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Chapter 84.2

Editor: Jodi

Gradually, the car ventured deeper into the mountain, and the sounds of birds filled the surroundings. The temperature also dropped gradually, and on the forest path, there was a sense of solitude that was unique to the season.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but tighten the coat around him.

Immediately, Liu Bohuai reached over, took hold of one of his hands, then placed it in the pocket of his own jacket.

Li Qingzhou let out a puzzled ‘En?’ when his hand touched a round object.

“Take it out and have a look.” Liu Bohuai’s voice, with a hint of a smile, rang out.

Li Qingzhou took it out and found that it was a small hand warmer.

Liu Bohuai: “Hold it in your hands to warm up; we’ll be there soon.”

“En.” The corners of Li Qingzhou’s lips pursed into a smile as he turned the power switch on and placed it in the palm of his hands.

Soon, a comforting warmth spread through his body.

[Third Master is really good, hehe.]

–The little guy in the bubble pouted then blew a ‘mwah mwah’ kiss in Liu Bohuai’s direction.

As the car continued to move forward, Li Qingzhou gradually understood why Liu Bohuai had chosen an open-top off-road vehicle for their mountain trip.

–It was because this was the most beautiful season for the red maple trees. And as they were driving through the forest of red maple trees, the red leaves fluttered down, creating a stunning and breathtaking sight.

He couldn’t help but reach out to catch some, and a red maple leaf landed in his palm.

[Wow, it’s so beautiful!]

–The little guy in the bubble sat on the wall with his short legs spread out, his head tilted up with his mouth wide open, his face full of amazement.

As they drove away from the red maple forest, the scenery opened up before them.

Then with Liu Bohuai’s ‘we’re here’, Li Qingzhou finally saw the destination of their trip– a man-mad treehouse perched by the lake.

In the middle of a relatively open grassy area stood a tall treehouse that spiraled upwards, accessible via the treehouse’s steps, leading to a spacious large balcony.

Inside, there were three stories of rooms, with a treetop-like canopy on top.

In short, it was incredibly beautiful, like a fairytale house in the forest.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t take his eyes off the treehouse as he murmured, “Third Master, how did you find this place?”

Liu Bohuai had already come out of the car by now and was at his side. He told him, “I found this place during previous mountain camping trips.”

“I personally designed then built this treehouse afterwards.”

“I come here a few times every year, and this year, I wanted to bring you here.”

He turned his head to ask, “Qingzhou, do you like it?”

Li Qingzhou’s face couldn’t help but be colored with a smile as he nodded, “En, I like it, I like it very much.”

[I really, really like Third Master.]

–The cheeks of the little guy in the bubble flushed as he reached out for a hug.

Liu Bohuai opened the door of the car, lifted him up, then instead of putting him in the wheelchair, he carried him step by step up the treehouse’s stairs.

They reached the balcony.

Two chairs had been placed on the balcony, each with cushions and blankets, covered in plastic to protect them, with only a few leaves on top.

Liu Bohuai used one hand to clean them, put Li Qingzhou down, unfolded a blanket, spread it over his legs, then leaning down, kissed his forehead gently and whispered, “Wait for me a moment.”


Liu Bohuai turned and went downstairs to pick some things up, also bringing the wheelchair up as well.

The tips of Li Qingzhou’s ears turned slightly red as he ran his fingers over the fine fluff of the blanket.

It was only then that he realized– that every corner of the treehouse was spotlessly clean. Evidence that it had been cleaned in advance.

Moreover the cushions and blankets looked like they had only been out here today, what’s more they were brand new.

Liu Bohuai worked swiftly, and after arranging certain things, he carried Li Qingzhou and placed him back in the wheelchair, asking: “Do you want to go inside or stay outside for a while?”

Li Qingzhou said, “I want to sit outside for a while.”

[The view outside is very beautiful.]

–The little guy in the bubble gave a happy thumbs-up.

Liu Bohuai rubbed his hair then said, “Okay then, just sit outside for a while first.”

Then he went into the treehouse and returned shortly after with hot tea and snacks. He also brought a coat for Li Qingzhou, afraid he would be cold up in the mountains.

Li Qingzhou took a sip of the hot tea, and the warmth spread through his entire being.

[Ah, this is enjoyment.]

–The little guy in the bubble was also sitting in a chair, with his little belly bulging slightly, just short of him collapsing in it.

They had spent quite a bit of time on the road coming over that, by the time they arrived, it was already around one or two in the afternoon, well past lunchtime.

Fortunately, Li Qingzhou had already eaten something in the car, so he wasn’t hungry.

And after sitting for a while, he wanted to take a look inside the treehouse.

So getting up, Liu Bohuai pushed him inside– and the moment the door to the treehouse opened, a wave of warm air hit them, noticeably different from the temperature outside.

Surprised, Li Qingzhou turned around.

Liu Bohuai explained, “The treehouse has a generator and solar power, so it can easily supply power for two or three days.”

“But after that, we’ll need to use a fireplace for heating.”

He had purposely turned on the heating just now, which was why the inside of the house was warm.

The first floor of the treehouse served as a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The second floor was for sleeping, and there was also a recreational room.

The third floor, however, was the smallest, however it also surprised Li Qingzhou the most.

–It was actually a room with a transparent roof, and outside the roof was a canopy of trees, making it look remarkably authentic, with various plants scattered around the glass roof.

And just below it was a bed that if one were to lie on and look up, they would feel as if they were spending the night under the trees.

Seeing Li Qingzhou’s focused expression, Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but lean down and whisper in his ear, “Qingzhou, do you want to sleep here together in the night? We can watch the stars.”

There was only one bed on the third floor.

Li Qingzhou hesitated for a moment then nodded immediately, “Okay.”

[Of course I want to! I, I won’t be shy.]

–The little guy in the bubble covered his cheeks, his big eyes blinking and blinking, obviously shy.

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