My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 22.3

In the evening, after Old Master Li finally returned to Xicheng from outside the province, the old house was silent.

He had been relieved to learn on the phone that Li Xusheng’s condition was stable.

But when he asked why Li Xusheng was suddenly in such a state, the butler stammered for words, then could only come out with, “Eldest Young Master Qingzhou has also returned to the old house and has something to discuss with you.”


When Old Master Li entered the living room, the butler greeted him, “You are back at last. Young Miss and little young master are now in Eldest Young Master’s room…. they are both sleeping.”

“Eldest young master is waiting for you in the study.”

The old house had a elevator to make it easier for Li Qingzhou to go up and down.

Old Master Li couldn’t help but wonder why both children were in Qingzhou’s room, but didn’t ask more questions.

Nodding, he wanted to go upstairs.

But the butler suddenly said, “Master, please wait a moment.

Turning, he brought a glass of water and the medicine box that had been prepared.

Old Master Li was puzzled: “Haven’t I stopped taking this medication?”

He had been so angry at Li Chengkang that his heart had ached, that was why he had taken these pills for a few days, so now he recognized them at first glance.

The old butler said calmly, “Master, this is the second course of treatment.”

Old Master Li frowned, but took the medicine and then went upstairs.

Seeing the Old Master’s departing figure, the butler sent a message to the doctor, asking him to wait outside for the time being and to enter the old house immediately just in case…..

The doctor replied immediately.


The doctor came in after all.

Old Master Li was helped to the bed in the bedroom by the butler and the doctor, with Li Qingzhou following behind.

The doctor wanted to examine him, but was pushed away.

Covering his chest, Old Master Li said weakly: “You guys go out first, I’m fine….Qingzhou stay, I want to talk to you.”

The butler and the doctor looked hesitantly at Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou told them, “Go out first, but doctor, I may have to ask you to stay at the old house tonight.”

The doctor nodded and then followed the butler out.

“Grandpa….” Li Qingzhou came to the bedside and took Old Master Li’s hand in his own.

Old Master Li instantly burst into tears. His mouth opened, but no words came out and he looked grief-stricken.

He gripped Li Qingzhou’s hand hard and said in a very hoarse voice: “This…. matter will be left to you. From now on, I will pretend that I never gave birth to this son….”

“We, the Li family, no longer have someone called Li Chengkang!”


By the time Li Qingzhou returned to his room, it was late at night.

During this time, Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng had woken up once.

And after having some dinner, Li Hanyu went upstairs to rest and Li Xusheng slept in Li Qingzhou’s room after taking his medicine.

And now, Li Xusheng had fallen asleep again.

Li Qingzhou first went to the bedside, stroked his little brother’s head, soothed the uneasiness on his brow and then, after his little brother had fallen into deep sleep, took control of the wheelchair and went to the window.

He didn’t feel the least bit sleepy at the moment.

–Whether it was about him being trafficked to Yuancheng as a child or his parents’ car accident…. He knew that the Jiang family must have had a hand in it.

Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling could be convicted with the video inside the camera, but the Jiang family….

Jiang Jihong was very resourceful.

After all these years, he would have cleaned up any remaining clues and left no leverage that could be used against him.

If he wanted to settle the scores, he would have to deal with the Jiang family as well.

Otherwise, who knew what dirty tricks they would use to get back at them….

If he wanted to do it, he had to do it thoroughly and leave no loose ends.

First, he had to find the family in Yuancheng, then follow the trail to find the person who trafficked him to Yuancheng….

–Gather evidence and then accuse the Jiang family.

Unfortunately, his ability…. was currently limited.

Furthermore, if the Li family’s power was used, afraid Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling would be alerted and made aware of any moves in advance.

Then the Jiang family would probably find a way to deal with the situation.

So, should he get some help?

Li Qingzhou, with a pensive expression, stretched out his fingers and nudged the armrest of his wheelchair…. Ask tomorrow, sleep first.


The next day, Li Qingzhou woke up early and sent a message to Liu Bohuai.

Within a minute, the message was returned.

Old Master Li said to the public– he had accidentally caught a cold after returning from a trip to the province and the doctor told him he needed to recuperate, so he wouldn’t be seeing anyone lately.

No one was left at the old house.

Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng also happened to be on holiday and were both sent to Yanjing to the Zhuang family to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Zhuang.

Li Qingzhou met up with Liu Bohuai when he returned to Yanjing.


Five days later.

Liu Bohuai put all the information he had found in Yuancheng in front of Li Qingzhou and said, “That family in Yuancheng is not hard to find.”

“The more time-consuming thing is the person who trafficked you to Yuancheng at that time.”

“He was known on the road as Scarab because of the ‘features’ on his face…. take a look, do you remember him?”

On the paper, there was a printed picture of someone on it.

–The man was probably in his forties or fifties, fit, and with an ordinary face.

But he had a rather hideous scar under his left eye, was bald above his left ear, had no hair, but had mangy growth.

Li Qingzhou had a vague and faint impression of him.

Liu Bohuai continued, “He has a record at Xicheng police station for burglary and attempted murder and should have been locked up for seventeen to eighteen years but was released early in less than six years….”

Li Qingzhou asked, “Did Jiang Jihong do it?”

Liu Bohuai nodded, “It was him.”

“Scarab’s original name was Wang Yong, now he’s changed it to Wang Zhonglu.”

“Before what happened to you, he had already secretly done several bad things for Jiang Jihong.”

“At that time he was just in his twenties and looked less mangy above his left ear than he does now…..”

Staring at the picture, Li Qingzhou asked, “What is he doing now?”

“Outwardly running a small business but secretly…. kidnapping children.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!! Hopefully they’ll be able to get rid of Li Chengkang and the Jiang Family in no time without encountering any obstacles.

  2. I’m surprised and happy MC was willing to get help from an ‘outsider’ considering this is a very messy private affair.

    Go, Go, Go! ML go catch MC’s trust and dependency!
    Thanks for the update!^^

  3. Kidnapping children doesn’t seem like a suitable venture for a man with really distinctive scars.

    Like a nice looking older woman would have a much easier time.

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