My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 41.2

The visit to the Xia family was made at noon.

Li Hanyu was already in class at Yanjing University and had no time, so Li Qingzhou went with only his little brother.

The Xia family had a total of five people.

Liu Bohuai’s uncle, Xia Xinjian, the younger brother of his mother Xia Qingwan, was now the military district chief.

Xia Xinjian’s wife Zhong Lan, their son Xia Cenze, daughter-in-law Xu Shan and their youngest grandson Xia Yijun.

The father and son Xia Xinjian and Xia Cenze looked and acted very similar, both very reserved.

But they treated Li Qingzhou and Li Xusheng kindly.

Zhong Lan and her daughter-in-law Xu Shan were even more warm and hospitable.

After lunch, Li Xusheng was taken to play upstairs by his little friend.

Li Qingzhou and others were talking in the downstairs living room.

But not long after, the Xia family’s nanny came in to say that someone had come to visit. It was Mr. Liu Jingyuan and his family.

When these words came out, everyone except for Li Qingzhou looked more or less surprised.

Zhong Lan looked at Liu Bohuai in confusion as he asked, “Bohuai, when did your second brother’s family return from M Country? Why didn’t you tell us in advance?”

Liu Bohuai’s brows furrowed slightly, “I didn’t know that my second brother’s family has returned.”

Zhong Lan and Xia Xinjian exchanged a glance then said, “…. Maybe your second brother wants to give you a surprise. Invite Mr. Jingyuan and his family in first.”

“Yes madam.” The nanny said before leaving.

[It feels strange…. is the relationship between Third Master and his second brother not good?]

—The little guy in the bubble scratched his head.

Not long after, Liu Jingyuan’s family walked in.

Liu Jingyuan’s wife was Liu Jizhen, the daughter of the Liu family in Yanjing.

When they got married in the beginning, it had been considered a powerful alliance between the Liu family and the Liu family, but now that Liu family wasn’t as powerful as it used to be.

After the two got married, they had a son and a daughter— their son Liu Yuecheng, who was currently a freshman in University and their daughter Liu Yunfei, who was currently a sophomore in high school.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but be curious about Liu Bohuai’s family, so when they walked into the living room, he looked them over discreetly.

Although Liu Jingyuan was handsome, he didn’t look much like Liu Bohuai and there was a sickly appearance between his eyebrows, as if he wasn’t very healthy.

And Liu Jingyuan’s wife, Liu Jizhen was a woman who was both beautiful and elegant in appearance and temperament.

Despite being somewhat older, she had a mature charm. In short, she was very beautiful and looked noble and elegant.

Liu Yuecheng and Liu Yunfei also inherited their parents’ good looks, one handsome and the other pretty.

[Wow. Although this whole family looks good, in the end, Third Master is still the most handsome!]

—The little guy in the bubble turned his head without hesitation to look at Liu Bohuai with bright eyes after looking Liu Jingyuan’s family over.

The corners of Liu Bohuai’s lips hooked up slightly as he turned a buddhist bead.

Liu Jingyuan’s family seemed to be led by Liu Jizhen, as she was the one who kept talking.

After greeting Xia Xinjian and the others, it was clear to see that they hadn’t expected Liu Bohuai to be here along with an unknown guest.

Hence Liu Jizhen asked, “This is…..”

Zhong Lan: “Look at me, I almost forgot to introduce you.”

“This is the President of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd., Li Qingzhou and also Bohuai’s friend.”

“Qingzhou, this is…..”

“Nice to meet you.” Li Qingzhou nodded politely.

Liu Jizhen smiled in response.

Afterwards, Liu Jingyuan said, “Bohuai, I didn’t expect you to be at the Xia family. I originally wanted to let you know that we were back in the country, but Jizhen was afraid you were busy.”

“It’s better to tell you when we get home.” Liu Bohuai responded in a light manner.

Seeing this, Liu Yuecheng pursed his lips without a trace.

Liu Yunfei then asked, seemingly curious, “Mr. Li, is this intelligent electric wheelchair something you developed for your own legs?”

“How does it feel? Is it comfortable? Do you need to charge it often?”

She asked several questions in a row, as if she was very interested in the electric wheelchair.

However it made one feel uncomfortable…..

Li Qingzhou glanced at her then his lips curled, but without a smile as he said, “You’ll know when your legs are disabled.”

Liu Yunfei’s smile faltered, but quickly returned to normal.

Liu Yuecheng said angrily, “What the f*ck did you say?!”

Li Qingzhou’s expression turned cold.

He responded, “Miss Liu was just asking normal questions and I was just giving normal answers. Is there something wrong?”

[Little brat, playing some tricky game with me. Do you think I’m stupid?]

—The little guy in the bubble said with a disdainful smile as he held a small hammer in his hand, looking to hit someone.

Liu Bohuai opened his mouth, “There’s nothing wrong. Since you’re curious, why not try it out for yourself?”

He looked up at Liu Jingyuan and Liu Jizhen, “What do you say?”

Liu Jizhen’s expression remained unchanged as she smiled politely.

Liu Jingyuan, “There’s no need for such a thing to be tried out.”

Liu Bohuai stood up, his eyes deep as he looked at Liu Yunfei, causing her to lower her head. He continued, “Since there’s no need to try it out, then what’s there to ask?”

The atmosphere in the living room suddenly became tense.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but look at Liu Jingyuan, thinking in his heart that his outward appearance seemed like that of a literary person, but now the more he looked at him, the more he seemed strange…..

[This family doesn’t look like anything good ah.]

The last ‘ah’ rose up.

—The little guy in the bubble stood with his feet together, one hand on his waist and the other arm raised, his index and middle fingers together as he gestured towards Liu Jingyuan’s family, pointing and gesturing.

Liu Bohuai’s lips twitched slightly and he almost let out a sound.

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