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Chapter 41.2

After Yao Tian led the other trainees to do their exercises, Nie Bai couldn’t help but sigh long and hard.

Three years ago, Ling Yun Club had been one of Starnet’s top three clubs, with countless students participating in training. Each training room had to be reserved at least three days in advance for one to be able to participate. The number of advanced mecha coaches reached a peak of twenty, not counting the number of intermediate and junior coaches.

The club’s five person team had even come second in the online virtual tournament that year, making it an instant hit.

Unfortunately, the day after the tournament, partner Guo Ding decided to go it alone and, against Nie Bai’s wishes, set up Yun Lu Club the following month.

A large number of students and coaches were poached from the club and Ling Yun Club soon fell down the rankings and lost its former glory.

Later, he discovered that Guo Ding had the support of a prominent family, and that all the talented students and senior mecha coaches had been poached using a lot of money, leaving only Yao Tian, who was close to him, to stay.

Unfortunately, one log couldn’t prop up a tottering building. Without the support of the team’s ranking in the tournament, Ling Yun Club lost its appeal.

The training rooms, which used to be packed every day a few years ago were now deserted, with the number of students decreasing and the quality also deteriorating. Last year, even a five person team was almost unable to be put together and then was screened out in the preliminary selection.

Meanwhile, Yun Lu Club had gathered a large number of elite talents by virtue of its excellent treatment. Their ‘Yunhu Team’ won first place in last year’s online tournament and became the most popular club on Starnet.

Inside the cockpit.

The teenager’s brows were furrowed tightly as he leaned half against the seat, having fallen into a brief coma.

Meanwhile, in reality, Bai Jing’s eyes were also closed tightly, his body stiff and his expression tired to the point of him almost falling asleep.

The mental power wrapped tightly around the spatial button split off a thin branch as fine as a hair, prodded Bai Jing’s forehead gently and seeing no response, found the energy box on the table with ease.

The white fine thread circled around the box then finally finding a subtle gap, extended slowly along one of the edges.

A few seconds later, the fine thread returned to its owner’s body with satisfaction, the liquid inside the energy box long gone.

Just then, the light brain on Bai Jing’s wrist suddenly emitted a dazzling light then an interface automatically popped up on the surface, displaying Bai Jing’s basic data:

ID: 1053166247

Name: Bai Jing

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Status: Citizen of the Galactic Empire

Genetic Rank: C

Physical Rank: A

Mental power level: S

[Skill Designation: Second-level Stone Gambler]

[Accumulated Points: 15]

[Rate of betting increase: 25%]

His mental power level had unexpectedly changed from A level to S level!

It had to be known that throughout the empire, there were only less than 200 people with mental power level S or above!

What’s more, Bai Jing’s S level was different from An Ge’s, in that it wasn’t caused by mutation but by a natural upgrade. If this news were to spread out, it would probably cause a sensation in the empire again.

In interstellar history, S level was only caused by genetics and mutation. It had never been heard of that one was able to obtain it through other means.

As the data was about to be uploaded, the advanced shielding instruments in the white building went into operation automatically, quickly intercepting the data, preventing the signal from being transmitted to the empire’s center.

The light brain on Bai Jing’s wrist flickered with dissatisfaction, then the light dissipated and returned to its original appearance.

Inside the cockpit of the training room.

His tea colored eyes opening slowly, Bai Jing held his forehead and sat up straight in the pilot’s seat, the fatigue in his body receding like a tide, replaced by a feeling of full strength throughout his body.

At the time he had lost consciousness, it seemed as though he had seen the mecha falling forward, but he hadn’t been able to do anything about it.

But now the mecha was fine. Could it be his mental power?

Intuition told him that it was.

However without time to investigate further, Bai Jing continued with his training.

His hands moved constantly on the control console and the tall light blue mecha performed basic movement exercises according to his instructions repeatedly while the thin white fine thread of his mental power remained connected to his sensory helmet.

With the assistance of his mental power, Bai Jing felt much more relaxed.

His hand speed became faster and faster and the mecha’s movements became more and more coherent as he operated it, lifting its legs, moving forward, turning, flipping, landing…..

Three hours later, Bai Jing came out of the cockpit, jumping agilely down the mecha’s arm. After which he retracted the mecha into his spatial button.

Five hours of training was already close to his limit. He didn’t want to enter a completely exhausted state again.

The cost of a normal simulation training room was 500 starcoins per hour, so after paying the 2500 starcoin fee, Bai Jing exited the virtual interface.

Mecha was undoubtedly an expensive hobby. Whether it be energy boxes, maintenance and repair costs, or training fees, all of them required money.

After he left, Nie Bai turned on the videos again unwillingly, staring wide-eyed as he observed every training room’s recording meticulously from start to finish, not missing anything.

At 5:00 am, his eyes suddenly lit up and he jumped up from his seat uncontrollably.

Heaven helped those who helped themselves. He had finally found it!

The teenager known as [Alpha] from training room 23 had a learning ability that was nothing short of miraculous!

Five hours ago, he was still a novice who couldn’t even maintain the balance of his mecha.

But by the end, he had already mastered over 30 basic mecha movements and could seamlessly link them together without any hesitation.

This teenager known as [Alpha] was definitely a genius!

The only regret was that his Genetic Rank was only level B.

But it didn’t matter. With him and Yao Tian, they would work hard to cultivate this teenager into a mecha warrior who was second only to an S level warrior!

This year’s Cyber Mecha Tournament, their Ling Yun Club would definitely wash their past shame away!

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