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Chapter 93.1 Extra(1)

Xu Luoyang, soaked in sweat from the performance, removed his drenched stage outfit hurriedly, wiped his makeup off quickly then sitting in the dressing room, started to devour a midnight snack.

After more than two hours of singing and dancing, he was about to pass out from hunger. He took two big bites for himself and, making sure Qi Chang’an could eat what was in the bowl, casually spoon-fed him a bite.

Just then, Xue Ying rushed in from outside, shouting excitedly, “Xu Ge, the server has crashed again!”


Startled, Xu Luoyang choked, and struggling to breathe, coughed until tears streamed down his face, yet he was still not willing to let go of the chopsticks.

Unscrewing the lid of the thermos, Qi Chang’an gave it to him, feeding him water, his brows furrowed slightly with worry.

After drinking half of the water with red eyes, Xu Luoyang shook his head at Qi Chang’an to show him that he was fine then looked at Xue Ying, asking in a hoarse voice, “What’s going on? It has crashed again?”

“Yes, yes, it has crashed again!” Xue Ying was excited. “My college classmate sent me a WeChat right after the concert ended, howling that they got dragged back to work overtime!”

And saying this, she made a fist in palm gesture. “Congratulations, Xu Ge for successfully causing a double crash! For becoming the top player in history to cause the server to crash two times in six months!”

His breath having smoothed out after drinking the water, Xu Luoyang mimicked her fist in palm gesture. “Same, same, let’s keep it up!”

Zheng Dong who was listening on the side lowered his head to continue drinking his black coffee silently– just watching these troublemakers made his heart hurt!

Sitting beside Xu Luoyang, Xue Ying put her laptop on the table then pointed to the screen. “This is the data before the crash. Even before the concert ended, Gu Cheng CP was already trending. There were many live pictures with textual commentary and quite a few on-site videos, all with very rapid subtitle construction.”

Xu Luoyang pulled Qi Chang’an to look at the screen with him and found that before the server crashed, the top two trending hot search topics were #Xu Luoyang’s concert confession# and #Qi Chang’an’s proposal#, followed by #Qi Chang’an’s birthday wish# and #Chang’anLuoyang#.

“This is the compilation of high-definition images as well as videos from your official fan club, and just on this Weibo post there are close to a million comments and over six hundred thousand reposts. Then I did a simple analysis and found that among the comments, the word that appeared most frequently is ‘ah’.”

Nodding, Xu Luoyang looked at the comment section filled with ‘ah ah ah’s’ and felt like he almost couldn’t recognize the word anymore.

Xue Ying concluded, “From what we see now, the acceptance from both fan bases is very high.”

Then having said up till this point, she counted on her fingers, “April, May, June—since you released the promotional posters, it’s already been three months. If I were an only fan, I would have also resigned myself by now!”

Just then, the data levels on the screen suddenly skyrocketed, all of them turning red, causing Xu Luoyang to feel as if his eyes were about to be blinded. “What’s going on?”

Xue Ying remained calm, “No worries, it’s the server probably trying to stand back up again stubbornly!”

Xu Luoyang moved to take his phone, then realizing it was charging, simply used Qi Chang’an’s phone to log in to Weibo.

And sure enough, the comment count under his and Qi Chang’an’s Weibo posts had started soaring again.

“——Ah ah ah ah I’m on the subway! But the concert is over! Now, everyone in the crowded subway car can’t stay calm at all!! We always thought we were eating dog food! Never expected it’s actually wedding candy!!! Ah ah ah!”

“——Ah ah ah ah I’m crying! Ever since Luoyang said he likes the number seven, I couldn’t stop crying, and I cried until the concert ended! It’s not that I’m sad, I just feel that this is so good #PleaseGetMarriedTomorrow#”

“——The crashed server has come back to life? A billion dog food attack! Gu Cheng brand dog food, you are simply worth owning! Although I was mentally prepared! I was still scared to death! Concert confession! In front of seventy thousand people! Is it that my endurance is too low or that Xu Luoyang’s level is too high! The whole fan group cried together! Gu Cheng, please be happy forever! I’ll never unfollow them!”

“——I’ve repeated the live video I don’t know how many times, crying while watching, my favorite cp proposed! They proposed! Let’s crowdfund for their wedding candies, I’ll contribute nine yuan nine!”

“——Ah ah ah ah ah, wu wu wu wu, I love them, Gu Cheng for life! I’m going to watch the live video again! Ao!”

“——Don’t stop me! I’m going to start drawing! The scene was so beautiful that I’m working all night! Wait for me!”

So, half an hour after the server was restored, #CrowdfundingForWeddingCandies# was directly pushed to the top five of the hot search trending topics, making it so that, in the entire ranking list, eight out of the top ten topics were related.

Zheng Dong looked at the hot search trending topics list with the word ‘explosive’ following them and rubbed his temples, already envisioning himself losing hair.

Returning home in the early morning, the moment the door closed, Xu Luoyang’s waist was grabbed by Qi Chang’an, was pressed against the wall by the door and then immediately after, eager kisses rained down on him.

Then feeling the hem of his clothes being lifted up as well as Qi Chang’an’s slightly cool hand touching his lower back, Xu Luoyang was almost unable to stand up straight, a tingling sensation spreading along his every nerve, his body reacting immediately.

He wrapped his arms around Qi Chang’an’s neck, and his lips parting, their tongues touched, their breaths quickly entwining together.

Then his mind finally clearing up a little, he mumbled, “Not here…” He said with great difficulty, his tone firm, “I want to take a shower!”

Qi Chang’an released his lips, “Okay, together.”

? ?

And pressed against the bathroom wall, Xu Luoyang only thought, this isn’t what I was thinking at all!

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