My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 34.2

Xu Qi Jin was at the medical department again at the moment– news about Li Qingzhou wasn’t at all that hard to come by. Now just asking around wasn’t difficult, as the school was full of people discussing it.

Especially in the medical department, which had the largest number of people talking about it.

It was nothing more than the fact that Li Qingzhou used to come there to look for someone during his studies at Yanjing University, and the person he used to look for was naturally Xu Mengning.

“…… It seems his feelings haven’t changed. This is much better.” Xu Qi Jin couldn’t help but be in an exuberant mood after getting the desired news.

Just as he was about to leave Yanjing University, a girl who called herself Cui Ting suddenly stopped him.

“What are you doing?” Xu Qi Jin frowned.

Cui Ting looked him up and down, then pursed her lips disdainfully, “You’re Xu Mengning’s brother?”

“No, I should say you are siblings who aren’t related by blood….”

Xu Qi Jin had come to see Xu Mengning a few times at the medical department that once, by chance, Cui Ting had seen him.

She now hated Xu Mengning with a passion.

Especially after the incident with the thugs in the southern district. Not only did Liu Xiahui become more reprimanding and cold-faced towards her, even brother Yufan had started to distance himself from her…..

Cui Ting now wanted Xu Mengning to simply disappear from her sight immediately.

And at this point, a man suddenly appeared next to Xu Mengning and their relationship was clearly different from that of ordinary friends.

Cui Ting naturally had to investigate.

This investigation led her directly to Licheng, where, to her surprise, she actually made an unexpected discovery.

Xu Mengning was an orphan. She and Li Qingzhou had known each other since they were children and Li Qingzhou was now disabled because he had saved her.

Furthermore, Xu Qi Jin owed millions in gambling and betting debts that he hadn’t paid……

Cui Ting told Xu Qi Jin straight away that she could provide him with several millions.

However Xu Qi Jin had to help her bring Xu Mengning’s reputation into disrepute– She was orphaned, adopted, and had caused Li Qingzhou to become disabled…..

Xu Qi Jin wasn’t stupid.

Hearing this, he rolled his eyes, “Xu Mengning is my sister after all and you want me to help you just for a few millions? No, it’s not worth it.”

“Unless, you can give more benefits, why should I help you act against my sister?”

Cui Ting sneered, “Don’t reach for a yard after getting an inch, greedy.”

“Do you think I don’t know that your relationship with Xu Mengning has been bad since you children? What kind of kinship are you spouting about here now?”

“And don’t forget, you still owe a gambling debt.”

Xu Qi Jin’s cheek was thick enough.

Because even when Cui Ting said this, the expression on his face remained unchanged as he still stuck to his words– he wasn’t going to do anything unless the benefits were greater.

Cui Ting was so angry that she was almost out of shape. In the end, she finally said, ‘I’ll wait for you to come to me’ then turned around and left.

Pouting, Xu Qi Jin cursed ‘brain-dead’ under his breath then left Yanjing University.

He took a taxi to the front of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. …..

After his meeting with Yang Huanlu, Li Qingzhou returned to the company in a good mood immediately afterwards where, coincidentally, he met Liu Bohuai who was on his way to look for him outside the company gate.

“Third Master, what are you doing here?” Li Qingzhou asked in confusion.

–The little guy in the bubble was lounging on a beach chair with big sunglasses on his face, his hands behind his head as he crossed one little leg above the knee of his other little leg cutely, swaying them.

Liu Bohuai had come to see Li Qingzhou to have dinner with him.

He asked him, “A new French restaurant has opened in Yanjing recently, want to go and try it?”

[Yes! But I just had lunch with Yang Huanlu at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel…..]

–The little guy in the bubble immediately rolled over and sat up, but then slapped his belly in depression, his expression wilting.

Li Qingzhou was about to decline then tell him that they could make another appointment for later when he heard a stranger’s voice coming abruptly from behind him.

“Li Qingzhou? It’s really you, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Xu Qi Jin felt that he was really lucky. He had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to meet him.

Unexpectedly he was able to see him as soon as he got out of the taxi.

He walked over and meeting Li Qingzhou’s puzzled gaze, couldn’t help but say, “I’m Xu Qi Jin, Xu Mengning’s brother. Don’t you remember?”

“Back then, in order to save my sister, your leg……”

Xu Qi Jin pointed to Li Qingzhou’s leg, then pretended to be considerate as he trailed off.

He continued, “At that time you simply liked my sister to the extent of wanting to die and at that time when the situation was very dangerous, you were the only one who jumped in without hesitation……”

“It’s a pity that you suddenly disappeared after that, otherwise we the Xu family wouldn’t have been stingy and spent as much money as we could to cure your legs.”

[Who the hell are you?!]

–The little guy in the bubble froze straight away, cocking his little head at him, one side of his big sunglasses slipping off to reveal a confused little expression.

At this point, Liu Bohuai’s voice was cold as he said slowly, “You’re saying that Qingzhou’s legs were disabled because of your sister, Xu Mengning?”

Xu Qi Jin froze. He didn’t know Liu Bohuai, but someone who could stand with Li Qingzhou must have an out of the ordinary status.

So he nodded and said, “That’s right, yes.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Liu Bohuai’s face sank.

When investigating the incident of Li Qingzhou’s disappearance as a child, the search for clues had been focused only on Yuancheng because of time constraints.

And Licheng had been passed over in one go.

Therefore Liu Bohuai didn’t know that Li Qingzhou’s legs were disabled because of Xu Mengning…..

Xu Qi Jin, unaware of this, went on to say, “Seeing that you like my sister so much, I can help you pursue her.”

Li Qingzhou: “……”

He froze a little– for a moment he wasn’t able to react to this man’s soliloquy.

There was no sound from the bubble.

–The little guy in the bubble remained in the same position he had been in before, just that one, two, three big red question marks appeared suddenly above his head.

Liu Bohuai, on the other hand, stood expressionless, his eyes dark and gloomy as he clutched the buddha beads that had fallen as the rope broke in his palm…..

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