My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 69.2

As Li Qingzhou scrolled through the comments, he happened on one that read—

[Congratulations! The Li Group Corporation’s car sales have caught up with and surpassed the Bolton Company again! Haha, let’s celebrate together.jpg]

He had just put his phone down when Fang Xiyan knocked, came in and said, “President Li, the vice president of the Bolton Company is here again.”

“He is waiting in the company’s lobby downstairs and seems to have no intention of leaving. He probably wants to wait until you to get off work…..”

After the incident with the Bolton Company’s smart AI cars, Blair visited the Li Group Corporation again.

However Li Qingzhou didn’t want to see him, and so asked Fang Xiyan to make up an excuse for his unavailability.

However he didn’t expect that the vice president of such a large company would actually be so persistent, showing up at the company for several days in a row.

Today was the fourth day.

And previously, Blair had hinted at his intentions to Fang Xiyan.

—Admitting that his initial cooperation proposal during his first visit to the company was somewhat excessive and that if President Li was willing to consider cooperation, the Bolton Company would raise the price.

What’s more, it was always better to have more friends than enemies.

Because in the car industry, the Li Group Corporation couldn’t beat the local companies overseas. If the Bolton Company decided to target them deliberately, the Li Group would have to figure out a counter-strategy.

Then apart from his intention to continue discussing cooperation, he also hoped that Li Qingzhou would help the Bolton Company through this PR crisis and restore the reputation of their established enterprise.

Li Qingzhou told Fang Xiyan, “Tell Vice President Blair that if the Bolton Company is sincere, they should first buy the Li Group’s smart AI car R&D patents then talk about cooperation and assistance.”

“Understood, President Li.” Fang Xiyan responded before closing the door and going back downstairs.

Fang Xiyan conveyed these words to Blair.

Spreading his hands helplessly, Blair said in reply, “Your President Li is really cold and hard-hearted. Neither capitulation nor threats work on him. He’s too difficult to deal with…..”

Fang Xiyan remained silent, pretending he didn’t hear his words.

After a moment, Blair composed himself then said, “I need to return to my country soon, and this isn’t a decision I can make on my own. It requires a meeting with all the company shareholders.”

“But I will take your President Li’s words into consideration. Could you give me a contact number?”

Fang Xiyan pulled out a business card and handed it to him.

Blair took the business card and after a few more words, turned and left the Li Group Corporation.

After Liu Bohuai was done with work in the afternoon, he arrived early to pick Li Qingzhou up from work.

Their plan was to pick the children up from school together, then he would drive Li Qingzhou and Li Xusheng home and then, take Xia Yijun back to the Xia Residence.

“President Liu.”

Fang Xiyan had just come out of the office when he ran into Liu Bohuai who was heading upstairs alone. Pausing, he greeted Liu Bohuai.

Liu Bohuai nodded then entered the office.

Immediately afterwards, the door to the office was closed.

Fang Xiyan couldn’t help but sigh— being Li Qingzhou’s dedicated driver sometimes really paid a lot of money.

Shaking his head, he went back to his desk to pack up, preparing to get off work.

“Third Master, you’re here.” Li Qingzhou said with a neutral expression.

[I just counted to six and Third Master has walked in. He’s five seconds earlier than yesterday, heh heh.]

—The little guy in the bubble, who was also sitting in a chair behind a desk had been spinning aimlessly in his chair out of boredom. However the moment he saw Liu Bohuai enter, he straightened up instantly, full of energy.

The corner of Liu Bohuai’s mouth hooked up slightly as he asked, “Are you packed up?”

“En, I’m done. Third Master, let’s go.” Li Qingzhou maneuvered his wheelchair from behind the office desk.

Then as Liu Bohuai moved behind him to push the wheelchair, Li Qingzhou, in unspoken agreement, released the button controlling the wheelchair.

After picking the two children up, Liu Bohuai drove to Li Qingzhou’s residence.

Xia Yijun also jumped out of the car to say goodbye to his little friend then the two children leaned against each other in front of the villa, whispering as they chatted.

Meanwhile, Liu Bohuai took the wheelchair from the trunk and set it up next to the door of the car then carried Li Qingzhou out of the car.

[Aiya, in the past I used to get out of the car by myself with my arms as support. Sure enough, those who are pampered are emboldened to do whatever it is they want.]

—The little guy in the bubble cupped his cheeks as he swayed from side to side, very pleased with himself.

After settling into the wheelchair, Li Qingzhou didn’t seem in a hurry to leave.

At this moment, they were on the other side of the car, with their backs to the entrance of the villa.

The car was rather large, and with Li Qingzhou sitting down, he happened to be hidden behind it.

Raising his head, he looked at Liu Bohuai, “Third Master, be safe on your drive home.”

[What about our daily goodbye kiss to cultivate feelings? Hurry up, hurry up!]

—The little guy in the bubble couldn’t help but blush, however he puckered his soft rosy lips at Liu Bohuai and even though his face was scarlet red, he still looked expectant.

A smile flashed in Liu Bohuai’s eyes as he nodded, “Okay.”

Then leaning over— planted three tender kisses on his forehead, the bridge of his nose, and his lips…..

[Is this what it feels like to have someone spoil you? So happy.]

Just then, his little brother’s voice sounded from the entrance of the villa.

And the tips of m his ears turning red but with the expression on his face not changing, Li Qingzhou controlled his wheelchair and backed up slightly as he said, “Third Master, you….. you can’t do this without saying a word in the future….. the children are still here.”

Liu Bohuai nodded then said, “It’s my fault. Next time….. I’ll ask for your permission.”

Li Qingzhou wanted to say something else, however Xia Yijun had already finished saying goodbye to Shengsheng and had ran over to say goodbye to Big brother Li.

[Ai-ya, Third Master admitted his mistake too quickly. Why didn’t he hold out a little longer?]

—The little guy in the bubble pouted as he mumbled, then placed his hands on his hips, looking down as he kicked the tip of his toes down.

After saying goodbye to Xia Yijun, Li Qingzhou turned to Li Xusheng, “Shengsheng, go inside first, big brother will be there soon.”

Liu Bohuai told Xia Yijun to get into the car.

Then just as Li Qingzhou was about to leave, he suddenly grabbed the handle of his wheelchair and leaned over to whisper in his ear, “But if you don’t allow it, what if I still make the same mistake again……”

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