My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 5.2

Li Xusheng came out of Li Qingzhou’s room with his workbook in his arms and was about to go to the first floor when he was suddenly covered by Li Hanyu, who appeared from around the corner and carried under her arm into the small study.

After putting Li Xusheng down, Li Hanyu turned around and locked the door.


Li Xusheng looked at her with his little head tilted, a puzzled expression on his face, “What’s wrong with you?”

Li Hanyu squatted in front of her brother, with an odd expression on her face as she asked, “Shengsheng…… why did you come out from, why did you come out from his room?”

“Didn’t you go looking for grandpa?”

Li Xusheng handed her the elementary school Olympiad Maths workbook to look at, sounding a little jubilant as he swayed back and forth on his tiptoes, “Big brother taught me how to do the problems.”

“Big brother explained it to me well, I understood everything.”

“He offered to teach you?!”


Li Hanyu pursed her lips, “He …… wouldn’t be so enthusiastic, right?”

Emptying his pockets, Li Xusheng pulled out two pieces of chocolate, “Big brother rewarded me with these. Sis, do you want some?”

Li Hanyu: “Who wants to eat it? Do you think I can’t buy chocolates for myself? What’s more the nanny can do it too……”

This was what she said, but her eyes didn’t move away from the chocolates.


Li Xusheng was about to retract his hand when one of the chocolates was taken away quickly.

He blinked in surprise.

Li Hanyu explained calmly, “Children get toothaches when they eat too much sweet stuff, so I will share it with you, and, he said he would teach you to solve problems and you just went there obediently?”

“Have you forgotten how he ignored you and treated you coldly in the first place ……”

Not just you, but me as well ……

Li Xusheng twisted his fingers, whispering, “I’ve forgotten.”

Li Hanyu choked.

She waved her hand feebly, “If you’ve finished your homework go and watch cartoons or go play chess with grandpa, I have a book to read.”


Li Xusheng then put the workbook down and walked away dutifully with the chocolate.

Li Hanyu opened the pages of the book but couldn’t read any further.

She couldn’t help but remember the day Li Qingzhou had come to the old house from Yanjing — Li Hongjie had blocked him in the hallway and said some unpleasant words and sneered at him.

At that time Li Hanyu who had been hiding in the dark and peeping was so angry that her lungs had been about to explode.

So, she waited until Li Hongjie limped back to his room and then knocked on his door.

The moment Li Hongjie opened the door, she stomped down quickly and hard on his right foot which had just been crushed by the wheelchair.

Li Hongjie let out a scream right away.

And Li Hanyu ran all the way back to her room ……

“Ah — why did I do that at that time?”

When Li Hanyu finished recalling, she couldn’t help but hold her head and whimper, but after a while she muttered, “I should have changed my shoes before stepping on him ……”

–She should have worn heels instead of her little leather shoes.


Li Qingzhou was returning to Yanjing from Xicheng after recuperation.

When he was leaving, Old Master Li called him to the study on the first floor to have a chat.

–Apart from talking about the land auction in the northern suburbs of Yanjing, he also talked about Li Qingzhou’s maternal grandfather’s family.

Li Qingzhou’s maternal grandfather’s name was Zhang Weihua, a professor at the medical school of Yanjing A University.

His grandmother was also a professor at the University of A while his Uncle, Zhang Wenwei who had inherited the family education was now a surgeon at Yanjing Hospital.

The news of Li Qingzhou’s car accident and hospitalization had somehow reached Zhang Wenwei who contacted him.

Two days ago, Zhang Wenwei had called to ask about his nephew’s condition and since Li Qingzhou’s grandfather’s birthday was approaching, had requested that they have a casual dinner together when he returned to Yanjing.

Afraid Li Qingzhou would refuse, Zhang Wenwei had said in a warm voice on the phone, “Hanyu and Shengsheng will also be picked up in Yanjing, so let’s eat at home …… your grandparents miss you. “

Li Qingzhou agreed: “Alright, I’ll come over.”

Zhang Wenwei hung up the phone then.

Old Master Li instructed, “Say hello to your grandparents for me.”

Li Qingzhou nodded his head.

After that there seemed to be nothing else to talk about, causing the atmosphere in the study to fall silent for a moment.

After a long time, Old Master Li spoke, “Go ahead, take care of yourself out there and rest on time.”

Li Qingzhou answered and then turned his wheelchair to leave the study.

But after opening the door, he paused and said softly, “You take care of your health too.”

Then the sound of the wheelchair turning moved away gradually.

A short time later, the butler knocked on the door and found Old Master Li standing in front of the window looking out – the window faced the front door of the Old Li family house.

“Is Qingzhou… beginning to learn how to let go?” Old Master Li whispered with a bit of emotion as he sighed.

The butler: “Eldest young master should have listened to what you told him before.”


Old Master Li’s voice was a little hoarse: “When Chengliang and Wenying first passed away, I neglected him too much and by the time I tried to make up for it, the boy had completely closed himself off.”

“…. It’s that I didn’t do a good job as a grandfather.”

–The pain of seeing one’s child die before oneself could be imagined.

Old Master Li had almost fallen ill at that time when he suddenly lost the eldest son he was most proud of as well as his gentle, graceful and kind-hearted daughter-in-law.

But he held himself together.

After all, Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng were still young.

Especially Li Xusheng, a small, soft bundle, who didn’t yet know what it was to leave forever ……

And Old Master Li had to admit that he had been more or less angry with Li Qingzhou at that time and couldn’t be bothered to say a word or two to him so he chose to ignore him for the time being……

But come to think of it, he was wrong.

The Butler: “Eldest young master has noticed that you have been kind to him. I believe that this time, Eldest young master is also trying to make a change.”

It could be seen it the way Old Master Li’s study had an extra bouquet of flowers picked from the garden, the house had more chocolates and desserts, and Eldest young master’s room had an extra chair ……

Outside the window, the entrance of the Old Li family house.

When Li Qingzhou got into the car, Li Xusheng came running to say goodbye. Li Hanyu followed slowly, waiting until after the car drove away for some distance before looking at it with her hand raised.

After the car was gone, the two returned hand in hand.

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