My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 63.2

The weather was pleasant in the afternoon. The sun wasn’t too bright and there was a gentle breeze blowing, the flowers blooming perfectly.

It was the ideal weather for taking in the scenery while fishing.

Li Hanyu had received a call from a high school classmate who invited her to go shopping and to watch a movie. Something that was a rare moment of relaxation for her.

Thus the task of taking care of the children was once again entrusted to Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai.

Coincidentally, Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun were also interested in fishing, so, each of them carrying a small bucket and holding child sized fishing rods, they followed behind the two adults.

The artificial lake had beautiful scenery, with rockeries, pavilions, and pathways…. so from time to time, elderly people often brought their children here for walks.

Therefore, in addition to the designated fishing area, there was also a small beach amusement park near the artificial lake.

Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun initially tried to imitate the two adults by squatting in front of their fishing rods. But as time passed and no fish were caught, the two children became impatient.

After a while, they abandoned their child sized fishing rods and small buckets to ran off to the beach amusement park to play.

Li Qingzhou told them, “Don’t wander too far and don’t talk to strangers.”

Li Xusheng responded, “En, big brother.”

Xia Yijun patted his chest, “Big brother Li, don’t worry. We’ll definitely be well behaved and obedient.”

The beach amusement park wasn’t far from the fishing area; it could be seen at a glance.

Additionally, this place was only open to the residents nearby, so everyone knew each other, and there were very few unfamiliar people who came here.

So feeling a lot more at ease, Li Qingzhou let them go.

After Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun left, it became even quieter around the two.

Li Qingzhou’s thoughts began to churn incessantly.

[I should have, should have let Shengsheng and Jun Jun stay here. After all children need to learn patience…..]

The little guy in the bubble poked the little fishing rod with his finger nervously as he stole glances at Liu Bohuai, a look of uncertainty on his face.

[No….. as long as I’m not nervous, it’s others who will be nervous! Since Third Master likes me….. then would he be nervous too?]

The little guy in the bubble became spirited, his expression turning curious.

[Would Third Master’s heart race, would his breath catch, be panicked, his scalp tingle and tighten, as if a current is running from his spine to his brain, his limbs….. his whole body heating up uncontrollably that he can’t control it when he’s facing me?]

[Ahh….. reliable adults won’t show it even if they’re really nervous…..]

[Third Master is very mature and reliable, and very sexy and charming….. but what does he look like when he’s nervous? I really want to see….]

The little guy in the bubble rested his chin in his hands, getting lost in his fantasies.

“Qingzhou.” Liu Bohuai suddenly spoke.

Snapping out of it, Li Qingzhou turned around, asking, “Third Master, what’s wrong?”

Liu Bohuai didn’t look at him, but stared at the shimmering surface lake as if in concentration and holding the fishing rod in his hand, asked in a calm tone, “After I kissed you earlier….. when you faced me again, did you feel a sense of panic, your heart racing uncontrollably fast?

“Or did you feel at a loss, not knowing what to do…. feeling shy and flushed?”

After Liu Bohuai finished asking this, he turned to look at Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou remained silent, his eyes lowered, staring at the bucket.

[Wow….. That is so spot on. Why is Third Master so in sync with my thoughts? I was just thinking about this….]

—The eyes of the little guy in the bubble widened, his mouth forming a round shape.

Liu Bohuai asked, “Qingzhou, when I kissed you, did you feel disgusted?”

[Well, no.]

The little guy in the bubble blushed slowly, lowering his head as he twiddled his fingers.

Liu Bohuai continued, “If you didn’t feel disgusted, but instead felt your heart racing, felt shy and nervous, it means that you don’t feel completely indifferent towards me.”

“Just like how I feel about you…..”

If you don’t know what it feels like to like someone, I will teach you step by step until you can be sure.

A gentle breeze lifted Liu Bohuai’s hair, and his handsome features looked even more beautiful and three-dimensional against the backdrop of the lake scenery, making him impossible to ignore.

Especially his eyes. It was as if they could only contain one person, as they remained focused and unwavering.

Li Qingzhou had never felt that just being stared at would cause him to lose control of his heart and mind gradually, the heat in him spreading recklessly….

He seemed to have fallen into a trap, but it was so soft inside that he just wanted to lie down and not break free.

[I, could it be that I really…..]

However just then, the fishing rod in Li Qingzhou’s hand suddenly moved.

And instinctively, he lifted it with force— and immediately, a lively and jumping big fish that was hooked to it was pulled out of the water.

Its tail swinging continuously, flinging beads of water at Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai.

[Wow! Such a big fish— what a harvest!]

—The little guy in the bubble was instantly overjoyed as he jumped up from his small chair, clapping excitedly.

Liu Bohuai: “…..”

Lowering his head, he pinched his brows.

On the other side, Li Qingzhou stared intently at the big fish then shouted, “Third Master, come and help me!”

He couldn’t handle it alone, and it wasn’t easy to put it away.

At this moment, nervousness and what not were all thrown to the back of his mind— he couldn’t even remember it— he was only focused on the fish.

Feeling helpless, Liu Bohuai stood up and walked over to help.

—Catching the fish made the trip worthwhile.

Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun were called back to see the fish.

And the two children were also excited to see it.

Squatting beside the bucket, they whispered in discussion about how they would eat it when they returned— steamed or braised?

Li Qingzhou finally decided to go half steamed and half braised.

Or maybe….. catch another fish, so they would have both options.

However, Liu Bohuai said, “It’s getting late, and the temperature difference is big now, especially by the lake. It might get cold later, so let’s go back early.”

He looked at Li Qingzhou.

[That’s also true.]

Li Qingzhou nodded. “Alright, let’s go back. Shengsheng and Jun Jun, go pack up.”

Nodding obediently, the two children run to the side to pack up their child sized fishing rods and buckets.

And Liu Bohuai bent down to collect their things.

Li Qingzhou realized in hindsight that ever since he became familiar with Third Master, it seemed as if Third Master had been taking care of him diligently in every aspect.

[Third Master is attentive, gentle, considerate, mature, wealthy and capable. Most importantly, he’s really handsome!]

[Thinking about it this way, he’s definitely not losing out by liking me! After all, I’m equally outstanding!]

—Cupping his cheeks with both hands, the little guy in the bubble giggled shyly.

A smile in his eyes, Liu Bohuai carried the buckets and fishing rods, then walking to Li Qingzhou’s side, said, “Let’s go back.”


Liu Bohuai walked beside Li Qingzhou, the two side by side.

Xia Yijun and Li Xusheng bounced behind as they followed the two, jumping and playing on the two men’s elongated shadows that seemed to blend together.


The enjoyable weekend time passed quickly.

Li Qingzhou was taking Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng back to Yanjing and Liu Bohuai was taking Xia Yijun with him as well, leaving with them, so there was no need for Fang Xiyan to come and pick them up anymore.

Before they left however, Old Master Li instructed, “Qingzhou, your Grandpa Zhao’s granddaughter is now back in the country and working at a law firm in Yanjing.”

“You’re all in Yanjing, so take care of her when you have time.”

“Sometimes, you can have a meal together and build a good relationship. I really like that girl Yueqing…..”

Li Qingzhou’s expression stiffened slightly as he listened to Old Master Li’s words.

[Stop….. Third Master, stop looking at me. I’m almost unable to hold on.]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his face with both hands, burying his head in his chest, self-isolating online.

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  1. Hopefully Li Qingzhou will seriously consider his feelings toward Liu Bohuai now that he’s starting to recognize his consideration and gentleness. If he’s not certain, he should just do a trial run with Liu Bohuai and let the latter show off his boyfriend power, lol.

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