My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 52.1

After arriving at the Xia family’s residence, Li Qingzhou was invited by Xia Xinjian to his study.

Inside the study, Xia Xinjian sincerely expressed the military’s interest in the intelligent robot Rescue One, hoping to reach a cooperation with Li Qingzhou along with other such words.

Naturally, Li Qingzhou didn’t hesitate to accept the military’s request.

At the same time, he hoped that the Xia family could assist in the investigation of Unique Studio’s team being sabotaged deliberately during the finals, which resulted in the rescue robot’s core system program going haywire.

Li Qingzhou: “It’s a new type of virus that can invade intelligent programs; ordinary people can’t create or obtain it.”

“So, it’s definitely a premeditated sabotage.”

“Considering the uncooperative attitude of the organizer, I’m hoping you can assist…”

Xia Xinjian nodded, “Sure, no problem.”

The conversation between the two was very pleasant.

When they came out of the study again, it was already evening.

At this point, Xia Yijun had already returned home from school and of course, Li Qingzhou’s little brother Li Xusheng had come back as well.

Both children had been picked up by Liu Bohuai as they were in the same class.

Before Liu Bohuai had gone to pick the children up, Li Qingzhou had managed to find time to call the third grade homeroom teacher to inform her.

—He wouldn’t have time to pick his little brother from school today.

Hence Li Xusheng would be picked up together with Xia Yijun and he asked the teacher to inform Li Xusheng.

Li Qingzhou had picked up his little brother with Liu Bohuai several times before, so the teacher had a deep impression of them and understanding the situation, agreed over the phone.

After being taken to the Xia family home, Li Xusheng called his big sister to explain the situation and then waited for Li Qingzhou to come out of the study.

As he was well-behaved, he was well-liked by the women of the Xia family.

When Li Qingzhou entered the living room, his little brother was sitting next to Jun Jun.

The two children were sitting very close together, watching TV with Zhong Lan and Xu Shan accompanying them, with fruit plates and snacks on the coffee table.

“Big brother!”

Li Xusheng was always the first to notice Li Qingzhou’s presence.

His eyes lighting up, he braced himself then jumped off the sofa, ran towards Li Qingzhou, then hugged his big brother’s arm with precision.

At this moment, Liu Bohuai was standing behind Li Qingzhou, stopping the wheelchair thoughtfully.

Li Qingzhou rubbed Li Xusheng’s head: “Good boy.”

After Xia Xinjian and Li Qingzhou finished discussing matters, there were still some documents to handle, so Xia Xinjian remained in the study.

Meanwhile, Xia Cenze hadn’t returned from work yet.

Walking over, Xia Xinjian’s wife, Zhong Lan, said, “Qingzhou, it’s drizzling outside. How about you stay here for a while then leave when the rain stops?”

Xia Yijun also ran over, hugging his little friend, reluctant to part with him, “Yes, big brother Li, please stay a little longer.”

Li Qingzhou looked up. There was a large floor-to-ceiling window in the Xia family’s living room and through it, he could see that it was really raining lightly outside and that the sky was gray.

So he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll be imposing on you then.”

Zhong Lan smiled, “How could it be an imposition? Since Shengsheng arrived, Jun Jun has become much more well-behaved.”

Even Xu Shan, Xia Yijun’s mother laughed, “That’s right, our little troublemaker has finally settled down for a while. Come, I’ll prepare some tea.”

Saying this, she headed towards the kitchen.

Soon after, the two children continued to watch TV, leaning on the sofa while Zhong Lan and Xu Shan, both married women, chatted with Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai.

As they were chatting, they suddenly brought up the issue of Liu Bohuai’s lifelong event.

As Liu Bohuai’s mother, Xia Qingwan was now living abroad to recuperate, unconcerned with worldly affairs, there was no one in the Liu family who could make decisions for Liu Bohuai at the moment.

Liu Jingyuan wasn’t even considered.

So since the Liu family didn’t have any suitable candidates to bring it up, then it had to be brought up by the Xia family.

However in regards to Xia Xinjian and Xia Cenze, these two men could discuss work matters with Liu Bohuai, but when it came to introducing potential partners or arranging blind dates, how could they be fully aware and understanding?

So for a significant lifelong event like marriage, it was necessary for Zhong Lan and Xu Shan, the two female elders to step up.

As the conversation reached this point, Zhong Lan sighed, “Bohuai is already in his thirties, but until now, there hasn’t been a single woman who has caught his eye…”

“When asked what kind of person he likes, not only does he not answer, he also refuses flatly.”

“A few days ago, I wanted to introduce him to a friend’s niece, but as soon as I mentioned it, he stopped visiting. He’s avoiding me.”

Zhong Lan, holding Li Qingzhou’s hand, said, “If it wasn’t for bringing you here, I’m thinking he probably wouldn’t show up for a month.”

Zhong Lan was Xia Qingwan’s sister-in-law and so, Liu Bohuai’s aunt. Although she took good care of herself, she was already getting on in years.

She had watched Liu Bohuai grow up.

And after Xia Qingwan left the old house to recuperate abroad, she took even greater care of Liu Bohuai, playing the role of a mother figure.

Moreover Liu Bohuai had great respect for her.

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