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Chapter 64.1

On his first day back at work, Fang Xiyan filled Li Qingzhou in on the smart AI car sales for the past week— there was a clear dip compared to before.

Fang Xiyan said, “President Li, the Bolton Company has been pushing their new smart AI cars pretty hard recently.”

“And in addition to ordinary cars, they are also including new energy vehicles.”

“But the Bolton Company has mainly focused their efforts on selling ordinary smart AI cars.”

“They’ve added two new features to their intelligent voice control system….. one is a voice password lock and the other is an emergency alarm system.”

Both of these features were ones Li Qingzhou had already mentioned in public during press conferences and interviews.

—Especially the voice recognition alarm system.

For this feature, Li Qingzhou had secured a collaboration with the police system,

Guaranteeing that, once the second generation smart AI cars hit the market, if there was a critical situation or an accident occurred, it could immediately send out an alarm or call for help, automatically alerting the command centre for a rescue operation….

This feature was essential, as every second counted. What’s more it could cut down significantly on injuries and deaths.

And following the sales of the first generation smart AI cars, Li Qingzhou started straight away on preparing and researching the features for the second generation smart cars.

On how to further enhance its intelligence, make travel safer and more convenient for people and so on.

Now, there had been successes in the research for the second generation smart AI car system and they were ramping up on production,

Planning to sell them in Auto City and even online later.

Auto City, under the Li Group Corporation, had already made a name for itself in Yanjing and had expanded to other cities.

Moreover, as long as it was a 4S shop, the Li Group Corporation’s smart AI cars had the best sales.

However now, the Bolton Company’s strong push with their new smart AI cars had shaken up the domestic car market.

—Given that they were a well-known old brand that had always been at the forefront of the car industry, and now with two new voice features added to their AI system, as soon as they hit the market, many eyes were inevitably drawn to them.

Which resulted in the situation that, in just a few short weeks, the Bolton Company’s smart AI car sales had surpassed that of the Li Group’s.

It was clear that the Bolton Company was planning to climb back up to the top spot in global sales by stepping on the Li Group Corporation’s smart AI cars.

After looking over the data from his investigation, Fang Xiyan continued, “Currently, many large 4S shops across the country are starting to bring in the Bolton Company’s new smart cars.”

“President Li, should we start preparing some countermeasures?”

Despite the fact that they had already applied for patents from previous research,

The new features for the second generation smart AI cars were just in discourse for now and hadn’t been realized in practicality yet, and so thus didn’t carry any legal protective measures…..

And indeed, the research direction of smart AI cars did involve voice control and alarm systems.

Strictly speaking, within the car industry, this couldn’t be considered plagiarism.

After all, the road lay ahead— whoever stepped on it first, whoever researched it first, had the upper hand….

Li Qingzhou, “There’s no need to prepare countermeasures and no need to waste time and energy on this.”

“Let’s just focus on speeding up the manufacturing and production process of the second generation smart AI cars and proceed as planned.”

Fang Xiyan nodded, showing that he understood.


Not long after, the Li Group Corporation’s official weibo account announced the release date for the second generation smart AI cars as well as the date of the launch event.

This made netizens who had been waiting eagerly for the Li Group Corporation’s second generation smart AI cars swarm to the announcement post, causing its popularity to spike quickly.

[President Li’s research progress is fast. It’s seriously perfect timing that the second generation is already coming out, because my dad wants to replace his old car. I’ll buy one for my dad and then I’ll also be able to use it sometimes.]

[I support, support. It’s just that I didn’t have money to buy one, so I thought about saving up for the first generation smart AI car, but now this is perfect. I’ve saved enough to buy the second generation directly, haha.]

[The Bolton Company has already researched the voice alarm system and the voice password lock. Even car keys aren’t needed anymore.]

[Foreign well established brand cars are worth having. There’s no need to buy domestically produced cars as there’s just no comparison. Well established brand cars are safer and more reliable.]

[I’m just laughing out loud. The person above, do you think everything from abroad is better? That the moon overseas is rounder?!]

[There’s no need to buy domestically produced cars, but even if you don’t support them, don’t spew nonsense here. Why, are all foreigners your mother?]

[This dutiful son, first get your facts straight. Voice password lock and voice recognition alarm system are concepts for the second generation smart AI car that President Li proposed first!]

[The Bolton Company just stole the concept based on others’ groundwork, yet they’re still here calling themselves a well established brand car company. Their faces are thick enough to reach the sky. Shameless!]

[Hehe, who told President Li to mention it in the interview? If other companies have the capability, why shouldn’t they do it?]

[Blame President Li for researching too slowly; he couldn’t keep up with the progress. Anyways, I’m currently driving a car from the Bolton Company. Eyy, it’s so good, what can you do to me?]

Initially, this was just a simple weibo post announcing the launch event date and specific sales date, but online arguments began to stir over this issue.

Causing the popularity to remain high.

Li Qingzhou saw this, but didn’t intervene, focusing on preparing for the launch event.

Soon, the launch event for the second generation smart AI car was being held in a suitable venue.

There were many reporters on site, with their live streaming equipments set up….

Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai met backstage as they prepared.

And coming from separate rooms, Fang Xiyan and Zou Ming followed them respectively.

Fang Xiyan was holding the schedule for the press conference, briefing Li Qingzhou.

As in a moment, once the front stage was set up, Li Qingzhou would go on stage to host the presentation.

Zou Ming looked at President Liu, then at Fang Xiyan who was standing with President Li at the moment.

Then walking over, he said, “Assistant Fang, it seems there’s something at the front stage that needs your onsite direction…..”

Hearing this, Fang Xiyan followed Zou Ming’s suggestion, heading out the door: “Is that so? I’ll go take a look.”

Zou Ming also followed him out.

With the door closed, it was left with just Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai in the room.

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