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Chapter 53.1

Xu Luoyang had originally been prepared to be angry for three minutes, but before the three seconds were up, he couldn’t hold on. As he sat back down, he thought about it and decided that he couldn’t encourage such an unhealthy trend– otherwise he could already see himself being tricked by Qi Chang’an more often than not, so he definitely couldn’t just let it go!

But he couldn’t bear to be angry with Qi Chang’an, so after a few seconds of hesitation, Xu Luoyang finally simply followed Qi Chang’an’s example and opened his mouth to bite his wrist.

Qi Chang’an’s hand was very beautiful, with a distinctive bump in the round bone of his wrist and skin so white that the blue veins beneath the skin could be seen.

After letting go, as if fascinated, he couldn’t help but, again, lick the raised wrist bone gently with the tip of his tongue, leaving a wet smear of liquid on it.

When Xu Luoyang noticed that Qi Chang’an’s warm palm had turned faintly hot, he snapped back to his senses, feeling that no matter how it was viewed, his behavior looked as if it had to be mosaic’ed. Hastily letting go of Qi Chang’an’s hand, his words came out in a stammer, “I– right, I’m already so angry that I’ve bent out of shape! Mr. Qi, please think about how you’ll coax me!”

Leaning back, Qi Chang’an smiled, the sunlight coming in through the porthole window turning the coldness at the end of his eyes into spring water. He nodded then asked Xu Luoyang seriously, “I want to ask, are there any options to choose from?”

There was surprise on Xu Luoyang’s face, then he said in an exaggerated tone, “Ai-ya, ai-ya, how will that work? You have to think independently!” With that, he looked to either side of the two of them in confusion then asked, a little confused, “Is the occupancy rate in first class so low? No one else has come up so far.”

After he was done speaking, he heard Qi Chang’an say in reply, “I’ve already booked the entire first class section for this flight.”

Xu Luoyang was only able to react after a few seconds, however he still looked confused, “Book…. ked?”

“Hmm, I don’t want anyone’s disturbance.”

Xu Luoyang automatically filled in this sentence in his mind– I don’t want anyone on either side disturbing our time together. My Qi Qi is so sweet!

Unable to help it as the corners of his lips curved into a smile, Xu Luoyang held Qi Chang’an’s wrist in his left hand loosely and shook it unconsciously, his tone lively, “I have to say, Mr. Qi is very worthy of praise!”

After being certain that no one else would come up, Xu Luoyang spoke more casually, accusing, “Chang’an, your acting deceives people too much! I actually didn’t even notice that you had already decided to go with me. Besides, you were clearly sulking around while I was writing that long note, so I thought you were upset because you didn’t want me to leave.”

The result, it unexpectedly turned out to all be an act!

“I have the note with me.” Qi Chang’an turned his wrist and held Xu Luoyang’s hand instead, his thumb gently kneading his knuckles, the smile on his lips never fading, “En, I wanted to surprise you, so I had to work on my acting skills.”

“Alright, it was a very pleasant surprise indeed!” Xu Luoyang’s eyes curved in laughter, completely forgetting that he had to remain angry.

Time always flew by very quickly when two were together. When the plane landed, Xu Luoyang yawned, his forehead subconsciously rubbing against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, his hand clutching the corner of his shirt, “How did we get here so quickly?” He couldn’t even open his eyes.

Qi Chang’an gently straightened his hair, which was a bit messy very carefully, “We’re already here, let’s go, you’ll be busy when you get off the plane.”

Xu Luoyang barely managed to pull himself together when after two seconds, he slumped back against Qi Chang’an, “I wish the plane would keep going and not stop, so I could be with you all the time.”

Saying this, he sighed, “I’m surrounded by cameras all the time. I used to be used to it and I thought it was part of my job and that it was no big deal, but now after being with you, it feels a bit suffocating because I can’t even hang on to you so casually under the camera or hug you whenever I want.”

At the end of his sentence, Xu Luoyang’s resentment was on the verge of turning into substance.

“You won’t have to worry about that later.” Then Qi Chang’an coaxed him, “I’ll go to the hotel with you after I get off the plane and then you’ll take me in for the night. Is that okay?”

Xu Luoyang immediately smiled, “Yes, yes, of course!”

But as expected, the moment he got off the plane, Xu Luoyang was surrounded by staff. The stylist, Mu Lan, brought a new shoulder bag for him to carry and then searched him from head to toe to make sure he was okay before letting the photographer come over to take pictures.

Meanwhile, it was evening in C Country and Xu Luoyang’s weibo account had just posted a picture of him at the airport. Fans who had been waiting for news reposted it rapidly, but it wasn’t long before a sharp-eyed fan noticed, “Am I hallucinating? Is the guy next to him Mr. Qi? I’m asking for verification!!”

“–Then it must be collective hallucination, because I saw him too! But isn’t this part not on Mr. Qi’s itinerary? I just went to look at it and there are no street pictures or airport pictures released!”

“–Ah ah ah groundhog scream! What are the things in Mr. Qi’s hand? It’s Luoyang’s black duffel bag and hat mask! [Picture]”

“—Ai-ya, my god! Have we discovered some great secret! [panic.jpg]

When Xu Luoyang got in his car and logged on to Weibo to see the feedback from the pictures, he was also shocked, “In such a short time, I don’t know which great hand has already produced a small short story of 2,000 words!”

Qi Chang’an leaned over, “A short story of 2,000 words? What’s it about?”

Subconsciously turning off the screen, Xu Luoyang’s expression was a bit unnatural– it was about him and Qi Chang’an having an aeroplane play on the plane, and he was so badly mosaicked that he was physically exhausted and weak, that was why Qi Chang ‘an helped him with his bag, mask and glasses.

It was unexpectedly justified so well!

However it was better to not show Qi Chang’an such high end and intense content….

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