My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 47.1

For now, Du Chenwei’s team was ranked sixth in the semi-finals.

Although their ranking wasn’t low, it wasn’t high either, at least not compared to Yu Zhe and his team’s.

However seeing Du Chenwei still smiling after the end of the competition, as if he was completely unaffected, a strange feeling couldn’t help but rise in Li Qingzhou’s heart.

Du Chenwei seemed to really not care about having a lower ranking than Yu Zhe and his team….. but hadn’t he made certain harsh remarks before?

So why was he not bothered now?

Something was wrong.

Li Qingzhou frowned and before leaving, asked Yu Zhe and his team to pay closer attention to Du Chenwei and to be wary of him using some backhanded means to win the competition in secret before the finals.

Especially since Du Chenwei had the support and help of the Cui Group.

Yu Zhe nodded: “President Li, rest assured. Before the finals, I will be staying in the studio with Xiao Lin.”

Dong Lin on the side also promised, “That’s right, Yu Ge and I will ensure that the robots’ usability and intelligent programs are running normally….. We will check them every day to make sure that there is no chance of sabotage.”

And the studio had food, drink and beds to sleep in, so there was no need to worry about daily life.

Not to mention the fact that they used to stay in the studio a lot, so this was normal.


After leaving the venue of the competition, Li Qingzhou received a call from Grandfather Zhuang.

Due to the approval of the qualified biological laboratory, the project to study intelligent exoskeleton support and artificial organs had been launched.

The list of experimental personnel assigned to participate had already been determined.

And as he was the original initiator, his grandfather asked if he wanted to come meet them.

Currently, the country was conducting research on artificial organs, which could be classified into three main types: mechanical artificial organs, semi mechanical-semi biological artificial organs and biological artificial organs.

The last one was the most suitable research direction for the human body but also the most difficult to study.

Biological artificial organs were similar in size and function to the body’s original organs and didn’t require continuous external power like the first two types.

And they had a longer usage cycle as well as many advantages and most importantly, when a patient underwent organ transplantation, they wouldn’t experience rejection.

Currently, even the first type of mechanical artificial organs hadn’t been created yet.

Due to the limitations of science and technology, scientists had predicted that— perhaps in the next fifty years, humans would be able to cultivate all organs of the human body using bioengineering methods.

But all of this was still just speculations.

However not long ago, Li Qingzhou had proposed the possibility of using artificial intelligence to manufacture artificial organs to Grandfather Zhuang.

—This entailed using artificial intelligence to construct cells, cultivate tissue structure and even create artificial nerves, blood vessels and more.

As well as the use of artificial intelligence to address the material requirements and miniaturization issues related to artificial organs.

The academic materials that Li Qingzhou had presented at the time regarding artificial intelligence biological research hadn’t been just vague discussions or empty theories; they contained concrete results that were likely achievable.

As a result, when Grandfather Zhuang saw them, he immediately took them seriously.

Hence the assigned experimental personnel from the above were also primarily involved in the research on artificial organs.

Therefore Li Qingzhou really had to go and meet them, as they would be working together in the future.

And his main contribution would be in the field of artificial intelligence.

After saying goodbye to Liu Bohuai, Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan went to the address provided by Grandfather Zhuang— a national bio-research facility that had been approved for special use.

Once their identities had been verified by the security guard and they were allowed to enter, the two disappeared through the entrance.


Dormitory of Yanjing University.

Zhao Jingjing came back with packed food.

And Xu Mengning sat up in bed, her voice slightly hoarse as she thanked her, “It’s been hard on you and I still have to make you take care of me.”

Hearing her words, Zhao Jingjing smiled: “It’s nothing. Sit down quickly, you still have low-grade fever.”

Holding Xu Mengning’s arm, she helped her sit down in front of the table then took the food out deftly, asking as she did so, “How are you feeling?”

Because Xu Mengning had been pushing herself too hard lately, she now had a slight fever.

Earlier in class at the department, she had almost passed out because she wasn’t feeling well. Fortunately, Zhao Jingjing had noticed and helped her back to the dormitory to rest.

Xu Mengning answered, “I’m already feeling much better and the fever should subside this afternoon…. I still have some research to finish.”

She wanted to go and have a look later in the evening.

Zhao Jingjing frowned, “Mengning, what you need right now is to rest properly. Your experimental research can be put aside for now; it’s not as if it’s going anywhere.”

“And you’re not allowed to go to the classroom building tonight, understand?”

She wanted Xu Mengning’s promise.

Having failed to persuade her good friend, Xu Mengning could only agree reluctantly.

While eating, Zhao Jingjing happened to catch a glimpse of Xu Mengning’s phone which was displaying a video of an artificially intelligent robots competition.

She couldn’t help but blurt out, “Mengning, are you watching Senior Li’s match?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Zhao Jingjing felt that she had made a mistake and laughed awkwardly, “Senior Li hasn’t been to the medical department for quite some time.”

“If he knew you had a fever, he would definitely….”

Xu Mengning: “Qingzhou has been too busy lately, so it’s better to not let him know…. Besides, this little fever will pass quickly, it’s not as if something big is happening to me.”

Saying this, she poked at the rice in her bowl with her chopsticks, her expression a little lost.

Zhao Jingjing pursed her lips. She was the one who could feel Li Qingzhou’s gradual distancing from Xu Mengning the most.

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