My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 101.1

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After Li Qingzhou got into the car, Liu Bohuai asked him, “Why didn’t Ge Yue come with you?”

Li Qingzhou told him about what had just happened.

And hearing that it was a foreign girl dressed in a lolita outfit, Liu Bohuai’s eyebrows rose as he asked, “Do you know her name?”

Li Qingzhou shook his head: “I didn’t ask.”

Then sharing a tacit understanding with Liu Bohuai, he asked, “Ah Huai, are you thinking she’s An Qi Casper?”

But, how could that be possible?!

Because although they had received news that the Casper family’s only daughter had come to C Country with Yu Xudong’s son, wasn’t it too much of a coincidence to have met her so easily on the way?

An Qi Casper was known for her love of lolita outfits, had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked as delicate as a doll.

Such a description indeed matched the foreign girl Li Qingzhou had met tonight.

Liu Bohuai: “It’s very likely.”

However not caring too much, Li Qingzhou told him, “Whether it’s her or not, it’s unlikely we’ll meet again.”

Would the current standoff between the Li Group Corporation, the Yu family and the Casper family change just because he had incidentally helped the Casper family’s only daughter?

Of course, the answer was no, because a commercial bet wasn’t child’s play.

What’s more, besides helping the Casper family’s only daughter up, he didn’t do anything else.

So An Qi Casper thanking him was less meaningful than if she thanked Ge Yue directly.

The two of them stopped talking about this topic.

Then Li Qingzhou told Liu Bohuai, “The Yu family has been making moves lately, even daring to reach into my company…..”

This situation was first noticed by Qiao Huanming in the lab, where he noticed a research assistant suddenly showing interest in the progress of their research on autonomous driving technology.

Assistants didn’t have access to the core information of both the company and the lab, hence that assistant snooped around covertly.

Qiao Huanming had overheard the assistant asking about certain things and mentioned it to Li Qingzhou during one of his lab visits.

And at the beginning, Li Qingzhou had someone investigate but didn’t find anything amiss.

However he didn’t let his guard down.

Thus, he deliberately stood in a corridor the assistant was bound to pass through and spoke about how their autonomous driving technology wasn’t yet mature.

And sure enough, the assistant stopped at a corner to eavesdrop.

Hence after Li Qingzhou confirmed that there was something wrong with this person, he subsequently released several misleading pieces of information.

Then today, he finally confirmed that this person had been secretly bought by the Yu family—to spy on the progress of their research on autonomous driving technology in the company and to pass the information to them.

Fortunately, the Yu family’s methods were only good enough to buy off a research assistant, as going any higher would have likely caused them to be noticed immediately.

What’s more, in regards to their autonomous driving technology, Li Qingzhou always kept it in his hands as well as in the hands of a few trusted individuals.

And Qiao Huanming was one of them.

And the Yu family, perhaps out of caution and the need for repeated verification, didn’t make any significant moves.

Then once the assistant ‘successfully’ stole some data and processed his resignation, they became confident.

—Because of the Casper family’s aggressive approach, autonomous driving technology was about to be realized in the hands of the Casper family.

The Li Group Corporation indeed became anxious.

Because their research on autonomous driving technology, which should have been conducted slowly, was being pushed up the agenda to produce results immediately.

However due to time constraints, the technology wasn’t yet mature.

So if the Casper family’s autonomous driving technology were to compete with the Li Group Corporation’s, the Li Group Corporation would undoubtedly lose.

And with this, the Yu family and the Casper family finally started to make their moves.

They first joined forces to squeeze the market share of the Li Group’s cars out internationally.

Then, they suppressed and obstructed the export of the Li Group’s car parts aggressively, much like they had done to the Bolton Company, causing the Li Group Corporation’s overseas profits to gradually turn into losses.

Then a week later, Mr. Reese, the head of the Casper family, arrived in C Country’s Yanjing.

He and Yu Xudong had a private meeting with Li Qingzhou at the top-floor office of the Li Group Corporation.

The topic of their conversation revolved around the commercial bet.

On the surface, the Li Group Corporation was in a weaker position.

And facing Reese Casper’s aggressive stance and Yu Xudong’s mild yet barbed words, Li Qingzhou didn’t agree to their demands.

And seeing that an agreement wasn’t reached, Mr. Reese and Yu Xudong didn’t show much of a reaction.

However before leaving, Yu Xudong said as he stood firm, “Mr. Li, I hope you will consider agreeing to this bet, because not only would the Li Group Corporation’s overseas crisis be resolved.”

“If you win, you could also gain shares in both the Casper and Yu Groups, and also be able to monopolize the market for autonomous cars…..”

Yu Xudong left these words behind before leaving with Mr. Reese.

Mr. Reese knew some Chinese, however he wasn’t very proficient.

So after the two got into the car, he instructed, “Apply a bit more pressure and President Li, even if unwilling, will agree in the end.”

Yu Xudong nodded.

On the outside, Reese Casper was a cultured gentleman, however he was actually bold and insane on the inside.

And just like his business tactics, he always tried what others didn’t dare do.

Such as commercial bets.

And every time he set a grand bet, he would always win big without exceptions.

Because if there were exceptions, he wouldn’t try them.

Hence, he had quite a bit of a ‘reputation’ in the international business circles, and with the Casper family being large and involved in the political realm…. those who thought to oppose him had to weigh their capabilities.

Over time, no one abroad dared to bet against Reese Casper.

However due to the backing of the Casper family, sometimes even resisting wasn’t possible, because being coerced, some people could only agree to the bets no matter how unwilling they were.

And this time was no exception, as it was a grand bet.

The Casper family wanted to enter C Country’s smart AI car market.

Hence besides using the Yu family as a pawn, a faster and more efficient method was to suppress the leading companies.

And the Li Group Corporation, with its smart AI cars was undoubtedly the best among them.

The greater the risk, the higher the return.

What Reese Casper craved, was the thrill that came with betting. What’s more he was extremely confident in the autonomous driving technology they had researched.

So under the continuous pressure from the Casper family, sure enough, two days later, Li Qingzhou took the initiative to arrange a meeting with Mr. Reese and Yu Xudong.

—And the result of the meeting was his shocked and angry agreement to the commercial bet.

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