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Chapter 73.2

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Shortly after, when all the contestants from the rescue area had gathered, the screen began pairing opponents for the matches randomly.

And in a short while, the pairing results appeared.

–Surprisingly, it was just as Po Nan Zhi had said earlier. Li Qingzhou’s rescue robot was up against Bernie from Y Country.

He couldn’t help but glance in Bernie’s direction, and Bernie was looking back too.

Bernie was still a university student at a foreign prestigious university, and although he was young, he looked very composed.

After locking eyes with Li Qingzhou, he nodded politely with a smile.

Li Qingzhou returned the polite nod.

After that, each participant received a numbered badge and gradually left the field.

Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan waited in the car for Yu Zhe and Lu Mei Shan.

And before long, the two came out together, and judging from their expressions, were very happy.

Once they were in the car, Fang Xiyan asked about their drawing results.

Yu Zhe: “There’s no need to worry about the domestic service area competition.”

“The opponent’s previous ranking in the International Grand Finals was very low, so we’re definitely going to win.”

Hearing this, Li Qingzhou looked at Lu Mei Shan.

She raised her badge with a smile, “President Li, we got a bye in the Combat Area!”

The number of contestants in the Combat Area was the lowest, what’s more it was an odd number, hence one contestant would automatically get a bye in the matches.

And this ‘lucky one’ undoubtedly turned out to be the Unique Team Studio.

Li Qingzhou was satisfied with this drawing result.

After Yu Zhe’s joy, he asked, “President Li, how was the draw for the Rescue Area?”

Li Qingzhou: “The first match is against Bernie from Y Country.”

The opponent was really strong.

Lu Mei Shan told them, “I believe in Rescue One.”

“I’ve seen Bernie’s matches before. Although his rescue robot is very good, it still can’t compare to Rescue One.”

This was the truth, not self-praise.

Lu Mei Shan had a lot of confidence in Rescue One.

Not to mention Rescue One had changed and improved in both its capabilities and appearance since the previous regional competitions.

Li Qingzhou laughed lightly, “You’re right.”

The Rescue Area competition took place on the first day.

And because Li Qingzhou’s first opponent was Bernie from Y Country, some netizens found it interesting.

After all, Bernie’s rescue robot was also very powerful and he had named it Simon.

And his domestic service type robot was named Mervylle.

[Simon is taller and bulkier than Rescue One and although it’s still Rescue One that looks smarter, rescue operations also require rescue personnel involvement.]

[With rescue personnel controlling them, the difference isn’t too significant, so it’s hard to predict who would win this match.]

[Anyway, I support Rescue One!]

[Though it’s said that both robots are operated by rescue personnel, wouldn’t it be better if they could coordinate with each other?]

On the day of the competition at Yanjing Century Hall, there were many people outside, and under the control of security personnel, they entered gradually in an orderly manner.

The contestants for the Robot Rescue match had already arrived early.

And as the competition was about to start, everything at the venue and on the field was checked, reporters were in place, the live broadcast was set up and the audience had taken their seats…..

Finally, after the host’s opening speech, the Robot Rescue Area’s competition officially began.

Bernie’s Simon was a rescue robot with an appearance that somewhat resembled a bulldozer, standing about half the height of a person and looking quite robust.

However instead of a large shovel for bulldozing, it had two mechanical arms that could extend several meters.

It also had a compartment that could fit only one person, allowing them to go deep into the rubble when necessary.

Moreover at the bottom of Simon, there was a retractable iron plate that could hold a human body in place with straps.

It had to be said that Simon’s appearance was full of mechanical charm, quite handsome.

According to Bernie’s explanation, Simon’s main task was to move extremely heavy stones, steel bars, load-bearing columns, and other debris from the rubble.

And if it needed to enter the rubble for a rescue, it had to clear a pathway first completely….

After Bernie finished introducing Simon, it was the turn of Li Qingzhou, Yu Zhe, and the others to bring Rescue One out.

The audience on-site as well as those online noticed that Rescue One seemed to have grown a bit taller and larger.

In particular, its mechanical arms had been adjusted, and there seemed to be an added box in front of it that was capable of storing items.

Smiling, the host asked Li Qingzhou to talk about the changes in Rescue One.

Li Qingzhou: “Rescue One can answer for itself.”

The host was surprised, “Really?”

Li Qingzhou, “En, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Rescue One.”

Hearing this, the host walked over to Rescue One and greeted, “Hi, Rescue One. Compared to the regional competitions, you seem to have undergone significant changes. Can you tell us about it?”

The camera atop Rescue One turned towards the host, then an electronic voice sounded, “I’ve grown taller, yo.”

“Although I’m not one year old yet, Captain has made some adjustments for me. Rescue One is very happy.”

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