My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 86.2

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In the evening, the Li family’s driver and Li Hanyu went to pick Li Xusheng up from school.

Usually, it was mostly Li Qingzhou who did the pickups, or if he wasn’t available, the family’s hired driver or Li Hanyu alone. 

But because he had stayed overnight on the mountain, Fang Xiyan had sent quite a few documents that needed his attention over.

When Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng returned home, Li Qingzhou had just finished looking over some documents, and so came out of the study to have dinner together.

Li Xusheng had never been a picky eater ever since he was little, and so ate quietly and obediently.

Then after finishing a bowl of rice, when Li Qingzhou went to the sofa, he laid down on Li Qingzhou’s legs, looking up as he acted cute.

–He asked curiously about the fun activities on the mountains,

And when the transparent roof of the treehouse was mentioned, his eyes lit up.

And the tips of Li Qingzhou’s ears, when he inevitably recalled last night’s ‘stargazing’, turned red slightly. 

Touching Li Xusheng’s little head, he said, “When the weather gets warmer, I’ll take you guys there to stay for a few nights, Jun Jun will go too.”

Hearing this, Li Hanyu also couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Kids, after all, didn’t have much resistance to treehouses.


Li Qingzhou had already decided to be with Liu Bohuai, but the system had yet to show any reaction or message.

–I don’t know how the task of avoiding Liu Bohuai’s lonely end can be regarded as having been completed.

Li Qingzhou thought, could it be that he had to wait until he and Ah Huai got married?

Or maybe….. did something more intimate?

Intimate blending with each other?


Li Qingzhou blushed, not daring to think further.

He wasn’t in a hurry; after all, the task would be completed eventually, and with his leg not yet recovered, he could ask Ah Huai for more hugs. 

A week later.

Grandfather Zhuang called Li Qingzhou to give him good news– the intelligent exoskeleton support had been completed.

Currently, one set had been made successfully, it was just waiting for someone to try it on. 

And this tester was undoubtedly best to be Li Qingzhou.

Thus Liu Bohuai and Li Qingzhou went to the biological research laboratory institute. 

The equipment was brought out — its design was more lightweight and streamlined this time, especially around the waist and legs.

The waist was thin metal sheet, the legs were even finer, and the support and extensibility, as well as the flexibility had all been improved.

Not only that.

An intelligent chip had been implanted in the exoskeleton support which could be connected to a cell phone for management– adjustment and control, automatic retraction or expansion when taken off, leg bearing capacity reaching over three hundred pounds, reducing unnecessary muscle and energy consumption in the upper body, as well as enhancing endurance significantly.

Li Qingzhou tried it out and found that it was indeed much more comfortable than it had been before.

And the walking duration while wearing it had also increased greatly.

Grandfather Zhuang said, “There’s still research to be done on this intelligent exoskeleton support, especially in the smart AI aspect.”

“But with our current technology, this research is the best we have.”

Everything needed to be done gradually, with continuous progress.

Li Qingzhou nodded. 

The main issue was the rare materials used in making the exoskeleton support. The rest wasn’t much of a problem, but just the materials alone was enough to slow down progress.

Hence even though the intelligent exoskeleton support had been made successfully, releasing it for sale would have to wait until after the New Year.

This model was first taken home by Li Qingzhou. 

There was no one at home, as his siblings had gone to school.

Liu Bohuai, pushing the wheelchair behind him, watched as Li Qingzhou walked into the living room– his enthusiasm for wearing the exoskeleton support having not been waned yet, as he circled around the sofa the moment he entered.

His pace was steady, and as he moved, one could hear the sound of the mechanical joints at his knees rubbing.

[One step, two steps, one step, two steps…..]

–The little guy in the bubble bounced around, tugging a heart-shaped pink balloon that was in his left palm, swinging it back and forth.

Liu Bohuai pushed the wheelchair to the side, and after watching him make two rounds, said, “Qingzhou, take a break.”

Li Qingzhou had just been about to go over, but hearing this, he turned to Liu Bohuai with his arms open.


–The little guy in the bubble let go of the balloon, which floated away, while he himself pounced on the wall, beaming with joy.

Liu Bohuai went over quickly, slid his arms under Li Qingzhou’s, then lifted him up, one hand unfastening and removing the exoskeleton support while the other slipped under his knees and swept him up, placing him on the sofa as he rubbed his waist, knees, and other areas gently.

After all, it was a metal mechanism, and long-term wear would inevitably lead to swelling and bruising.

Li Qingzhou slumped in his arms lazily, fiddling with the buttons on his shirt as he asked, “Ah Huai, you’re going abroad for the New Year, when will you be back?”

[Reluctant to part…]

Liu Bohuai told him, “Usually, I come back on the sixth day of the new year.”

Xia Qingwan was planning to stay abroad permanently.

First, her body wasn’t in good condition, and her residence abroad, in the suburbs, had fresh air and was quiet. Second, if she was here in the country, it was inevitable that she would be saddened by memories, and he was afraid she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

What’s more things were too chaotic at home.

Li Qingzhou made an ‘oh’ sound.

And although it didn’t show on his face, the little guy in the bubble obviously looked downcast as he pouted, sitting with his legs forked out, his little head down as he fiddled with his fingers.

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was massaging his waist froze, but thinking of certain inevitable tasks, didn’t make any promises.

He needed to arrange certain documents for his trip abroad.

And there were certain processes that he wasn’t sure when he would be able to get done.

Just as he was thinking this, he heard from Li Qingzhou’s bubble.

[If I won’t be able to see Ah Huai during the New Year, then I’m also going to take Hanyu and Shengsheng back to Xicheng……]

[Sigh, last time I confessed to Grandpa that I like men to give him a padding first, but I haven’t told him about Ah Huai and I yet.]

[Grandpa has been calling recently, it seems he wants to introduce me to male blind dates.]

Thinking about the possibility that maybe during the New Year the old man might want him to meet someone, he started to think about how to refuse tactfully.

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was around his waist suddenly tightened, causing Li Qingzhou to be unable to help but come back to his senses, and confused, he lifted his head and called out, “Ah Huai?”

Liu Bohuai: “I’ll come back on the first day of the Lunar New Year.”

Li Qingzhou froze.

The first day of the Lunar New Year?

Wasn’t that exactly the day of the Spring Festival?

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