My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 10.1

As one of the top universities in C Country, Yan University had not only the best teaching staff, but also excellent teaching facilities and laboratory equipment.

In particular, special permission was granted for the use of equipment required for research at the professorial level.

For example, Yan University now attached great importance to artificial intelligence research and development and priority would be given to experimental configurations in this area, among other things.

Professor Yan took Li Qingzhou and the others to a room equipped with a car driving simulator.

The room wasn’t small, but there were only two facilities.

One was fixed to the floor and three displays were erected in front of it to simulate realistic scenarios.

And the other was mounted on a small track with obstacles and slopes in front of it that were common road conditions.

And, through computer control, the machinery installed between the car driving simulator and the track would make a representation of how the car would drive in mud, bumps and other conditions……

Professor Yan turned on the main switch that controlled the experimental equipment and said, “How does the car driving simulator here look compared to the one at B University?”

Walking in, Qiao Huanming nodded: “Indeed, B University’s equipment has broken down a few times and there are still considerable problems with one of the units after it was repaired.”

Actually, it should have been replaced with new equipment, but there wasn’t enough money to do so.

In addition to Li Qingzhou, Qiao Huanming and the others, all the students in the lab followed — they wanted to see what Li Qingzhou could come up with.

Professor Yan said, “Automotive artificial intelligence is not a major area of focus in my lab.”

“Since Qingzhou left Yan University, the equipment here is rarely used…. but it is often checked routinely and is perfectly fine for simulated demonstrations.”

The computers connected to the two car driving simulators were started up and the room was filled with the characteristic hum of the machines.

Looking at his former student, Professor Yan said, “Qingzhou, why don’t you tell us about your research now.”

Li Qingzhou: “Professor, as you know, today’s research on automotive AI is focused on voice control systems — sending commands to the car through voice recognition.”

Professor Yan nodded.

Li Qingzhou’s voice was calm as he continued unhurriedly, “Our research on this is in its initial stages.”

“Yet M Country has been able to introduce features such as smart touch screens and diverted calls into car driving systems….”

“It certainly means a big leap forward — that is from the traditional button operation in the car’s center console to a full touch screen mode…..”

“The overall sense of technology and class has been increased along with the safety factor.”

“This is entirely due to the fact that in full touchscreen mode, the car’s center console can also be connected to a cell phone and have access to a phone call, all at the touch of a button.”

“According to our survey — the probability of an accident occurring while driving while answering a phone is far too many times greater than that of ordinary driving, speeding, tailgating, etc…”

Zhou Nan couldn’t help but nod and say, “In the study of automotive AI, convenience, style, speed, etc. are one aspect though.”

“But the main thing is that the presence of intelligent systems can ensure the safety of drivers and reduce the probability of accidents.”

The rest of the group showed their approval.

Li Qingzhou said, “At present, the domestic market is still completely incapable of producing an automotive full touch screen central control panel on its own. To get it, one must first import the parts and then configure it.”

“This also makes cars with full touchscreen center panels expensive and universally unavailable.”

Qiao Huanming’s voice control research results were based on a full touch screen center panel with voice start and locking, voice import of maps, route planning and a full broadcast service.

And most importantly – the inclusion of a collision warning system in the center panel.

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this early warning system.

This was because the system was primed to be highly intelligent and selective.

–It took more than complex algorithms, programmable chips, environmental imaging, etc. to achieve early warning collision avoidance.

It was also necessary to determine the degree of injury among the thousands of possibilities of being involved in a car accident to thus to advise the driver in time on how to avoid it.

However, these functions were based on what could be developed. Right now, they were only theoretically mature.

That was why Qiao Huanming was looking to get investment.

–If there was no money, then there was no R&D and no manufacturing.

He had prepared information and related video AI simulations, but had been thrown out by Jiang Daikun before he could finish explaining early warning collision avoidance…..

Before coming to Yan University,
Qiao Huanming had been trying to figure out how to illustrate the research and impress Li Qingzhou with a video presentation of a simulated voice-controlled car in order to attract an investment.

However after coming to Yan University…. he had gone from being a lecturer to a live audience.

Someone said, “After all this talk, what exactly is your research?”

Li Qingzhou: “Voice control, remote start car, AI scan.”

The rest of the group looked at each other in disbelief.

Li Qingzhou said, “You can experience it for yourselves.”

He turned his wheelchair to the console where the computer was located and instructed Fang Xiyan to place the laptop he had been carrying on the clean surface and to turn it on.

In the meantime.

In his pocket, Li Qingzhou pulled out another broad bracelet which was crudely made and with what appeared to be — in many places – bare electronic parts.

It was about the width of a finger.

–Time constraints and technical limitations had made it impossible to achieve a detailed and perfect look for the time being.

However, it didn’t affect its use.

Li Qingzhou said, “I need to operate the laptop I brought with me….”

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