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Chapter 39.1

For the next ten days, Xu Luoyang behaved seriously and diligently. As Zheng Dong watched from the side, his heart was filled with worry and finally, he couldn’t help but ask, “Luoyang, have you encountered something not so good recently?”

Xu Luoyang was carefully analyzing [The Nine Mysteries of Ascension in the Last Fifty Years]. When he heard what Zheng Dong said, he thought carefully, “Something bad that I’ve encountered recently? Of course there is. Zheng Ge, didn’t you join hands with Sister Lan just a few days ago to restrict my freedom to eat and drink? Such a chilling decision!”


Knowing that Xu Luoyang wouldn’t be like this because he couldn’t eat meat, Zheng Dong remained apprehensive, “Apart from this incident, is there nothing else?”

“Nothing.” Xu Luoyang was a little puzzled, then as if he had thought of something, his expression suddenly became alarmed, “Zheng Ge, could it be that you’ve heard something? Or is …… someone trying to use the hidden rules on me through you?”

After sizing up Xu Luoyang from top to bottom, Zheng Dong was very disgusted, “With this rough aura that you brought back from the drama set, which investor will take a look at you?”

Xu Luoyang pretended not to have heard this.

“So, if nothing bad has happened to you, then why have you been flipping through the [The Diamond Sutra] and looking at the [Spirit Ascension Sutra] and other stuff like this all day? And the other day you were studying modern cultivation, is it because you just want to go to heaven?”

“It’s not that I want to go to heaven, “Xu Luoyang dismissed Zheng Dong’s speculation quickly, but he couldn’t say that he was trying to get into a relationship soon, and so came out with a very good reason, “This is called having a wide range of interests, isn’t that what everyone is pushing for these days?”

Pointing to the threadbare [Clear Deity Reflections], Zheng Dong raised an eyebrow, “You want to be an…. actor who is proficient in reading faces, telling fortunes, and also cultivating immortality and alchemy?”

Xu Luoyang laughed somewhat sheepishly, “Maybe in the future when I can no longer stay in the entertainment industry, I can set up a stall in the square and help people read their faces and turn their fortunes around or something, ha ha. Zheng Ge don’t worry, I’ll issue you a lifetime membership card!”

Just then, a staff came knocking on the door, reminding that it was time to go on stage.

Watching Xu Luoyang follow the staff out of the lounge, Zheng Dong was suddenly worried. What if after getting onto the stage, Xu Luoyang formed a seal with his hands and sat cross-legged on the stage, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon or the power of faith or something?

Quickly taking two sips of water, Zheng Dong felt as if he had accidentally been led astray by Xu Luoyang.

[Star Show] was one of C Country’s top five entertainment variety shows, and Xu Luoyang was appearing in it for the third time.] After greeting the audience, he was pulled to the middle of the stage by the male host Song Tan who smiled and asked, “Luoyang, this your third visit to our show. Is there anything you want to say to everyone?”

Taking the mic, Xu Luoyang asked Song Tan, “I can say anything?”

“Of course you can!”

Coughing lightly twice, Xu Luoyang looked to the audience, his lips curving in a smile as he asked, “I want to say, compared to the last two times, am I more handsome?”

No sooner had he said that, than a neat reply came from the audience, “You are!”

Xu Luoyang turned his back towards the screen and smiled to himself before turning back to face the audience with a sincere expression on his face, “All of you in the audience have a very good eye!”

Song Tan chuckled, “I can’t really tell if he has become more handsome or not, but I can tell he’s definitely gotten a thicker skin!” He then asked the two hosts standing next to him, “Do you remember when Luoyang first came on our show? He blushed for three seconds when we complimented him on his good looks.”

“Yes, I remember,” The female host Liu Yi nodded repeatedly, “At that time, Luoyang’s first film had just been released. I remember it very clearly, it was a school romance, called [I waited for you]. It was a tear jerker.”

“That’s right, “Xu Luoyang nodded, “I was still young and could pretend to be a high school student for a bit in a school uniform.”

“And what about now?”

“Now, “Xu Luoyang sounded hesitant, “I guess I can only push a small tricycle to sell stinky tofu next to the high school, right?”

Song Tan responded in an extremely exaggerated tone, “Wow, if you do lurk in front of some high school, please do let me know and I’ll take care of your business! But the first time you came here, you gave us a brilliant performance of the yangko dance which I still remember particularly well.”

With that said, the big screen lit up and there was really a video of Xu Luoyang’s first visit to the [Star Show] six years ago.

Seriously watching his own performance on the screen, Xu Luoyang also made a serious cameo as a commentator, the sound and picture fitting perfectly, “Dear viewers in front of the TV, whether you are doing well or not, what you are seeing now, is a performance by contestant number seventeen, Xu Luoyang — the jewel and essence of traditional folk square art in C Country! Let’s turn our attention to this contestant’s legs, oops oops, his left foot is tripping, his right foot, going down, going down…. ugh, what a shame. It’s surprisingly steady!”

A chorus of laughter came from the audience and unable to hold it together at the end, Xu Luoyang broke into laughter along with them.

The flow of the show was relatively fixed, so after the second round of questions and answers, Song Tan read out the name of the third session, “Who is the person you are closest to?”

Despite having received the script ahead of time, when Xu Luoyang heard the word ‘closest’, it felt like there was a drop of sugar in his heart and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud while screams were already coming from the audience.

“The rules of our game are, if Luoyang wasn’t able to answer a question in the previous round of the question and answer session, then he will have one chance to help by seeking the help of this ‘person he is closest to’. If that person gets it right, he will be able to move on to the next level. If that person gets it wrong, Luoyang will be punished severely!”

Song Tan raised the hand card he was holding, “Okay, now let’s take a look at who Luoyang has been in contact with the most in the last three days on his phone records!”

Soon, the screen of a mobile phone appeared on the big screen and the first one was ‘Chang’an’ and the second one was ‘Xiong Ge BBQ’.

Song Tan was surprised, “Xiong Ge BBQ is very close to our station, it’s probably only a ten-minute walk away, and I’ve been there with Liu Yi and many of my coworkers. But what I’m personally most curious about is, Luoyang, why do you even have the takeaway number of this BBQ restaurant? I’ve been working here for over ten years and I don’t even have it okay!”

Xu Luoyang turned towards the camera first and said quickly, “Zheng Ge, I swear, I really only ate three skewers of bean curd skin and one skewer of string beans. There was absolutely no meat!” The expression on his face was extremely sincere.

After hearing this, Song Tan who was standing next to him laughed so hard that he was almost out of breath, “Ha ha ha ha, Luoyang I have to tell you, this shop doesn’t sell tofu skin and string beans!”


The director was kind enough to give a close-up of Xu Luoyang’s facial expression.

“Alright, alright. To maintain a bit of harmony between Luoyang and his agent, let’s get to the point.” Liu Yi purposely cleared her throat, “The call log shows, that the person closest to you is this person with the name Chang’an, so I’m asking on behalf of the audience, is this person Qi Chang’an?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “En, it’s him.” Hearing him admit it, the screams coming from the audience nearly tipped the studio over.

When it quieted down, Liu Yi asked, “Then do you mind revealing, why you made four phone calls in one morning?”

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