My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 6.2

Two days later, Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Li Qingzhou asked Fang Xiyan to book a room that was unrelated to the location in the original book and that wasn’t in the area where the female protagonist served.

However, due to force majeure factors.

One of the waitresses in that area suddenly had abdominal pains and had to take time off work, so the female protagonist was called in to fill in.

Li Qingzhou had a bad feeling while he was waiting in the room for Liu Xiahui to arrive. ……

He went out and saw that, as expected, the male and female protagonists had met by ‘chance’.

In one of the corridors of the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Liu Xiahui clutched one of Xu Mengning’s slender wrists with a cold face and pushed it against the wall in an intimidating gesture as he whispered.

The floor of the corridor was littered with broken glasses, fruit plates, and other items.

Xu Mengning, for her part, retorted with a stubborn and articulate expression, “It’s not my fault.”

“I was walking normally, it’s you who suddenly appeared without warning and pulled my arm, which led to what has happened now.”

“If compensation is to be made, it should be at your own expense.”

Liu Xiahui sneered, dressed in a suit that smelled of alcohol and was about to say something when he was interrupted by a voice.

“Ah Ning, what’s happening?”

Xu Mengning and Liu Xiahui turned their heads together, the former surprised, the latter frowning.

Liu Xiahui sized up the visitor, eventually recognizing him by his wheelchair and age, and his grip on Xu Mengning’s hand loosened inadvertently in thought.

Xu Mengning took the opportunity to break free and hide behind Li Qingzhou.

“From the Li family?” Liu Xiahui spoke without much respect.

Li Qingzhou decided he hated him.

His expression remained unchanged as he met Liu Xiahui’s probing gaze and said, “Mr. Liu, I think the most basic concept of being a businessman is punctuality, and you’re late.”

Liu Xiahui wasn’t surprised that Li Qingzhou recognized him.

He tugged casually at his collar and said, “Can’t Mr. Li see what’s been splashed all over me?”

Li Qingzhou: “Sorry, I have myopia.”

Liu Xiahui gave him a glance, his eyes sweeping over him and then over Xu Mengning behind him. He said lightly with a raised eyebrow, “It seems you’re on good terms.”

Li Qingzhou didn’t answer him, but looked down at the slightly messy corridor floor and said, “Since we can’t figure out who needs to be compensated, why don’t we go and watch the hotel surveillance together?”

“Mr. Liu, what do you think?”

Liu Xiahui stared at him expressionlessly.

Li Qingzhou was undaunted.

After a long time, Liu Xiahui kicked the wine glasses scattered around his feet and snorted, “The Liu family can still afford to pay this.”

“However, I’m afraid that the negotiations between the Liu family and Mr. Li will have to be postponed….. “

He pointed to his drink-soaked suit, the corners of his lips curling, but without a smile on his face as he said, “I need to go back and change.”

Li Qingzhou, “Be my guest, Mr. Liu.”

Liu Xiahui took one last look at Xu Mengning then turned to leave.

After a short while, the hotel manager came over to handle the situation.

Xu Mengning’s wrist was so visibly bruised that the hotel manager sent her down to rest for the sake of Li Qingzhou.


In the staff lounge, Li Qingzhou found a swell-reducing medicine and applied it to Xu Mengning’s wound.

Xu Mengning asked apprehensively, “Qingzhou …… did I ruin the cooperation between you and that Mr. Liu …… “

She could tell that the two men seemed to have wanted to discuss something today.

Li Qingzhou answered, “No cooperation has taken place yet, and besides, it’s not your fault, so don’t take it to heart.”

After he had carefully applied the medicine, he asked Xu Mengning to put it away.

“Do you still have work?”

Xu Mengning nodded, “Yes, my evening shift is until ten.”

Li Qingzhou: “Okay, when you’re going back, pay attention to safety; I’ll be leaving first.”

He selectively ignored the female protagonist’s lingering expression and allowed Fang Xiyan push him away.

However, it had started to rain heavily outside at some point, but he hadn’t noticed. The Jin Xuan Court Hotel had excellent soundproofing.

Fang Xiyan told him, “Wait here, I’ll go borrow an umbrella.”

Li Qingzhou gave an ‘en’ sound in response.


A newly refurbished black Maybach was parked in front of the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Zou Ming got out of the car first to open the umbrella, then Liu Bohuai stepped out.

The heavy rain slightly obscured the view, but Zou Ming recognized the man who was sitting quietly at the side door of the hotel immediately.

He let out a soft sigh, then remembered something.

Liu Bohuai glanced at him.

Zou Ming explained hurriedly, “Third Master, today is the date for the young master to have an appointment with the Li family, and that one has probably just come out …… “

Knowing that the man beside him wouldn’t remember, he reminded him and pointed in the direction of the hotel’s side entrance.

Liu Bohuai looked in the direction –

Within a ten-metre radius.

A transparent bubble about the size of a basketball hovered above Li Qingzhou’s head, and inside it stood a small man wearing a yellow poncho and rain boots.

The little man resembled Li Qingzhou.

But, because of his rounded proportions, he was slightly more boyish and cute.

It wasn’t just the little man in the bubble, but also the equally drizzling rain and puddles of water on the ground…..

As Liu Bohuai’s eyes widened in disbelief — the little man in the yellow poncho and rain boots was happily treading the water like a duckling overjoyed by rain…..

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