My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 42.1

The atmosphere in the living room became stiff.

And just as Xia Xinjian intended to say a few words to ease the tension, the two children, Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun came down from upstairs holding hands.

Li Qingzhou took the opportunity to say that they had been there for a long time and that it was time they left.

Liu Bohuai moved to see them off.

Nodding, Xia Xinjian told them to be careful on their way home.

And following that, Xia Cenze and his wife Xu Shan took their son Xia Yijun out to say goodbye.

Xia Yijun said reluctantly, “Shengsheng, bye bye.”

Li Xusheng also waved goodbye to his little friend.

On the way home, Li Xusheng yawned from where he was sitting at the back.

He was so tired that before long, his eyes began to droop, causing him to lean on Li Qingzhou in a daze, where he was swept up into his big brother’s arms.

As Li Qingzhou patted his little brother gently to make him sleep more comfortably, Liu Bohuai said in a lowered voice, “My relationship with my second elder brother’s family isn’t very good, or perhaps I should say we’re not close… Qingzhou, if you meet them outside in the future, don’t pay them much attention.”

It’s best to stay away from them.

Li Qingzhou whispered, “Okay, I understand, Third Master.”

[I’ll absolutely ignore them.]

—The little guy in the bubble gave an OK sign, sitting on his knees with his little legs together, looking very cute.

Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of the villa.

Liu Bohuai got out first, went to the trunk to get the wheelchair then opened the door of the backseat and picked Li Xusheng up gently.

Li Xusheng only moved his head slightly and made a few noises before going back to sleep.

After Li Qingzhou got out of the car, Li Xusheng was back in his big brother’s embrace, completely unaware of the changes in who had carried him before and who was holding him now as he slept soundly.

Before leaving, Liu Bohuai suggested that they have dinner together tomorrow.

However Li Qingzhou refused after thinking about it, “I have something on tomorrow.”

“Third Master, you know that I’m setting up a bio lab. Tomorrow, my grandfather will be sending an exoskeleton walking aid over for me to try on to feel it.”

This matter had been delayed for a while. After all, medical equipment needed to be reported and approved before it could be sold or used.

What’s more Li Qingzhou’s bio lab couldn’t be set up casually, as the procedures were very complicated.

The good news was that things were progressing smoothly.

Liu Bohuai asked, “Where will the exoskeleton walking aid be sent?”

Li Qingzhou looked at the villa behind him then said, “Here. I’ve renovated a room at home specifically for practice with it.”

Li Xusheng, who was in his arms burrowed his little head.

Li Qingzhou comforted him with a pat.

[Tomorrow, Hanyu and Shengsheng will be in school, so why not invite Third Master over for dinner?]

The little guy in the bubble stretched his left hand out, made a fist with his right hand then pounded it into it, looking happy.

Then Li Qingzhou invited Liu Bohuai.

Liu Bohuai agreed without hesitation then told him, “Go in quickly and get some rest early.”

“Alright. Third Master, drive safely.” Li Qingzhou said as he embraced his little brother and wheeled himself away from the entrance of the villa.

After seeing Li Qingzhou enter the villa safely, Liu Bohuai also got in his car and left.


The next morning, Liu Bohuai brought breakfast over.

Li Qingzhou was dressed in a white, soft lounge wear and his hair wasn’t as neat as usual, a few strands hanging over his forehead disobediently, adding a slightly youthful sense to his appearance.

Recently, Li Hanyu was living on campus due to new military training.

And Li Xusheng had also been taken to school by the driver.

Although there was a nanny at home, Li Qingzhou normally set the time for her to come over.

So since Liu Bohuai had already brought breakfast, Li Qingzhou sent her a message, telling her not to come over this morning.

Seeing this, Liu Bohuai told him, “You won’t need the nanny for lunch either, I’ll prepare it.”

Li Qingzhou looked up in surprise at his words, “Third Master, you can cook?”

[No way right, no way right, no way right, I couldn’t tell…..]

The mouth of the little guy in the bubble opened in an O shape, looking completely surprised.

Liu Bohuai replied, “I’m not used to having strangers in my house, so I often cook for myself. My skills aren’t bad.”

Li Qingzhou smiled, “Then I’m looking forward to it.”

After they had finished breakfast, the exoskeleton walking aid was also delivered— it was a large package that needed to be unpacked and then installed.

All of these things were taken care of by Liu Bohuai.

He cut a plate of fruit for Li Qingzhou and told him to just eat it slowly beside him.

And eating an apple, one side of Li Qingzhou’s cheeks puffed out a little.

Then he watched as Liu Bohuai took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves.

Due to the increasingly hot weather, Liu Bohuai was only wearing a very thin shirt, revealing glimpses of his perfect muscle lines…..

[Sure enough, the old sayings are not wrong. A hardworking man is the most handsome. Third Master is really good-looking.]

The little guy in the bubble leaned against the wall, staring with shining eyes.

And taking advantage of the fact that no one could hear his thoughts, Li Qingzhou complimented Liu Bohuai while eating his fruit.

—All sorts of praises fell. Like, Third Master was considerate, he might seem distant and aloof on the surface, but he was actually gentle with people.

Especially when he needed him. He always appeared, understood his thoughts and took care of him….

Thinking of this, Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but touch his slightly accelerating heartbeat, feeling a warmth flow through him.

[Woo….. how can he be so good? Third Master is too good….]

Such a good person shouldn’t spend his life alone… I must find him a wife to spend his life with!

—The little guy in the bubble shook his fist with determination.

[I’m going to be best friends with Third Master for the rest of my life!]

Liu Bohuai: “….”

He was originally wild with joy as he listened.

Now, it was as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on him, like a honey jar laced with a speckled taste, sour and salty….

Liu Bohuai’s movements couldn’t help but pause, his slender fingers pressing tightly on the instrument as he exhaled quietly to calm himself.

Then he continued with the installation, asking casually, “Qingzhou, is the apple sweet?”

“Sweet.” Li Qingzhou answered.

[It’s not good for me to eat alone…..]

[After all, Third Master brought breakfast, washed the dishes and also washed and cut the fruit. And now he is also the one setting up the exoskeleton I need to use…]

—The expression of the little guy in the bubble became increasingly ashamed.

Li Qingzhou suddenly realized that he had unknowingly stayed here the whole morning without doing anything.

So, with a feeling of extreme shame, he controlled his wheelchair to Liu Bohuai’s side.

Then forking a piece of apple, fed it to Liu Bohuai’s mouth: “Third Master, would you like to try it?”

—The little guy in the bubble clenched his fist in anticipation.

Liu Bohuai was half-crouched on the ground, a little lower than Li Qingzhou.

He raised his head slightly and having taken off his glasses for ease of the setting up earlier, his now unobstructed eyes focused on Li Qingzhou as he leaned in and opened his mouth.

“Hmm, it’s really sweet. Thank you.” Liu Bohuai said softly as he ate the apple.

“You’re, you’re welcome.” Li Qingzhou replied.

[So handsome, let me feed him another piece.]

The little guy in the bubble rubbed his hands together, grinning with his small white teeth exposed.

Li Qingzhou asked, “Third Master, should I give you another piece?”


And so, the two of them ate the entire plate of fruit, bite by bite and the exoskeleton walking aid was finally set up.

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