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Chapter 50.2

Noticing that the breathing coming from beside his ears had become calmer, Qi Chang’an closed the book gently, turned off the light and took Xu Luoyang into his arms, his voice extremely low, “Good night, my Nao Nao.”

The next day when Xu Luoyang woke up, no one was around him. Wailing, he rolled over hurriedly to call Qi Chang’an, and learning that he was about to board his plane, he pulled at the covers, “So angry! I’m so angry that I’m bent! Why didn’t I even notice when you left?”

Qi Chang’an’s voice was tinged with laughter, “When I got up, you also got up, your eyes closed as you insisted on following me. Then I said that it was still early in the day and that you could still sleep for a while, then I managed to coax you back to sleep again.”


Xu Luoyang, how can you be so unpromising? Too gullible!

Xu Luoyang lay in bed on the phone with Qi Chang’an until the plane took off, then he got up to wash and change his clothes.

Dressed in a short sooty blue jacket, Xu Luoyang walked from his bedroom to the door then suddenly realized that the house was empty. He stood by the door and changed his shoes, talking as he did so, “Just yesterday you said that I should get used to it quickly and that you enjoy taking care of me…… but after just getting up from a nap, you’re gone!”

After talking to himself for a while, Xu Luoyang himself couldn’t hold back his laughter and after thinking about something, quickly ran to the front of the schedule reminder board hanging on the wall, got a paper and pen out, and wrote seriously, “I miss Mr. Qi who snuck away and didn’t take me to the airport with him.”

Xu Luoyang wrote the date, signed at the end, then used a small blue magnet to attach the note to the board before leaving the house.

S City.

Qi Chang’an disembarked from the plane and took Liang Qiu through a special channel and went straight to the Brighton Hotel in the city centre. Changing into a bespoke suit in the penthouse suite, Qi Chang’an put on his cufflinks, “Has Jiang Lingxi arrived yet?”

Twenty seconds later, Liang Qiu replied, “According to the manager, Jiang Lingxi arrived at the private room eleven minutes ago.”

“Hmm, let’s go.”

Sitting in a chair, Jiang Lingxi twirled the glass of red wine in his hand, extremely patient as he only glanced occasionally at the clock in the corner.

When the second hand pointed to ’12’, the door of the private room was opened and a young man with a slightly pale face walked in. Jiang Lingxi, knowing that the main man had arrived, rose and said with a smile, “Young Master Qi is right on time!”

Qi Chang’an nodded gently, “Mr. Jiang has been waiting for a long time.”

The two sat opposite each other, with Liang Qiu standing behind Qi Chang’an, as quiet as a shadow.

Jiang Lingxi didn’t beat around the bush and said bluntly, “May I ask if what Young Master Qi said earlier is true?”

“Yes, it’s true. I do have Dai Xueqing’s private accounts, including the identity of the people in the Jiang family who have been having private monetary dealings with him all these years as well as how he has been able to get through step by step and how he has been able to know all your movements even from as far away as South America.”

Jiang Lingxi’s face changed slightly, but he quickly concealed it, “What are Young Master Qi’s conditions?”

“South America or Africa, let him never come back as long as he lives.”

Jiang Lingxi’s face showed appropriate difficulty, “No matter what he’s my uncle by blood, I can’t–” Then he met Qi Chang’an’s cold eyes and instinctively knew that this person couldn’t be offended, and so stopped while he was at it. Jiang Lingxi stopped with the sympathy act, “Young Master Qi and I have the same goal, so let’s have a happy cooperation!”

On the other end, after having lunch, Xu Luoyang went to Star TV’s studio to record a programme. He was a special guest on this episode of [Starlight Show], but according to the tableau, it would take him two hours at most to finish recording.

“Let’s start by seeing what topic Luoyang has drawn,” the male host opened the folded card and read out the words on it, “Please imitate the movie clip shown on the big screen.”

The female host took over, “Okay, now let’s all look forward to seeing who Xu Luoyang is going to imitate. Please look at the big screen!”

The moment the screen lit up, the screams from the audience almost shook the stage and gradually, the chanting unified into a unified, “Gu Cheng… Gu Cheng… “

The male host said deliberately, “Who exactly are you guys calling? We don’t have anyone called Gu Cheng up here on stage.”

The voices coming from the audience got louder.

Xu Luoyang was sitting on a high stool, his washed white jeans straining his long legs as he held a microphone in his hand and smiled, “Sorry, I’m the only one here today, Chang’an isn’t here.”

The female host smiled, “It looks like our programme team must work hard to get both Chang’an and Luoyang on our show one day.” After saying this, she made a gesture, “Let’s ask Luoyang to get ready now to enter this pass!”

What played on the big screen was [Blizzard], with Qi Chang’an as the punk Ah Hui standing on the roof of a building, the afterglow of the setting sun spilling down, dividing the whole town into half part light and half part darkness, and Ah Hui was standing right in the middle of it, the line of alternating light and shadow.

In the center of the stage, Xu Luoyang stood in exactly the same position, chewing bubble gum absently and with the exact same frequency.

And looking at the setting sun in the west, Ah Hui in the movie and Xu Luoyang on stage raised their hands at the same time, both uttering the same line at the same moment, “This is light.”

As if time and space were intertwined.

The lights came back on on the stage and the two hosts came up, both very surprised, “Luoyang can we gossip for a moment? How are you able to make such a good impression! Can the director please cut to the screen? Yes…. you guys should look closely….. Luoyang even lifts his arm in the same way as Qi Chang’an in the movie!”

“Actually, if you watch it more often, you can remember it easily.” Xu Luoyang recalled, “I’ve watched the movie [Blizzard] almost fifty times.”

The host and the audience simultaneously let out gasps of amazement, the male host exaggerating his tone as he held his hand card, “I never thought that our Luoyang, would be such a deep hidden avid fan of Mr. Qi!”

Xu Luoyang nodded in acknowledgement, looked at the image framed on the screen and said with a smile, “I like his movies a lot.” I like him even more.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Missing you, that is the distance between you and I, eleven hundred and fifty-one kilometers.

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