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Chapter 29.1

After the two-day and one-night celebration at the hot spring resort, Li Qingzhou counted the hours– the date of the entrance exams was approaching.

He had promised his sister Li Hanyu that he would try to make it back to Xicheng to be with her.

Xu Mengning’s foot injury wasn’t that serious.

As a result, she recuperated at the hot spring resort after having her wound bandaged and treated and didn’t leave until the end of the celebration with Liu Xiahui and others.

Before they left, there was a delicate atmosphere between Xu Mengning and Liu Xiahui, presumably in the same way as in the original book. There had been some progress in their relationship…..

When they were about to part ways with Li Qingzhou, Xu Mengning seemed to have something to say.

But Li Qingzhou pretended not to see it and led his little brother Li Xusheng to the car.

–Stay away from the male and female protagonist! Stay away from the plot! Concentrate on the task!

The relationship between him and Xu Mengning ended at the point of them becoming ordinary friends, with no possibility of going any further.

And even if they got a little closer, he would be targeted by the male protagonist Liu Xiahui from the original book.

After all, the ‘importance of the villain was to push the plot forward’ wasn’t just a ploy.

[Go quickly, go quickly, go home.]

–The little guy in the bubble run off in a huff with his suitcase, with dusty, speedy lines that only appeared in comics trailing behind him.

Liu Bohuai took it all in then swept his eyes unobtrusively over Xu Mengning with a slightly sinking expression before also boarding the car and leaving.


Early June.

Li Qingzhou took time out to return to Xicheng to cheer Li Hanyu on after the start of the college entrance exams.

Li Hanyu entered the examination hall with confidence.

Three days later, the exams were over and Li Qingzhou said goodbye to Old Master Li and returned to Yanjing first, while Li Hanyu stayed in Xicheng to wait for the results to come out.

The establishment of the Auto City was nearing its completion.

In the final stage, Fang Xiyan went to check on the progress, but brought back news.

“The foreman has cut corners?”

Li Qingzhou frowned: “Which part of the work did he tamper with?”

The construction of the auto city was in its final stages and if the scope of the parts he had tampered with was large, it would have to be torn down and rebuilt. If that happened, the company would be affected…..

Fang Xiyan replied, “President Li, don’t worry. The scope isn’t too big. It’s only at the entrance of the Auto City. After demolition and reconstruction, the damage can be recovered completely. “

“I’ve already had the work started again.”

Li Qingzhou nodded at his words, reassured.

Then he asked what the circumstances surrounding the foreman were.

–Previously when they contacted the construction company, they did so only after confirming that the company was honest and conscientious and had a good reputation in the industry.

He didn’t expect that this would happen just as they were in the final stages ……

Fang Xiyan answered, “I just found out today by coincidence as well.”

“That foreman was bribed so he cut corners at the end in order to cause hidden dangers in the Auto City in advance.”

“In this way, if we hadn’t discovered this before the Auto City was officially opened, after a long time, something would definitely go wrong ……”

And in the event of problems– such as walls collapsing, people being killed or injured, etc.

Both the Auto City and the company would be affected greatly.

Luckily he went to the Auto City today to check on the construction progress and happened to notice that something wasn’t right, otherwise afraid something would really go wrong down the road.

Thinking about it, Fang Xiyan couldn’t help but feel happy.

Li Qingzhou asked, “How did you deal with the foreman? Who bribed him?”

Fang Xiyan: “The moment I discovered this issue, I called the police to deal with it. The police took the foreman away– but only asked for the phone numbers, money transfer information and other information about those that had previously contacted him.”

“The person who paid him to deal with us didn’t show up ……”

And following the phone calls and remittance information, there were no leads long ago.

Li Qingzhou hmmed thoughtfully.

It was reasonable to assume that Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. hadn’t yet established a feud with any company or gotten in anyone’s way, given its initial roots in Yanjing ……

So, who was targeting them like this?

A possibility suddenly occurred to Li Qingzhou.

He asked, “Xiyan, has the Cui family from Yanjing come after the company before?”

Fang Xiyan froze slightly, then nodded, “Yes, there was a little friction ……President Li, do you suspect that it’s the Cui family that’s responsible for this incident?”

But, Cui Gengjian, the chairman of the Cui family hadn’t dared to do much because of the partnership between Li Qingzhou and the Liu Group.

–Previously, they had only caused trouble in dribs and drabs, something that could be laughed off.

What’s more, the Cui Group mainly operated large shopping malls and had no conflict with Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd……

Folding his hands on the table, Li Qingzhou sneered, “Why do you think the Cui Group bothered us before?”

Because at the He family’s 80th birthday banquet. He had disgraced the two siblings, Cui Miao and Cui Ting, which had almost made them become a laughing stock in Yanjing circles.

Given the way Cui Gengjian conducted himself in society, it was only natural that he wouldn’t receive him, a businessman who was new to Yanjing well.

While Cui Miao’s character, was even more vindictive.

On this point, Li Qingzhou knew very well as he knew the plot of the original book.

–Cui Miao was able to get someone to tie up the female protagonist Xu Mengning for his sister Cui Ting even at the expense of offending Liu Xiahui…..

Fang Xiyan certainly knew the reason for this.

He said: “If it’s really the Cui Group who secretly found someone to do this ……President Li, we have no evidence in our hands now, so we can only swallow this loss for the time being. “

But after this it was even more important to be more vigilant.

Li Qingzhou was thinking about something.

Cui Gengjian’s tactics wouldn’t be like this …. this was more like what Cui Miao would do.

If they worked on Cui Miao, they might be able to discover something– at that time, the father would have to take the blame for what the son had done.

He shouldn’t be blamed for going after the Cui Group.

It was all written down in his little book of grudges.


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