘Xu Luoyang is innocent’ which in contrast to ‘Xu Luoyang’s expulsion’, was extremely eye-catching.

It was only at this point that Xu Luoyang’s Weibo account, which had been inactive, was finally updated with a post without a picture and with only a few simple words, but within twenty seconds, there were more than thousand comments.

Within a minute, Qi Chang’an reposted the post, “Qi Chang’an: As I said before, everyone will pay for their lies. //@Xu Luoyang: Those who are innocent will always be innocent. Thank you to all of you who have always believed in me and encouraged me.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Thank you, for not doubting me qaq

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