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Chapter 16.1

The shades in the meeting room were all drawn, and the light became instantly dim.

Only the projector flickered on and off, the curtain showing a video with explanations and tests on a car’s intelligent AI.

The location in the video was Yanjing University.

The people in the video– apart from these two people, Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan, were some students and professors from Yanjing University, etc…..

This was an authentic, valid and irrefutable video.

Even in the shadowy light, Li Qingzhou was able to make out the extraordinarily brilliant and unspeakable expressions on the faces of Li Chengkang, Jiang Biling and some of the shareholders.

It went without saying what the appearance of this video signified.

Li Qingzhou, with one hand on his head in a rare moment, was in a good mood as he enjoyed the silence of the whole group as the video drew to a close with the background sound being the explanations of the test.

Then there was a ‘pop’ sound.

As the video ended, the switch controlling the sunshade flicked on and the room became bright again.

It took a few seconds for their eyes to adjust to the light again.

Lowering the arm that was propping his head up, Li Qingzhou waited nicely for whoever would speak first.

His collected gaze flicked over to Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling, whose faces were already extremely pale and stiff and then to the group of shareholders….

Old Master Li was still recovering from his turbulent thoughts.

But a smile had long since spread across his face, easing the heaviness of the situation.

Finally, one of the shareholders who had just voted to remove Li Qingzhou from office had an embarrassed expression on his face as he said, “Nephew, why didn’t you tell us earlier….. we didn’t know about this.”

“Look at what’s going on here….”

Seeing that Li Qingzhou didn’t answer, the shareholder turned his head to Li Huai Min as if nothing was wrong and complimented him cheekily, “Old Man Li, I have to admit that your grandson is simply clever!”

“Not only did he skip a level in university, he’s now even able to develop an intelligent AI for cars, amazing!”

The shareholder surnamed Zhao said at this point, “It’s indeed a pleasant surprise that Nephew Li has researched and developed an intelligent AI for cars.”

“But this is completely different from him hiding and not participating in the bidding for the land in the northern suburbs.”

“Old Man Li, one size does not fit all.”

“Your grandson still made a mistake after all, you can’t just pretend that nothing happened….”

The smile on Old Master Li’s face faded slowly.

“We’re a company, so everything we do needs to be decided by all of us, not just by one person’s word alone.”

The shareholder surnamed Zhao looked at Li Qingzhou meaningfully.

Then seeing the pensive expressions of the rest of the group, he continued, “You know how important winning the project of the land in the Northern Suburbs is to The Li Group.”

“It was an opportunity not to be missed, but now it has been easily halted by your grandson……”

“I don’t care what his intentions are.”

“If it’s solely for the research of the car’s intelligent AI…. I don’t think it’s in conflict with the land in the northern suburbs, right?!”

“So, what exactly is his reason for dropping the bid for the land in the northern suburbs?!”

“I have difficulty understanding what Nephew Li is thinking.”

A shareholder nodded in agreement, saying, “Indeed.”

“Earlier, there was news released that the government wanted to develop a new town on the land in the northern suburbs.”

“And the reason we were bidding for this piece of land in the northern suburbs that’s being subdivided is to build a large automobile city before the New Yanjing Town is built…..”

By then, with all the resources and people flow coming up in the new city, why would The Li Group worry about taking further root in Yanjing?

If this land was combined with Li Qingzhou’s research into intelligent AI for cars, then perhaps The Li Group could take off!


The shareholder named Zhao did have a point.

Although some attitudes were starting to loosen up, there were still people who couldn’t endorse Li Qingzhou’s abandonment of the bidding.

Thus, disagreements began to rise in the meeting room.

Li Chengkang’s face, which had been very ugly, finally eased a little.

He was just about to make a few remarks when he saw Li Qingzhou make another move– he gestured to Fang Xiyan to take out a few more documents and distribute them to the shareholders in the room.

“Take a look.”

“This is….”

A shareholder flipped it open to take a closer look, and then his eyes widened, stunned and surprised, “The Liu Group?!”

“Nephew, you’ve entered into a partnership with the Liu Group?!”

“Let’s see….. wow, the person who signed is actually Liu Bohuai. You, you negotiated the cooperation directly with the Third Master of the Liu Family?”

“Wait, why is the Liu Group’s cooperation not with the Li Group Corporation, but with Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd?”

“Nephew, what do you mean by this?”

Under the questioning of the shareholders,

Jiang Biling looked to Li Chengkang unobtrusively, gesturing with her eyes– “What’s going on?! Didn’t Li Qingzhou offend the prince of the Liu family, why is he now able to work with the Third Master of the Liu Family?!”

She was asking him? How would he know?!

Li Chengkang was annoyed– he hadn’t been able to guess this because of the information Jiang Daikun had found out….. How would he know that Li Qingzhou had actually climbed up to the thigh of the Third Master of the Liu Family….

Li Chengkang was almost on the verge of crumpling and tearing the papers in his hands as he used his whole body to try to keep the expression on his face, trying not to lose his temper on the spot.

Old Master Li was also asking Li Qingzhou about the whole thing.

Li Qingzhou explained, “Although the Li Group Corporation manufactures and sells cars.”

“In terms of technology research and development, it has always been the Jiang family’s responsibility, that’s why we are unable to form a chain of industries, and would inevitably be constrained by others.”

“What’s more, The Liu Group agreed to cooperate solely because of the intelligent AI system for cars that I have researched– it was imperative to set up a company specializing in innovative car technology….”

“No! I don’t agree!”

Slapping the table with her palm, Jiang Biling stood up at once, her voice sharp, “Which position are you putting our Jiang family in if you do this?!”

The Li Group Corporation had always worked with the Jiang Group.

And the Jiang Group’s technological research and development for automobiles was an integral part of the industrial chain.

But now Li Qingzhou was cutting them out of the chain, which was undoubtedly moving a huge slice of the pie out of their hands.

How could Jiang Biling allow this to happen?

At this point, Li Chengkang also had to speak up.

He laughed stiffly, “Qingzhou, even if it is a partnership with the Liu Group, there is no need to set up a new company….”

“If you do this, aren’t you excluding your second aunt’s maternal family?”

“The Jiang family’s strength in technology research and development is also very good….”

Jiang Biling added immediately, “That’s right, Qingzhou.”

“Let second aunt tell you. Setting up a new company isn’t a simple matter– You have to look for talents, have the set-up, go through all kinds of formalities and these are just the basics….”

“If you really want to start a partnership with the Liu Group, why not consider the Jiang Group? Second Aunt can help get you a stake in technology…..”

As soon as these words came out,Old Master Li’s expression went completely cold.

Li Chengkang glared at her.

And Jiang Biling’s unmistakable greedy face also made the shareholders look sideways.

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