My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 26.1

Although the little dessert that Xia Yijun wanted to show off was unknowingly eaten by Li Xusheng, it didn’t stop him from taking a bit of a liking to this big brother who looked like a soft little bunny.

Especially when after seeing him cry, Li Xusheng even came over to comfort him……

On the way back, in the car.

Xia Yijun sucked in his little nose strongly, then took the initiative to talk to his uncle: “I, I want to start Grade 1 tomorrow……”

“No way.” Liu Bohuai refused flatly.

“Why? I want to be in the same class as Li Xusheng, I want to go to school with him!”

Liu Bohuai glanced indifferently at his nephew, who had his arms wrapped around his chest, pouting as he threw a tantrum. He opened his mouth, “The first year students will be moving on to the second year.”

“They have already gotten far ahead in their lessons, can you keep up?”

“Skipping a grade requires an exam to test your basic level, do you have the confidence to score full marks?”

“I can learn!”

Xia Yijun raised his little head, “I’m so smart……”

“But by the time you finish learning you’ll already be able to go to kindergarten.” Liu Bohuai said without giving the slightest hope.

–And by then, Li Xusheng would have moved straight into Grade 2 or skipped to Grade 3.

Xia Yijun was so struck by this point that tears started to pool in his eyes again.

Liu Bohuai told him, “Unless you can learn everything you need to know from Grade 1 to Grade 2 as soon as possible….. you will still have to go to school in a step-by-step manner.”

“Think it through before you make a decision.”

Xia Yijun weighed the pros and cons on his little fist.

He could play happily with his bunny big brother……

Liu Bohuai said, seemingly inadvertently, “You are still young and there are quite a lot of lessons from Grade 1 to Grade 2, you can’t possibly finish them……”

“I can!”

Xia Yijun immediately waved his little fist and declared, “I’m going to study hard and every day I’m going to get better, and then I can skip a grade too!”

A smile flashed across Liu Bohuai’s eyes, but it was fleeting: “You said it yourself, have you decided?”

Xia Yijun puffed up his little chest, nodding: “I have! I won’t change it!”

Liu Bohuai: “Okay then. When we get back to the Xia house, I’ll talk to your parents about your studies.”

“Tell Uncle, how many tutors do you want?”

Xia Yijun: “…..”

He looked up with a confused expression on his little face, feeling that something didn’t seem…. quite right.


Yang Manqi was a loyal fan of Ms. Mars Hill, and she followed every comic he wrote, and this one was no exception.

Because of her family, she couldn’t help but pay special attention to this smart electric wheelchair that linked comics with reality.

—Especially after knowing the upcoming sales launch of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd…….

Yang Manqi asked her brother Yang Huanlu directly for an invitation to the launch, wanting to see it in person that day.

Yang Huanlu frowned: “I had a hard time getting these two invitations, when the time comes, I’ll just film the whole launch for you.”

He wanted to go with his little partner….. he didn’t want to take his sister.

Yang Manqi: “No, I must go and see for myself!”

“Ms. Mars Hill was able to get so much information about the electric wheelchair, which shows he is probably very well connected to the insiders of this company.”

“He’s likely to be at the launch that day as well.”

“So what if he’s there, do you know him?”

Yang Manqi yelled as she crossed her arms, “So what if I don’t know him? If I’m at the same launch as my wife, I! Will! Be happy!”

“Hmph, what do you care!”

Yang Huanlu couldn’t help but put his fingers in his ears with a bitter grimace to block the noise.

Yang Manqi tugged her brother’s hand down and said, “You’d better think about what you’re going to do first.”

“That post where you bragged is still up there!”

“–If Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. does come up with a smart AI car, you’ll have to buy ten of them to make amends, ten of them!”

Yang Huanlu’s Weibo name was Eating melon science fan.

“I’ll buy it, I have the money.”

Yang Huanlu didn’t care: “If that Mr. Li can really develop and build a smart car, I, your brother will not only go to him personally to make amends and buy the cars, I will also become his fanboy. Do you believe it?”

Yang Manqi nodded with an expression that was hard to explain in a few words, “I believe……”

After all, this was basically what her brother’s moral integrity was.


On the day of the launch, Yang Huanlu and Yang Manqi arrived early.

The two were guided to their seats– fairly close to the front and with a clear view, so they could record a video.

The whole launch site was in good order and busy.

Shortly afterwards, after all the guests and journalists were present, the lights in the venue suddenly dimmed.

Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai emerged from backstage at this point and quietly took their seats in the front row.

–Not many people noticed this because the lights weren’t very bright.

But a flash of Li Qingzhou controlling his wheelchair in front happened to be caught on Yang Manqi’s camera.

However, she was staring intently at the stage at the moment…..

The launch was hosted by Fang Xiyan, who spoke about the smart electric wheelchair.

As the launch drew to a close, Liu Bohuai moved close to Li Qingzhou and whispered in his ear, “This smart electric wheelchair won’t sell too badly.”

“The company might be organizing a celebration in a week’s time, do you want to go and relax?”

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