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Chapter 15.1

Confused, Xu Luoyang subconsciously waved the spatula in his hand around twice, “Wait, Brother Zheng, you are so anxious for me to explain the situation, but you have to let me know first what exactly I’m to explain!”

About to have a heart attack, Zheng Dong said urgently with a suppressed voice: “You and Qi Chang’an ah!”


Xu Luoyang tried to understand why he was anxious, but still unable to, he simply told the situation as it was, “Yesterday, Chang’an and I came back from Qinli Town, and went to hang out and fight small monsters. But Chang’an had no place to stay for the night, so I let him stay with me for the night, what’s wrong with that?”

After saying that and facing Zheng Dong’s accusing expression of ‘you’re fooling me’, Xu Luoyang was even more confused…

A month had passed, could it be that the brain waves between him and his agent had been separated by a vast universe?

“And what’s with the hickey that’s showing halfway up your collar?”

How could there be a hickey on a stubborn single dog! Xu Luoyang followed Zheng Dong’s line of sight, looked down and was immediately stunned, “Damn! Brother Zheng, you’ve been exposed, you’re full of perverted ideas! This is indeed a ‘hickey’, but it was made by a mosquito!”
With that, Xu Luoyang even pulled down his collar and showed it to Zheng Dong openly.

Qi Chang’an changed his clothes and came out just in time to see Xu Luoyang’s movements. He subconsciously reached over and helped Xu Luoyang straighten his collar upwards, “It’s cold, don’t catch a cold.”

Xu Luoyang: “……”

Zheng Dong: “……”

Not prepared to correct his own words, which were seriously out of touch with reality, Qi Chang’an greeted Zheng Dong politely, “Hello, I’m Qi Chang’an, nice meeting you.”

Attention diverted, as long as he wasn’t facing Xu Luoyang, Zheng Dong’s smile was amiable, “Hello, I’m Zheng Dong, Luoyang’s agent, I’ve been hearing Luoyang talk about you a lot lately.”

Qi Chang’an showed a little smile.

Closing the door behind him, Xu Luoyang interrupted the polite pleasantries between the two men, asking Zheng Dong as he walked inside, “Brother Zheng, how did you know I was home?”

“Don’t mention it, it hurts my heart when you do! You came back quietly without even telling me.”

Xu Luoyang justified, “You just said I came back quietly. If I had told you surely I wouldn’t have met the definition of the state of ‘quietly’. And what high school student have you ever seen going out to play basketball by going over the wall at noon that would report to the head in advance?”

The head, Zheng Dong thought that Xu Luoyang had a point!

“Then let’s not talk about that. You just said you guys came back from fighting little monsters, who’s face did you go to hit?” Having worked together for several years, Zheng Dong knew Xu Luoyang’s idiomatic phrases very well, “And what did you run to the Spire yesterday for?”

“We went to– Huh, Brother Zheng how did you know that I went to the Spire yesterday? You have such a wide source of information!”

“It’s all in the hot search, I’d be stupid if I didn’t know about it!” Seeing that both Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an obviously didn’t know about the hot search, Zheng Dong had to patiently explain,

“Yesterday your fans recognized you two at the airport, followed you all the way to the Spire, went back and posted it so the Gu Cheng CP went up on the hot search. After I saw it this morning I guessed that you shouldn’t have gone back to Qinli Town overnight so I came to see if you were home.”

Xu Luoyang scratched his hair, somewhat frustrated, “I had sunglasses, a mask and a hat yesterday, I was so wrapped up that even I didn’t recognize myself but there were still fans who could recognize me?”

Then he described in chronological order the incident yesterday when Qi Chang’an took him to stun Wu Bi and deliberately imitated the other party’s expression — his acting was very devoted.

As Xu Luoyang was acting, Qi Chang’an was standing next to him watching and as Zheng Dong noticed his smile, he felt that it was a little strange. It was a bit like in an idol drama, the domineering president doting on the silly white heroine.

Startled by this thought, Zheng Dong hurriedly retracted it. He was aware that although Xu Luoyang usually seemed to be big-hearted about everything, since he grew up following his parents path into the entertainment industry, he didn’t have the environmental basis to be a silly white girl at all.

Having understood the story, the three of them sat down around the dining table. Xu Luoyang ran back to the kitchen, brought out the finished omelette on a plate and the boiled soft white porridge– one bowl for him and one for Qi Chang’an.

Xu Luoyang’s fried eggs had very distinct features. The egg whites and yolks were fried separately and then patiently arranged into a Q-version of a cat, making the egg whites in the shape of a cat’s face with the two egg yolks acting as the cat’s eyes.

Zheng Dong had long wanted to complain and unable to resist any longer he turned to Qi Chang’an, “Don’t you think that this fried egg early in the morning will scare sleepiness away immediately?

Qi Chang’an put the chopsticks in his hand down politely and replied, “I think it’s cute.”

“……” See, you’re in the same group as Xu Luoyang.

Xu Luoyang, who heard it clearly from the side, expressed his displeasure, took a picture of the omelette with his mobile phone and quickly posted it.

No sooner had he sent it from his side than Qi Chang’an clicked on the repost button and commented, “The best omelette ever. //@Xu Luoyang: gorgeous eyes!”

Seeing these two people move one after the other, Zheng Dong felt a little pain in his eyes. He remembered that he had gone through Qi Chang’an’s Weibo before and looking at the series of reposts and the “1” shown in the following space and the numerous like from the fans, he had the illusion that dog food was being glued to his face.

In order to match Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang slowed down his speed of eating and asking Zheng Dong, “Brother Zheng, you came over here specifically to look for me, is something wrong?”

“Yes, a bit.” Saying this, Zheng Dong tapped on his phone’s memo, “The first thing is about the movie. Director Zhang called me before dawn today, saying that to avoid any more mishaps the script has been finalized so he wants to start shooting early and was asking if there are any problems on our side.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “The script has been finalized then has the name of the film been decided?”

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