My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 30.1

Xu Mengning had just been stimulated and was in need of someone to comfort her.

Li Qingzhou came to her rescue at the right time and, having grown up with each other as childhood friends, she trusted him completely.

Not to mention the fact that Li Qingzhou had once rescued her ……

Hence, all Xu Mengning wanted now was to leave with the person she knew she could rely on and who gave her security for the time being.

Li Qingzhou had no choice but to maintain his usual expression and, against Liu Xiahui’s not-so-friendly gaze, take Xu Mengning to the car and drive her home.

As they left, Li Qingzhou nodded politely to Liu Bohuai, but didn’t even give Liu Xiahui a glance.

“Let’s go.”

Seeing that Liu Xiahui was still staring at the car as it drove away and then disappeared, Liu Bohuai spoke faintly then turned around and got into the car first– sitting in the car with his eyes closed, he turned the the buddhist beads in his hands slowly.

After a while, Liu Xiahui entered the car.

The driver didn’t dare speak until Liu Bohuai said ‘drive’ before the car started and left the alleyway.


Xu Mengning, obviously frightened by the incident didn’t go to school the next day and took time off to rest at her residence.

Her rare and tender request– that she hoped that Li Qingzhou would be able to accompany her.

Li Qingzhou: …… I can’t, I can’t, I have things to do!

He couldn’t help but blush as he said no.

The reason was– the company needed him too much…… and besides, there had been a bit of a problem with the construction of the Auto City recently.

Xu Mengning smiled reluctantly as she said, “Sorry, Qingzhou, I didn’t know….. I’m okay, go ahead if you have something to do.”

“I’m really fine, I’ll be fine in no time at all.”

Li Qingzhou: “I’ll get Zhao Jingjing to come over and keep you company.”

Xu Mengning nodded.

So, Li Qingzhou told her to get some rest and left.

He had to think of a way too.

–He couldn’t keep allowing Cui Miao to harass him or the female protagonist with such impunity….. Otherwise in the end, he would be the one in trouble…..

Li Qingzhou called Liu Bohuai.

“President Liu, may I ask if you have any bodyguards around you who are good at what they do, who are tight-lipped, who don’t ask too many questions or wonder about anything and who don’t reveal even a hint of information?”

After Liu Bohuai received this call, he raised his eyebrows, “I do.”

“Then, can President Liu lend me two people for the time being?”


Liu Bohuai, “But may I ask….. what President Li intends to do?”

“Naturally it is to do something unseemly, but not illegal. Does President Liu mind?”

“No, but President Li you should pay attention to your safety. I will send the people to your company later in person.”

“Okay, then I’ll thank President Liu in advance.” Li Qingzhou hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Liu Bohuai was such a thoughtful friend!

Not long afterwards, the people arrived on the ground floor of the company.

Fang Xiyan personally went downstairs, invited the two men up, knocked on the door and entered the office, “President Li, the men have arrived.”

Two tall, stocky bodyguards followed Fang Xiyan in. Dressed in black with ordinary faces, they introduced themselves. One was called Liu Xie and the other Wang Mao.

“Please sit down.” Li Qingzhou said.

When Liu Xie heard this, he said politely, “No need, we can stand. Whatever command President Li has, please go ahead.”

Wang Mao on the other hand had a rather withdrawn personality and thus didn’t say a word.

Li Qingzhou said, “Alright, then I’ll be straightforward.”

He took out a photograph, placed it on his desk, then pushed it a little closer to Liu Xie and Wang Mao and said indifferently, “I want you to bring this man to me….”

Stepping forward, Liu Xie picked the picture up and looked at it.

Li Qingzhou continued, “At the moment, he is attending classes at Yan University.”

“When you take him, it’s best not to be seen by anyone else, but you aren’t to bring him here, but to an abandoned warehouse in the xx area of the Southern District of Yanjing…. “

Stunned, Liu Xie blurted out, “President Li, isn’t this kidnapping?!”

Li Qingzhou’s expression remained unchanged and crossing his arms on the table, said calmly: “Of course it’s not kidnapping.”

“I just want to ‘invite’ him over for a few words, in view of the fact that at this stage…. he has already caused me a lot of trouble. “

“Have you ever seen a kidnapper who sends people back?”

“Don’t worry I won’t leave him without an arm or a leg or even a hair.”

Liu Xie and Wang Mao exchanged glances.

The two of them were Liu Bohuai’s personal bodyguards, retired from the army of the ministry and before coming had been instructed by President Liu to do everything according to President Li’s arrangement.

So Liu Xie responded with, “Yes, President Li, wait for the news, it will be done.”


Yan University.

Cui Miao with a gloomy expression was walking out.

The thugs he had approached in the southern district not only failed to get things done, but were instead sent into the police station.

And after a little interrogation had given everything away.

–Including the fact that it was only on his orders that they had attacked Xu Mengning….

Fortunately he had made a quick decision to call his father, Cui Gengjian and the matter was quickly settled– it was those thugs who had taken matters into their own hands while he, Cui Miao, had nothing to do with it.

But Cui Miao still got a lecture from Cui Gengjian afterwards.

“D*mn it, every one of them are just idiots who never succeed and instead always ruin everything!” Cui Miao scolded, “They couldn’t even get this little thing done…..”

He walked out of the entrance of Yan University and the Cui family’s driver came to pick him up.

Once in the car, Cui Miao said, “Go to the Neon Bar.”

“Yes, young master.”

After the car drove off, another less impressive car followed until both cars were parked near the bar.

Getting out of the car, Cui Miao went inside.

Then he went to the washroom to relieve himself after playing for a while and when he came out there was someone outside washing his hands. As he walked over, the man who had just finished passed him by….

Immediately afterwards, everything before Cui Miao went black.

He vaguely felt someone helping him out and then the person said to the others, “It’s nothing, my buddy is drunk…..”

Then Cui Miao knew nothing more.

By the time he regained consciousness, his surroundings had changed from the bar to what was obviously an abandoned warehouse, with a person in front of him that he had never dreamed of.

“Li Qingzhou?!”

Cui Miao’s eyes widened and just as he tried to move, he found himself bound hand and foot with a particularly dull pain radiating from the back of his erect neck.

He couldn’t help but say angrily, “What do you want to do?!”

It was obvious that he had been brought here all because Li Qingzhou had found someone to take action.

Because in addition to Li Qingzhou, there were two other people in black clothes, sunglasses and masks in the abandoned warehouse whose faces weren’t visible.

Li Qingzhou turned to face Cui Miao, the corners of his lips curved, but there was no smile on his face, and his eyes were especially cold.

He asked, “What do you think?”

“It can’t be that you don’t know what you’ve done right? Or do you want me to say it explicitly?”

At these words, Cui Miao’s expression couldn’t help but change.

He stiffened and said, “I don’t know….”

“Auto City, Xu Mengning.”

Cui Miao’s face fell and exposed directly by Li Qingzhou, he stopped pretending.

He opened his mouth, “So what if I did it all? Li Qingzhou, you dare to touch me, aren’t you afraid of the Cui family coming for revenge?”

“Have a little bit of sense and immediately…..”

Li Qingzhou took control of the wheelchair and moved closer to Cui Miao.

He had an object the size of his hand on his lap and as he got closer, he took the object in his hand and flicked the switch….

Then there was a ‘buzz buzz’ sound.

A blue arc of electricity sprang up from the top of the thing.

Cui Miao’s mouth closed instantly, terror in his eyes.

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